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World Man left literally shaking after Amazon employee opens door and puts package inside of home

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Apoth42, Aug 9, 2018.

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  1. https://montrealgazette.com/news/lo...ken-after-amazone-delivery-person-enters-home

    Can't believe this literally happened....

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    Apoth42 Hehe xd

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    Irwin M. Felcher

    Irwin M. Felcher immediate regret

  3. And this is news how again?
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    Dink Smallwood

    Dink Smallwood why am I still here

  4. Sooo... did they have a key? I think I'm missing something here... if you don't want people to come into your house... maybe lock the door? Don't get me wrong, I think the delivery guy is an idiot, but this is one of those "problems" that could have been solved before it ever even had a chance to happen.
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  5. An upper middle class white person was made mildly uncomfortable which of course is worse than 1000 holocausts and depending on the gender of the person inconvenienced actual literal rape.
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    #5 Ruin, Aug 9, 2018
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    Ruin Mercenary Slut
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  6. Lock your damn door you dumbasses! Besides it was probably the same delivery guy dropping shit off every other day to these yuppie fucks.
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    FierceBrosnan I can probably bench press you.

  7. I know it's Canada but seriously even Canada has to be a long way past "we didn't even used to need to lock our doors in this neighborhood".

    Like, shit man, for all you know some moose could walk by drunk and mistake your place for his or something.
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    XYZpdq fbi most wanted sskealeaton
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  8. Why didn't the delivery guy leave the package outside the door? It's not Amazon's fault if someone decided to steal it since they knew it was coming soon. But that guy is really pathetic. That's not a normal reaction at all since basically nothing happened to him.
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    Buer The God of Tits and Wine

  9. Literally shaking.

    The fuck do they want Amazon to do? It was a subcontractor's employee who has already been fired.
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    Derp Potato

    Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

  10. Oh, if only there were some way to keep uninvited people from just walking in your front door. Then we'd really be living in the future.
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    Some JERK

    Some JERK Takin' all the pretty girls.

  11. That guy is spineless enough to be a future poly cuck.
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    WhatNemesisMeans I hath telekinesis

  12. Just when you thought it wasn't possible to be any lower test than those buzzfeed cucks wil wheaton..
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  13. I know someone who habitually left their front door unlocked. They even went on vacation once, and left their front door still unlocked despite myself, and several other people pointing out to him how this was a bad idea, but he kept losing his keys, you see.

    The local kids found out somehow, got drunk off of their asses on the owner's booze, and then accidentally burned the fucking house down.

    And this cocksucker's complaining about being violated cause a dude was taking initiative at his job, and got the guy fired?

    It's called a lock, you fucking idiot!
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    #13 A Useless Fish, Aug 9, 2018
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    A Useless Fish

    A Useless Fish A Fish with literally no value, whatsoever.

  14. you don't understand,

    this guy was just going the extra mile to show his support for an open-borders policy by giving people free access to his house
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    OhGoy there's a rage within this vessel

  15. Meanwhile somewhere in Alabama: FedEx guy literally shaking after going to the wrong address and having some batshit SovCit take a shot at him
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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Rapping genie with attitude

  16. I feel myself losing brain cells trying to comprehend how stupid this situation is.
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    Tommy Wiseau Kin

    Tommy Wiseau Kin Tommy's Planet

  17. God, I'm almost hoping the delivery guy was black or Mexican, that way this can get turned in to a racism issue.

    Then I wanna see posts from the literally shaking soy's facebook/twitter about racism and open borders.

    It's the little things in life like that that would make me happy.
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    Derp Potato

    Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

  18. I say the same thing to people who get pissed at you walking in on them in the bathroom.
    Hey faggot, if you locked the door, I couldn't get in in the first place.
    I don't fucking knock because I assume everybody is smart enough to take the literal two seconds it takes to engage the lock.
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    Sword Fighter Super

    Sword Fighter Super I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
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  19. "Man, how does a guy like that go home and have sex with his wife?"
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    Lunete Nighty night...

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