World Man 'dumps BMW in river because he wanted his dad to buy him a Jaguar' - Poo in the Loo didn't want a BMW

My sister knew these two serbian brothers who where rich. I grew up going to the desert riding dirt bikes and whatnot and one trip they wanted to go. The older brother brought his moms stock infiity SUV and the younger drove his M5 out. They fucked ruined both.

The younger brother took shrooms and extacy and decided to try to drive the M5 in the sand through whoops, that shit probably lasted 2-3min from starting the car. Taco'd all 4 wheels and crushed anything on the lower 1/4 of the car, engine, radiator, suspention. ripped a 1/3 of the body off.

The older one took his moms infinity out the next day and just drove it till it siezed up, not totalled but it needed a new engine and front diff.

Their father said "I figured there would be more damage" or somethign similar and was totally okay with this shit.

Their father said "I figured there would be more damage" or somethign similar and was totally okay with this shit.
Thats because they were stolen to begin with and burned to scam the insurance.
Serbians are all Criminal, they also started ww1. you shouldnt hang out with them.

BMW lol is fitting for Indians actually. The ones here drive like you would expect.
yes. Its a cra for the mentaly handicaped.
But well i still want a M2. Its just way to expensive for a fun car you drive just a couple of hours a year.

Microscopic mile

It's not like I have autism or anything
Sadly, this piece of shit will probably get the Jaguar he wanted.
Meanwhile in the same country people are starving to death due to lack of resources like food and water(yes, seriously) .
The difference between the really poor and the really rich people in India is on a whole another level.
To put it to perspective, Mukesh ambani's(richest man in india) private residence generated a power bill for
6,37,240 kWhr (that's enough for 7000 households) to a total bill around $80K(and he got a discount there too) per month!


GG Allin once threw his poop at me.
Nice driving, Jugdish. As punishment for your crimes, you now have to deal with an Indian insurance company. Lol, Indians don't have insurance, that would require an amount of future-time thinking Indians just don't ever have. They all live in the eternal and unchanging Now of the Third World.

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