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I’ve gotten lip filler before. I understand that a lot of people do it, but it kind of hurts and it costs a lot of money (like close to $800). I have multiple tattoos, so needles/pain aren’t unfamiliar to me. ALR getting lip filler would be hilarious because she’d probably quit in the middle, leaving them all kinds of fucked up. After I got mine done, I couldn’t eat solid food for the rest of the day, so I have no idea what ALR would do.
It hurt me to TMI this... Spoiler this shit, please read the rules on the farms, and enjoy your stay ! <3


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Oh please please let her get lip fillers. I can’t imagine there are many good injectors near her in BFE Kentucky, so she’s almost certain to end up with fish lips.probably with the top bigger than the bottom, always a dead giveaway. If Tess Holliday can live in LA, supposedly with connections, and still get a bad filler job, it’s almost a guarantee for Kentucky Fat.

Her walking around with huge, bloated lips to match her huge, bloated face would be a gift to us all. She’d look like Amy with her red lipstick, only she’s got 200 lbs on Amy.

If I could do photoshop I’d add fishlips to her face with her downturned fat-induced marionette lines and it’d be beautiful.

The funniest thing is our girl has no taste situation and is in denial about her ugly situation, so would think an overfilled, uneven lip situation would be a sexy as fuck situation.

And the crying and hysterics after having to skip a meal because her lips hurt would cause another Southern storm. Wait, what am I saying? She’d never skip a meal. Milkshakes with a spoon.


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I think this was filmed before the vacation. tomorrow we'll get a video about how she's back and missed her fur babies
I was trying to figure out this timeline, too. Does she look a bit like she's had sun to anyone else? Could it be around the few times she was in the sun/getting burnt or taking her monthly pool bath?


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It would be funny for her to get lip fillers and say that she wants to look like James Charles. James already looks weird with the plastic surgery, Al would look even more uncanny than she already does.
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I expected her to eat the makeup
This would be at least something new and refreshing. Tbh more entertaining than anything else she shows AND lower in calories too!

It has healed, the scar is just hyperpigmented. That sort of situation is going to be a situation until she does something about her insulin resistance situation type deal.

Hey, if she wants to get lip fillers, don't discourage her. There's no way it could go wrong. Just ask Tess Holliday.
I think she fills her lips enough. With food. Every day.