i don't believe it
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Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Aaaaannnddd once again, coming in hot (fat) with the HiGhLy ReQuEsTeD content that absolutely nobody on earth asked for. HOW many make up videos has she done over the lifespan of her Channel by now?

We can still at least expect a boring "driving home from Lexington" car vlog, and the ACTUALLY maybe kind of anticipated "Bucket List What I Ate On StayVayCation" vlog though. Lord knows that it would be fucking gobsmacking to see what a 615+ pound adipose pillow princess can pork down over 2/3 days; what with the assistance of a Thumb Butler, room service, Uber Eats, and all of Lexington spread before her beetus trotters.

That is, if she is honest with us. :optimistic:

Lesbian Sleepover

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I guess like, ok, I suppose I understand the whole "self-deprecating humor act" here, but for her, it's just that--an act.
If this was YouNow the phrase "you know I'm hawt AF, booBoo" would be said 5,000,000 times over. So she goes through the motions of pretending to understand she's less attractive than the Pig the Prime Minister fucked in Black Mirror. We get it, we get it.

Through all of that, however, her vidya quality continues to plummet into shitsville further. She calls this "her jawb" but she's fucking NEVER prepared. Ever.

Also, the term "beetus paws" has me giggling like an asshole all day. She's just gonna die in her sleep the day after Halloween.

Madam Spergwell

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Now do Thumby's makeup, Big Al.....THAT would be hilarious (as well as gross; ya this crap was).....
I can see Becky attempting her best sexy pout in that crimson lipstick, coordinated with her fanciest red snapback. She would have nothing on Amber in the eyefucking department of course but it might be funny to watch her try. More entertaining than the shit tier content we've been getting lately anyway. That's sad when The Thumb has the potential to be the most interesting thing about a video. She's usually a cure for insomnia.


gunna go home,take a lexapro and start the chili
Basic aftercare for lip fillers. The excerise part doesn't pertain to her.

Its very telling that her body is so grossly deformed, and all these year shes talks about lip fillers. I cant put into words how nasty her mouth would be with fillers and having them sag down with her frown and jowls.

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