Make a sandwich with me 5/8/2021 - NO

At first I thought the title had to be some sort of joke. Watch her make a fucking sandwich? Get the fuck out of here. The bar WILL get lower than this. Next it will be "Watch TV with Me" or "Take a Shit with Me".
I wouldn't object to "Take a Shit with Me". At least then we'd find out for sure if Becky wipes her or if she uses a rag on a stick. Either way it'd definitely beat watching her slap together some half-assed excuse of a sandwich and ramble on for 9 minutes about nothing.


When she said she didn't like the flavor of the chicken, I got really worried for a moment because I thought maybe she had lost her sense of smell and taste due to covid.

When she tried the meat from the other packet, I was instantly relieved because the fact she liked it meant she probably didn't have the virus.

It takes an entire background subplot imagined off one's own anxieties to make ALR's videos interesting.

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Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Way to not even do the bare minimum Amber, I never thought the bar could be this low.
The bar is under the ground now. Whenever she starts uploading a boring as fuck vid like making a sandwich now, she tells her butler to go out and dig that hole a bit deeper so the bar continues to sink. At some point it will simply disappear into the bowels of the earth, never to be seen again.

Chantal is doing drugs and fucking on floor mattresses and this bitch is making sandwiches. She is supposedly getting married and has gimme content of wedding prep. How lazy can you get not to take advantage of that? She would have an valid excuse to buy cheap tacky WalMart crap.
We all know the answer to that... big al has no interest in being betrothed to her becki-butler. She is still of course hanging onto teenage dreams of Dusty running back to her with the words “take me back, I made a terrible mistake. I saw your hidden messages whilst lip syncing on TikTok and realised YOU fair al are my person” she will dream about this happening until Dusty and fridge wed. (If they do as Dana’s latest update says there may be trouble in paradise)
We all see you big al. They more you stay quiet about your own wedding the more we realise how much you still yearn for that blonde retard. 🤪
Becky is just too dumb to believe big al’s reasoning of “I want to keep our wedding private and I don’t want to lose my ring” shite!

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is this how it ends?
i've followed this girl for years. Literally for years.
And this is how the movie ends?
Sitting in the kitchen alone at 3 in the morning making sandwiches.
kind of bittersweet
No, it is not the end.
Although she talked about getting a job, Amber has very little experience in working. She has a job once as a data entry clerk but could not do it because she could not sit long enough at her desk while being 300 pounds lighter. She was let go. Besides, what kind of resume would she has? 30 year old and worked a few weeks with nothing more than a high school diploma!
She does not drive, so, forget UberEats, or Uber. She cannot stand more than a few minutes, so forget any kind of service jobs, and she cannot sit more than a few minutes, so forget everything else. She has no skill, so what is left? Doing daft videos with the hope that YT does not demonetize her or people stop watching. If I was her, I would be stressed. I am sure she is.

I'm so tired of Amber talking about her sleep schedule. Is "sleep schedule" deathfat speak for "I can't sleep at night bc my organs are crushing me"? How hard is it to just wake up an hour earlier each week, when you have no schedule? :optimistic:
What I have never understood is why she thinks she needs to have an asleep at night, awake during the day schedule? She has fuck all to do, Becky has fuck all to do. I assume it's all about when ubereats will deliver now, but I have never been able to work out why she wouldn't just sleep when she's tired. Surely that's one of the luxuries of not having a life?

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I have never really followed Amberlynn beyond dipping in and out when something interesting happens. As an outsider I can honestly say her content is stale.

The biggest giveaway to me was when I was looking into her various threads and found a real lack of highlighted comments to help catch up. Even her comments aren't noteworthy and that's no criticism to people who comment on her content. It's just so dull, it's sucks the life and joy out of everything.


like a floof bomb in your face
"Thank you for being patient with me"

lol no bitch, I'm tired of you. I don't even know why I click on these threads the rare times they pop up. Even the comments are boring, but that's only because the content is boring as dog shit. I already said this in Null's thread, but it's time to take Amber's prized pig subforum to the slaughterhouse. This was inane. I have no faith in Destiny's wedding saga being any entertaining. Just take it out of its misery.

Also why didn't she try the buffalo chicken before putting it on a sandwich that she just pitched into the garbage? I can't be assed to recheck if it was one of those deli packs where you can sample before buying (Becky baybeee try it before you get it for your master at the store), but come on.

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The best thing about this video is that ShannyForChrist, unwashed, wasted, and seemingly confused about what Amber actually did, livestreamed herself making 2 sandwiches with the same bread. Single White Femaling Amber for clicks without understanding that Amber threw one of the sandwiches away.
That said, I didn't watch either of these videos in their entireties, not archiving Shanny because even when she livestreams for 12 hours in a day her thread is dead. Just funny to me that no matter how little Amber does, cows lower on the foodchain are going to be using her to direct attention to themselves.