Making a Thread - When to make one v When not to make one

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So, you have a burning desire to make a thread here in the CWC general discussion board, do you?
Are you sure that your idea or content deserves a thread of it own?
Before you press that :reply: button to submit your new thread, take a few moments to read below, so that you can save yourself the trouble and embarrassment of having your thread locked and deleted with prejudice. For there are many threads that already exist that would likely fit your content unless it fits some specific guidelines.

When To Make a Thread in Disco
  • You have something significant, and new, to contribute (i.e. @Spelling Bee's video edits)
  • Chris does something on social media (i.e. Chris makes a post on FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)
  • A significant event with Chris happens (i.e. GameStop blarms incident, Running someone over, etc.)
  • Chris or Barb have a significant life event (i.e. get sued, get arrested, lose their home or car)
  • Speculation on a very significant event (i.e. meeting Jessica)
  • Chris or Barb die

When Not To Make a Thread in Disco
  • Random thoughts & questions (those belong here)
  • Random comment (see above bulletpoint)
  • When a blogger or vlogger mention him
  • You're mad at him/Want to hurt him/Want to have sex with him and/or Barb
  • General speculation
  • Insignificant social media posts (those should go here)

When in doubt, post in a general thread and tag @The American Hedgehog, @Karen Riley, @Marvin, @Alec Benson Leary, or @yawning sneasel

(Thanks to @JSGOTI for helping write this.)
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