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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Dee, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. @fire_fly Wigs are very uncomfortable when you are bald. They are hot and itchy and full of misery. Wearing a wig when you have hair is one thing-bald is something else. I really can't recommend it. You are right though, wigs look like wigs. Until you buy a $3,000 wig, it's going to look like a wig and be uncomfortable. There are some that are made for people with alocepcia that have a different weft style that is supposedly more comfy, but every wig I tried-from 20 to 200 was awful.

    I would just do a pixie cut. Then you might be able to tolerate a wig better but if you can't, you have a hair style. If you are secure enough to be bald, that's different but everybody will think you are a cancer patient.

    Maybe there are people here who have been bald and could stand wearing wigs, but I wasn't one of them.

    New topic: I just got Becca's new First Light primer. Highly recommend. Makes you look glowy but not glittery. Love it!
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  2. Neat!! What are the prices in your area for like, a full dye job? I'm ok with around $100 or so since that's what I paid my previous stylist.

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  3. The closest hair colors to mine that I could find were Hot-Toffee and Sparkling Amber. My eyes are brown. Here are the closest colors that I could find! :)


    My eye color is closest to the brown color on the left

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  4. Yeah, I was thinking about it today and I might just deal with stupid-looking hair for a while. The hair on the top of my head grows straight out at a 70-degree angle- I know this from the first time I shaved my head- and would probably poke through both the cap and the wefts, as thick and coarse as it is. Not to mention, I live in a part of the country that gets pretty hot and humid, I'd be miserable.

    I should be okay if I just leave my hair alone and use purple shampoo every day to maintain the silver tones I used. It's really not too bad, and once the sides grow out a bit I can do a side-part and it'll look much better.

    True story, though: A few years ago, I wore a $35 cosplay wig to work on Halloween and a few customers legitimately thought it was my real hair. People who had seen me within the last week with a pixie cut. I mean, it was a nice wig and all, but...

    Edit: I found a picture!


  5. That's a cute wig!

    I found that most people really can't tell if you are wearing a wig or not. But you know, and aside from being miserable, sometimes they get off-kilter. Just not something for everyday, especially not in a hot climate!

    Yeah, let your hair grow out and keep cutting off the dead ends. Eventually, you'll have healthy hair again. Maybe take some biotin while it's growing to help it grow faster and stronger.
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  6. I need to get another pack, but for a while I was taking these growth tablets that we had at my old job. Originally I got them because I lost a lot of hair post-surgery and I had a huge thin patch on the side of my head, right on my part line, and I wanted to see if they were stronger than the Bosley vitamins. I would see nearly a full inch of growth in a month, and that's with only taking them once a day, those things are no joke!

    Of course the downside was I had to trim my nails twice a week, but that wasn't so bad, either. I do my nails that often anyway.

  7. Aha! Ok, to warm up your face I'd recommend blush that's more peachy than pink. A great resource is Temptalia's swatch finder: You can look for color swatches based on color, undertone, finish, and so on, and filter by price too.

    I also recommend her dupe finder:
    If you see a product that seems interesting, but is a brand that isn't available near you, or isn't in your price range, or is a brand that makes you break out or something you can find the next closest thing easily.

    For dullness a primer with a pearly finish to put under foundation can help. Laura Mercier's Radiance foundation primer is great for this.

    For eyes, it kind of depends on how natural/dramatic you want to go. This palette from NYX might be a good place to start:

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  8. It's $263.50 right now, though I doubt (understandably) that it'd change your mind!

    I only don wigs for cosplay so feel perfectly free to disregard, since you're looking at daily wear wigs, but Lucaille is my go-to there; at least in my experience with their prestyled wigs, I haven't had any issues with shininess or insane tangling that I've gotten in spades on other sites.

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  9. For "normal" redken colors, I want to say that a full head starts at $60. For pravana, it's usually $70 or more, because bleaching and color correcting. Super reasonable either way, though!

    (also, here is the menu of services with prices! the prices stay the same nationwide, usually. it depends on the "skill level" of your stylist, but I've had really reasonable prices for what I get done to my hair (darkening the base color with Redken permanent, then bleaching+dyeing with Pravana from the mid-strand and down is usually about $200, or $55 if I'm just getting a Pravana dye touch-up. It sounds like a lot, but that is super reasonable with the styles I get.)
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  10. Don't wash your hair every day. Get some dry shampoo if it gets greasy.
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  11. Aaah, that'd be because Arda wigs are pretty quality for their price. I enjoy weird hair colors (but don't actually want to dye my hair like a weeny), and so long as you use wig spray and maintain them, they hold up well. I personally like their classic line more than their silky due to that the silky is just too shiny and looks way more obviously wiglike in comparison to the more matte classic.
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  12. I wash my hair every other day, just because my scalp gets so nasty if I go any longer than that. Even with dry shampoo. During the summer I alternate with a cleansing conditioner, though, because I have to wash every day when it's hot. Sweat + humidity = GROSS.

