Man Flees Sweden for Poland with Daughters Put in Muslim Foster Care -

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Spare the rod spoil the child. A slap or two in there is not abuse, unless you live in the west.

The axe murder kind DO happen but very rarely. Thoug less rarely with gypsies. Recently Uncle Gypsy lit the house on fire on his brother in law and his 3 kids, resulting in the father and the youngest daughter becoming quite dead after a failed rescue attempt. The guy was already a widower, with mrs gypsy having had a car accident, so I do not envy the two boys.

But even gypsies seldom do serious harm to their own kids, or relative kids.


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Either give us all the details or don't write this garbage at all. Why not just, you know, let them live with their dad instead? Why are they trying to take them away from a perfectly normal man, at least as far as we know? And why on Earth would you put 3 christian kids into a muslim foster home? And not just any kids, GIRLS! That's like leaving a big, tasty fish on the table on expect your cat not to eat it. Or, well, mutilate and fuck it.

There are exactly two kinds of Polish man; the soft-spoken, hard-working, utterly demure and non-confrontational kind who keep their heads down and probably wouldn't say a word to you if you slapped them...

And the axe murderers.
Poland is a paradoxical country. Produced some of the best logicians, ever. And before that second war, when the French and Brits had given up trying to break the German Enigma cypher, the Poles did it. But then they have kind of strange hobbies:
Worker caught having sex with Henry Hoover
A Polish worker has come up with an unusual excuse after being caught in the act with a vacuum cleaner.
The building contractor claimed he was cleaning his underpants with Henry Hoover when he was found naked and on his knees in a hospital's staff canteen.
When later questioned by his employers, the man said he was vacuuming his underpants, which was "a common practice in Poland".



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To clarify: This case isn't about him being abusive or anything. Apparently his income is pretty bad and they deemed him a bad parent because of that. So it's not like he beats his kids (as far as I know). He's just a single dad with almost no income.

Good on Poland. Gonna enjoy Sweden trying to justify this one.


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His income is so bad they give the kids to the migrants with the superior bennies? :story:
It would have to be far more than this. They certainly don’t remove kids just because someone is poor.

Sweden has a generous social safety net. He would be able to care for his kids, if he’s at all competent, even if he was jobless thanks to the welfare and benefits they would be entitled too.

He had three kids with an abusive schizophrenic woman, so dude has some issues. Most likely the fact he allowed his very mentally ill wife to abuse the kids without intervening had a lot to do with losing custody. Authorities find the mother has been neglecting and abusing the shit out of the kids, and the father hasn’t done anything to stop it or help the kids? They are both viewed as incompetent and abusive in that case.

I’m not buying the dad as being a victim here but I sure as shit feel terrible for the three girls. It’s not at all surprising the girls would tell a judge they want to stay with dad - kids love even the most abusive POS parents.

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Ah, Breitbart, never change:
"The case echoes a similar situation in the United Kingdom in which a five-year-old Christian girl was placed into care with an allegedly hardline Muslim family, despite protests from her family."

That story turned out to be a distortion of the facts. Ipso upheld a complaint from Tower-Hamlets against The Times. The report also states that subsequent investigation found the child 'settled and well cared for' and was with the foster family while the grandmother, from a muslim background, was being assessed to act as carer.

So basically Breitbart referencing that story only reinforces the fact that news sources are frequently full of completely inaccurate bullshit.

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