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Just switch to kawaii theme dummy
We can change the kiwifarms appearance to "kawaii" but I wish it were more dramatic.

You know how in Ralph's thread, "you're gonna carry that gunt" stays on the screen? In kawaii mode, we should have a cute kiwi bird that stays on the screen at all times.

Instead of gray and black, use shade of teal and baby blue to match the pink/purple.

Use a different font style... comic sans?

How much money will make this happen?

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More posts about nice things and things to make fun of, fewer posts about horrible crimes that just make you depressed and angry. I'm not even really talking about politics, riots and obscene levels of idpol threads, though they can definitely be a bit much - I mean when there's things like a spate of posts about kids or animals getting tortured or killed. They're not fun.

There's certain threads which have just become MATI sperging without any joy, but that's a subjective line. But I think it's a bit more clear cut when there's just sadbait or ragebait waves.

Or, in case that's too serious of an answer: kys faggot.


i agree tbh. keep kawaii but mybe something like this could be added to themes *yawn*
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There needs to be a tacky flashing Kiwi Farms gif logo too.

I use kawaii theme because I think it's the easiest on the eyes. I would however like to see a garish option. I'm sure it'd take more effort than it's worth to create and implement.

Edit: I'm going to beat up @Y2K Baby.