    I was really impressed. I've never had a silky one, but from the pictures, they did look a little too shiny. The classic is about as shiny as natural hair is.

    My favorite was one I got in "Lightning Pink". It had a couple of different pale blondes blended with a couple of warm, pale pinks and the overall effect was gorgeous. Once I get my hair all one color and all the shit that was previously dyed dark is cut off then I might try to recreate it.

  13. Lightning Pink IS really pretty, imo. They did a great job color mixing.

    I still want a 'raven' wig, since it's a lovely dark blue color with lighter blues mixed in. I also really love that they have a 'natural black' color and a 'black' color, as you could grab a natural black one in classic and probably fool people into thinking it's your actual hair.
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  14. Welp, I fell for the Glossier hype. I bought the Black Tie set and the cherry Balm Dotcom, and all of the products were pretty average. I suppose that's what happens when you're a "natural makeup" brand - the efficacy of your product is seemingly minute.

    There's also a piece of metal or something floating in the nail polish (wonderful color, though, pale pink goes with anything). Really nice aesthetics however; I love the packaging and plan to use the pouch as a travel makeup bag.

    Have any of you purchased Glossier's products or bought into the hype of a makeup brand/new product?
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  15. I second @Barbarella with her recommendation of the Becca primer. I got a deluxe sample and it's exquisite, it totally makes your face glow, like a 'glow-within' type of natural sheen. It's quite nice, not too glittery and very subtle. You could even just wear it like that without foundation or tinted moisturiser and it looks fine as well. I'm totally buying a full-size when I'm done with this sample (which will be in a while because you only need a little bit).

    I wanted to try Glossier's products, but they don't ship to my country. They're really good at marketing their stuff, that's for sure. I've heard similar comments to yours. The makeup is definitely the stronger out of the skincare line, so I was told. I think the standout products my friends have told me about is their concealer (which I really wanna try!), and the eyebrow product.
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  16. @PropaGONDA, I'm glad you like the Becca First Light too. There weren't many reviews out when I bought it, so I went on faith and liking Beccas other products. I was very pleasantly surprised and may have found my "holy grail" primer.

    I did read reviews on Glossier and most people seem to be disappointed, so I've passed for the time being. I may end up getting the brow product though, just to see for myself. My Anastasia dip brow will last years though. :).

    For those with acne, try Retin A or Differin if your doctor will prescribe. It's pretty good and also will prevent lines and wrinkles, fade discoloration, etc. Dermatologists think it's a miracle anti-aging drug. But if you have sensitive skin, it can be hard to get used to. I had awful cystic acne even after I hit 30 and the Retin A worked beautifully. Haven't had a zit in a long time, knock wood.

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  17. What are your hair/eye/skin colors? Was it a black sharpie? Was it fine point or ultra fine point? What color is the hat? How giant is giant? If this were a different thread, would it be okay if I asked for a picture of your dick? Or is your dick really tiny and embarrassing? Is that why you wear the giant hat? To overcompensate?
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  18. Do any of you have a recommendation for a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner for dyed hair? I'm trying anything to get my hair to feel healthy again. I bleached it months ago, and it's never really recovered. It still feels crunchy after shampooing it :(
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  19. Honestly, I swear by the OGX keratin line conditioner and the 7 in 1 aussie shampoo. The OGX is like $5 and the aussie stuff is like $2.50 a bottle but I love it and I have been ritualistically dying my hair for about 5 years now and my hair has actually regained some softness from it :o gl tho! ill keep an eye out for you when I do my shopping on things that may be better
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  20. If your hair is really bad, you may need something really heavy-duty and protein-based. The best, most widely available stuff I've used is the Alterna Repair RX product line, but you have to be really careful because it's so heavy with protein that it can make your hair even more dry and brittle (trust me, I learned that shit the hard way).

    If it was me, I would get the VERB hydrating shampoo and conditioner and Ghost oil, and the Alterna RX protein cream, so you have a little styling and control but not a lot of styling product. Pricey, but it 100% works, even if you don't blow-dry your hair. Sephora has a trio with the VERB shampoo, conditioner, and mask that's a good price.

    If you want to go the drugstore route, Giovanni (which you can usually find at places like Whole Foods) has their Smooth as Silk shampoo and conditioner, and the Nutrafix hair reconstructor, which is about as good as the one Framesi has in their treatment line, for a fraction of the cost. I haven't used too many of their products but I've been pretty impressed as far as the hair care line goes.