Making your own music instead of listening to others -


Enter the void.
Disregard all the /b/ stuff, the raids and the culture that lead to websites such as kiwifarms.
4chan and internet culture used to be cool, it was unique and different, people went out of their way to do creative and unique things all in the guise of internet culture.
Now with social media and everything it feels as though that world has completely died out which is really sad ;_;
When did you feel the changes in internet culture made it uncool?


I’ve done counterpoint assignments this semester and have written a bicinium, binary dance, etc. Composing your own music is tedious and I’d rather listen to people who know what they’re doing.


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I kind of like listening to my own music because I only make things I like to hear. If I don't think it sounds fun or cool I just delete it and start over. I used to make tracks with very few samples but recently I've been finding more themes that aren't very well explored in our current era of music and I got back into it. I don't feel like i'm really doing much by having my own tunes but when I hear people like Xurious, OBNX, or other artists that I can be sure aren't selling me an upcoming album all of the time I do get a tiny tingle of "sticking it to the (((man)))" in my heart.
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Why don't we make our own movies and watch those instead of paying for Netflix, why do we consume any form of media, art or entertainment produced by another person?

It's because there's a certain skillset required that the average person doesn't possess. Sure most people could learn to produce some average sounding music or average looking art with some time, dedication and money, but most people are too lazy for that. I have no musical incline, I'd rather listen to something produced by someone with at least some sliver of talent.
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Tried learning six-string acoustic guitar. Simply didn't have the knack, I'd almost certainly never hit the level I'd need to put together a band with a couple people on congas and castanets.


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It's like I'm always saying we need to go back to traditional family values. People in the country used to have big family bands and everyone learned something. Sure I'm sure not all the songs were original, but you were still actually playing them which in my own experience is way more satisfying than just listening to a good song, sure it does take a long time to master, but if you think about how much time you spend staring at a screen for entertainment instead of actually building a skill, it's pretty depressing.

(I mean don't get me wrong, studio-quality music can reach and do thing no one is going to be able to do with a simple guitar, I love electronic and psych music, I'll never be able to play that)

So in general we need to go back to this:



Sabat on a gayops
The internet is the greatest force in destroying traditional family values, you should leave it.
Don't have to because I have self-control and time management skills, so it doesn't dip too far into my life. I think the biggest problem as far as that goes is people letting their fucking children use the internet from the very moment they can shove a phone in their kid's hands and walk off as opposed to actually having to interact or teach the little fuckers anything.


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You do know that if you scroll down in Garageband there are in fact more than 2 audio tracks, and that you can make more than 2 sounds come out of the speakers at once?
He left after he got buttmad because people were calling him a pedo.

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