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I have stupid flat feet, so I'm pretty much limited to boots and mary janes for cute shoes. (:_(

Of course, that just makes me appreciate Ariat Yorkseven more. They even have a removable insole so I can wear my orthotics with them and NOBODY KNOWS except you guys now.



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I have been fascinated by red lipstick ever since I was 6. I didn't get to wear the real deal until high school, but it was worth the wait.

Also, I need to buy new makeup. I haven't worn makeup in a long time, so the stuff I have has probably gone bad.


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What goes with striped thigh highs (which are totally not my favourite kind of thigh highs)?


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Well, technically socks aren't usually an outfit's main piece that everything circulates around, but as for striped thigh highs it depends on the color. It'd be best to continue the color scheme used in the socks I guess, and maybe have the pattern come back somewhere in some way? Or just white or black stuff, since black and white go with everything. The easiest way to find out though is to just try things and see how they look. But generally a nice guideline is to have some sort of color theme or something going throughout your outfit imo. It makes an outfit feel more like a 'whole' rather than a collection of assorted things.

as far as cuts and just types of clothing that goes well with them goes: I suppose if you're wearing thigh highs, things that aren't TOO long. There's not much of a point in wearing thigh highs when you're wearing a dress that goes down past the knees. Stuff like shorter skirts, shorts, and that kinda stuff probably work the best, but again, experimentation is key.
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Like Rio said, It mostly depends on the color, but I would imagine shorts and various skirts and dresses (my favorite styles right now being fit'n flare, scooter, and swing dresses). Usually I like to have a main color and a secondary/tertiary if possible to keep things simple. pulling off colorful patterns can be pretty easy if you know what you're doing from experience, for example, those rainbowy socks would go good with more solid colored clothes to balance it out. For striped, I would probably avoid patterns that are uber complicated or busy if I were you, after a while, you sort of develop an instinct as far as what works with each other. Most of the time, socks and jewelry and whatnot usually serve the purpose of enhancing the main pieces of clothing, which depending on the accesories, can make, say, my favorite purple sweater tunic become something different. statement-wise.

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Coach for bags. MAC for make up always. I have some pieces from Tiffany's for jewelry. Shoes are all over the map. I think I have about a dozen pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors which are cheaper than designer high heels thank good. I do have some expensive riding boots I drag out from time to time, and listen to Applecat, Ariat makes the best boots on the planet. I've gotten hung up on Uggs lately, so damn convenient when you just want to run down to the store for a second.

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Part of why I dislike the warm weather so much is because I can't wear stuff like this anymore... I have this, in red and it is like a cozy wool tent you can just chill out in... UGH I miss you cold weather!
But yes, you should get this, it's adorable!
I can't imagine wanting the winter back. It's hot and awful and stormy where I am, but last winter was blizzard-tastic and I like being able to run errands without frostbite. That being said, I'm a huge fan of historical recreation clothing, and from Jas. Townsend & Son I got my go-to winter piece: their Watch Cloak in black. I added some pockets in the lining and swapped out the plain steel clasps for some pretty curlicued ones, but the cloak itself is gorgeously warm and comfy. Pair it with some sleek boots and you're a proper evil queen. :biggrin:

I tend to go cheap on makeup because, well, I almost never wear it and it doesn't make sense to buy a product that'll expire before I get through half of it. But I really like Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Red Dahlia. And someone on a different thread mentioned Shiro Cosmetics; any of you guys tried their stuff before?


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I've been looking for some dresses to wear to birthdays this month. I found this, I can't decide if its a terrible dress or an amazing one:

My style is 'casual Kardashian' btw :lol:

I've been thinking about getting some leggings with faux leather panels. I think they would be great with knitted sweaters and ballet flats or suede boots.

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