Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
Whimper. Save me, dear Kiwis. Shniffle....

It's incredible, really. As has been noted, I am somewhat verbose, with a bizarre vocabulary even for (as can be quantified by myriad instances of "what the fuck are you banging on about Clanger, you spastic dipshit" ) with which I like to annoy bless with you all. I love words so it's some achievement to actually set me off gibbering at the mere hint of a specific word sichoo-ay-shun about to be blobbed forth by the Next Grate 'Murican Awfor.

Congrats, Your Blubberousness. You've ruined words for me.
I know it must be difficult to's hard after all to get as morbidly obese at Big Ham on Green Soup and the odd Blue String Pudding. And when you look down on us all from the Moon, living in harmony and singing your songs and living in such peace and tranquility, it must be so confusing how and why there are such big bag beasties like Hambler and Flooby Blooby among us that wobble around dribble lies and nonsense and stealing all the pies. It's one thing if it is a mean scary old dragon - but one of your own! Who has grown bigger and bigger and blobbier and blobbier! But sometimes, sweet little soft Clanger, us humans just go bad and we do bad things. We don't always know why. We are embarrassed of these big bad "Boo Boo Situations" and I'm sorry that they scare and confuse you so.....I promise that not all of us are like this.

I grew up watching the Clangers as well as about a hundred other blinkin' splendid other lovely television programs and have always not only had zero problems reading and understanding your posts my love but loved ever damn one. They always give me a right good chuckle. Toot and clang on!

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