Disaster Man arrested after five-year-old boy thrown from third floor at Mall of America -


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I think you are all missing the most important aspect of this case:

Was the kid black?

I remember when the Mall of Memphis used to be nicknamed the Mall of Murder

Still, there was crime. In September 1992, Louise Warren, shot in the stomach as she left her job in the mall, became the fifth person killed in five years as the result of a robbery at the mall. Perhaps even worse for the mall is the Memphis public tendancy to "broad stroke" problems - a few incidents and Memphians of all colors were afraid to be seen there. This just made it worse.

Some people did have their familes impacted by mall crime in a horrible way.
In 1984, Connie Johnson was found dead in her van at the Mall of Memphis - story this is an example of a crime that did not happen at the mall, but the van was abandoned there.
In 1992, a 71-year-old woman, a shop manager, was shot to death in the parking lot during a robbery attempt. Mike Blaekman, owner of the Hockey Stop, one of the shops in the mall, said: "My vehicle was stolen from this mall in 1998. An armored-car delivery service was robbed inside the mall."
Elson Turner said: "A couple of years ago, a guy killed his girlfriend next to where the drugstore used to be and killed himself in the hall right out here."
To fight crime, the Memphis police put a substation on the ground floor. Crime spotters with binoculars roamed the roof. Elevated guard shacks were installed in the parking lots, though they were removed long ago. That was a negative, because they reinforced shoppers' fears. An interesting sidenote is that mall security operated radios on 464.975 MHZ - Mall Security.
More news on Mall Security December 8, 1996
Some details on the victims from the Internet:
September 9, 1990. An East Memphis woman apparently abducted Friday from near the Mall of Memphis was found slain Saturday in rural Crittenden County, Ark. Two hunters found the body of Dorothy McClung, 37, about noon Saturday on a dirt road north of Interstate 40, west of the Mississippi River, said Memphis Police Lt. J. D. Douglas. A short time later, a 16-year-old Chattanooga youth was arrested in Little Rock while driving Mrs. McClung's 1990 Volvo. He was charged with theft by receiving.
December 31, 1991 - A woman was shot in the parking lot of the Mall of Memphis about 4:50 p.m. Monday during an attempted robbery, police said. Mary Allessi, 48, was leaving the mall when a woman demanded her purse. Allessi turned around and the female suspect shot her in the left hip, said Police Lt. B. J. Kirkpatrick of the East Precinct. Allessi was treated at St. Francis Hospital and released. The suspect fled in a noisy black car without the purse, Kirkpatrick said.
June 21, 1992 - Jewelry valued at $65,000 was taken about 5:10 p.m. Friday from a display case at Dillard Department Store in the Mall of Memphis, according to a police report. A store clerk said she discovered a glass panel had been pried open while she was waiting on a customer at the other end of the counter.
August 5, 1992 - Dillard Department Stores Inc. plans to reopen the former Thalhimers store in the Mall of Memphis on Aug. 19 as Dillard's East, combining it with the existing Dillard's location there to form one of the company's largest stores. The Thalhimers store closed in May when May Co. of St. Louis sold its lease and that of the Lord & Taylor store at Oak Court Mall to Dillard.
September 2, 1992 - An elderly worker at the Mall of Memphis was fatally wounded in an attempted robbery about 9 p.m. Tuesday, police said. Louise Warren, 71, an employee at Life Uniform & Shoe Shop, was shot in the stomach in an apparent robbery attempt, said Lt. Jim Ashe. Ashe said the woman was leaving work and was accosted in the parking lot on the northwest side of the mall, on American Way west of Perkins. He said two men in a blue or black car were involved in the attempted holdup. Seventy-one-year-old Louise V. Warren was just months from retiring when she was fatally wounded after closing her store in the Mall of Memphis Tuesday night. Police say robbery was the gunman's apparent motive. The shooting occurred at her car parked in a handicapped space just outside the mall's northwest entrance. Employees of other stores complained Wednesday about a lack of security in the parking lot.
Sept 27, 1993 - Attempted Felony Murder and Especially Aggravated Robbery In Parking Lot
January 17, 1994 - A man killed himself after shooting his wife outside the Mall of Memphis Sunday. In the mall shooting, Magina B. Wesselschmidt, 45, of 6000 Hickory Meadow Lane No. 2, was shot several times outside her automobile on the south side of the mall near the Dillard's and the cinema entrance, said police Lt. Terry Cobb. She was admitted to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis in critical condition.
June 15, 1995 - Mall carts escort shoppers to car.
Oct 20, 1992 - Stabbing at Wilson World Hotel at The Mall of Memphis
On January 23, 1999 - Jarome Ladd running the family arcade business and is robbed and beaten. Doney Miles is convicted of the crime, in spite of receipts from stores in The Mall of Memphis showing him to be in the mall near the time of the robbery. This is another crime associated with the mall, but that did not occur on or near the mall itself.
February 23, 1999 - A man who allegedly broke a woman's hip when he knocked her down to take her purse at the Mall of Memphis was charged Monday with aggravated robbery and credit card theft. Police said they are trying to determine if Frederick Terrell, 26, of 1095 Beachwood, is responsible for a rash of purse snatchings in the Mall of Memphis area. On February 10, about 6:30 p.m., the 63-year-old victim was leaving the Dillard's store in the mall at 4451 American Way, she was mugged.
Oct 6, 2002 - Shooting at bridge near the Mall
July 15, 2006 - Corpse(s) Found At Former Mall of Memphis Site
Sept 9, 2007 - 3rd Murder Charge For Mall Site Suspect




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This says that he was angry that he was rejected by all of the women he hit on at the mall so this was another thing we can blame the incels for.
Lmao it was an incel all along.


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I used to be proud to live in Minnesota, now I look at our increasing Somali population and the slow decline of the Twin Cities and I start to fear Wisconsin will be better than us one day.
Don't worry, the total implosion of Detroit over the past decades has resulted in a mass exodus of Michigan hoodrat population to Milwaukee and other outlying towns in southeastern Wisconsin, so it's just a different, homegrown flavor of bad there.


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Don't worry, the total implosion of Detroit over the past decades has resulted in a mass exodus of Michigan hoodrat population to Milwaukee and other outlying towns in southeastern Wisconsin, so it's just a different, homegrown flavor of bad there.
Yeah, but Minneapolis got a mass of Chicago rejects who were double dipping (or worse) welfare in both cities.

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How the hell wasn't he charged for attempted murder for throwing large objects off a balcony into a populated area? He could have easily killed someone on the ground floor throwing shit down at them. What sort of fagged out police force lets a piece of shit like this go walking around with two good knees?
The kind in a "woke" district with a growing moosey population. Duh.

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I would imagine hundreds of people have been banned from MoA over the years for one thing or another, and highly doubt the mall cops have memorized every face on said list
As infamous in the general area and not just the mall itself as this guy is, unless they have mad turnover in their security dept, someone should have had him on their radar.

That said tho, the average mall sec department will have at least one big fat binder full of pictures of banned people. My last post had three. After a while perps all look the same unless they really do something to stand out.
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What sort of fagged out police force lets a piece of shit like this go walking around with two good knees?
Same one that expedited a Somali immigrant into the police force only for him to shoot an unarmed civilian that made the 911 call very early on in his career. I want to say on his first ride out, but I'm not sure.
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