Disaster Man arrested after five-year-old boy thrown from third floor at Mall of America -

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A suspect has been arrested after a five-year-old boy was reportedly thrown from the third floor of the Mall of America in Minnesota.

One man told the New York Daily News he saw the immediate aftermath of the incident and that the child was lying “motionless...in a pool of blood.”

In a press conference outside the mall, Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said that authorities arrested a 24-year-old man they believe threw or pushed the boy and that he does not appear to have any connection to the boy or his mother.

“Our officers initially responded and performed first aid on the child along with some other witnesses and passersby,” Potts said. “The child did suffer significant injuries.”

The boy was taken to Children’s Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis with his mother, but his condition, at this point, is not known.

I really fucking hope this poor kid makes it. What the hell?!

Given its Minneapolis, do we have another Somali situation on our hands?


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They list arrest reports weekly and the last report period ended on the 10th so no easy to get name.

Christ, the last report is depressing - if it's a man, odds are high that the arrest was for soliciting a minor or hiring a minor prostitute. For women it's drugs and fraud/counterfeiting.

9 pages of arrests, 2/3 must be soliciting a minor. Wow.
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Considering the current Mall of America visitor demographics, I'll assume the perpetrator's name contains some variant of Muhammad.
It doesn't look like there are pictures of him being plastered all over so the odds he is a Bill or John are pretty low. Hector, Tyrone, and Muhammad seem to be early front runners. I didn't look that hard so I could be totally wrong.


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Those are some really politicized guesses, I bet the kid was being obnoxious and the guy had had enough and snapped.
I think there is a slight difference between "snapping" and slapping or punching an annoying child, and chucking them off a building.

I mean, I'm sure almost every parent has thought of doing this to their kid, but really?
3 floors?

Good luck pulling through, little buddy.
The article said the person was unrelated to the child.


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It doesn't look like there are pictures of him being plastered all over so the odds he is a Bill or John are pretty low. Hector, Tyrone, and Muhammad seem to be early front runners. I didn't look that hard so I could be totally wrong.
According to this county site there have only been up to 4 people who are 24 years old received by the PD there today:


One is this guy, though no mugshot, seems to a frightful violent punk:


And this guy who also has priors, but not violent far as I can see:

I'd wager on Chavon Camell Larva, with that name he's cursed for life, but that white guy could be an asshole, too. Going to need a steelcage match to figure this one out.

Apparently I can't arethamatic, this is the only one on that list that fits:

Previous charge:


edit: supposedly he was booked just after midnight?
I am probably entirely wrong. I quit.
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Martell Hopkins huh? Martell is french for hammer, is it not? But then Hopkins doesn't sound french at all.

The name isn't much of a clue, except it's definitely nobody named mohammed, so someone's guess is already wrong.

EDIT: Hey! I was fed false info...
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That really sucks. Hoping the best for the kid and the family.

Police later identified the suspect at Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda. He has been charged with attempted homicide.


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