Make a sandwich with me 5/8/2021 - NO

Noom Boom
Everyone has pretty much said all there is to say about this very boring 9 minute sandwich tutorial. My only contribution is wondering if she spontaneously decided that 2 fucking AM was the best time to release a sandwich video or if she pre-recorded this shit and scheduled it to come up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning.

Amber is so BORING! Why?! WHY AMBER?! I think we need to tell all the fools in the FB Burn Book group to quit obsessing over these dumb videos. Stop dunking on Amber and boycott so she’s starts sweating. If those Stacy ass bitches didn’t give her so much attention she’d fall a lot faster. It’s hard to give up your self esteem booster though. Ambers gotta start working for her money again. I want to see a WEDDING YALL hehehhehe at this point all I see coming is another health crisis that she won’t document anything about.

Lakonian Lady
The bread has 110 calories per slice. It doesn’t look as thick as it did in her video but probably just the camera angle
Also caught this gem


Bora Bora Eat Some More-a
Unpopular opinion but I enjoyed this video. It reminded me of classic Amber, living at Destiny's mom's house, waiting til everyone was asleep or out to raid the kitchen and throw together some blandwiches. Only now her stomach is so big the only way she can reach her food without setting it atop her bosom is to sit at the corner of the counter.

Rust Lung
Amber can drone on about muh mentulz, muh sleeping schedule, muh addiction and whatever other pandering retard bullshit all she wants. Nothing speaks the truth more clearly than those cold lifeless dead eyes. She doesn't give a flying fuck about getting better and is just uploading for more takeout money.