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A man who wants his circumcision 'reversed' has revealed he's in pain with every step he takes and can barely feel anything during sex, after undergoing the 'traumatic and disgusting' procedure.

Avon, from London, was circumcised at birth and told the BBC he'd ordered a device online, which promised to stretch his remaining skin using weights. in an effort to 'regain' his foreskin.

However, Avon broke down when doctors told him it would be never reverse his circumcision, telling him the device was 'not scientific'.

Surgery to restore the appearance of foreskin is possible using transplanted tissue from areas such as the scrotum, but experts are divided as to the effectiveness of the procedure.


Avon said that he didn't realise other people had a foreskin until he was a teenager, explaining that he only made the discovery in his late teens.

He explained that he'd had a full circumcision, which removed most or all of the foreskin.

'The penis is very exposed, and there is no skin covering the corona which is around the penis head, or the area of skin that is just after the penis head,' he said.

Avon continued: 'My experience with being circumcised mixed PTSD and genuine physical discomfort.'

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin - the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis.
The Circumcision Information and Resource Page states that it is not possible to 'actually restore a lost foreskin'.
On its website, it says: 'Foreskin contains specialized nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels that are necessary for normal sexual function and sensation.
'While to some degree these functions can be recreated, once the original tissue is cut off and thrown away, it can never be fully recovered.'
Surgery to 'restore' foreskin using a skin graft does exist, but while some successes have been reported, the procedure is usually considered too expensive and risky and is not normally recommended, according to Healthline.
The surgery involves taking similar tissue, such as that on the scrotum, and grafting it onto the penile shaft.
This procedure will only give the appearance of foreskin, and can't fully replicate the original, but it can replicate the frenulum - unlike non-surgical methods.
According to the National Organisation of Restoring Men there are several benefits for circumcised men who restore their foreskin.
These include more pleasure - considered one of the big factors, and less chafing against clothes and during sex.
The body advises foreskin reconstruction surgically, or by attaching tape, weights or cones to stretch the existing skin.
The bizarre latter method was drawn up by a Californian psychologist who claims to have reversed his own circumcision.

He added that he feel a 'very uncomfortable poke or tingle down the skin' with 'every single step' he takes, adding that when he's intimate he just 'doesn't have that sensation'.

Avon went on to explain that he was 'seeing someone' at the moment, but 'being cut' brought issues into the relationship.

His lip trembled as he said: 'That's just how much can be behind cutting up a bit of someone's organ without their consent.'


Holding back tears, he added: 'You don't see the psychological domino effect it may have on them.'

He explained that he'd continued to suffer from pain from his foreskin, saying: 'I have experienced a great deal of pain and skin tearing growing up.'

'I noticed it affecting a major section of my life when I was intimately active at the age of 22, and the fact I was completely unresponsive to stimuli.'

Avon explained that he had ordered a 'restorative kit' online, saying: 'The idea of this device is that you place your penis head on the blue cone, place your skin all the way up to the grey cone and clamp down the white one.

As he held up the device, he lifted up weights which could be added to the device, saying: 'Then just release the tension on the screw. Until a later on point when you'd like to add more weights or strap it on your leg, for a more powerful pull as it were.'

But it appeared the device didn't work for Avon, and he said: 'Day one has been a bit abysmal as I do not have enough skin to use this device or stretch it to the black cone and leave it clamped down before the spring pulls up.'

Instead, he went to see a leading urologist for the Whittington Health Trust, Mr Sudhanshu Chitale, to see if it would be possible to 'reverse' his circumcision.


He explained: 'We're asking him if it's possible to reverse my circumcision, if it's possible for me to regain sensitivity and if it's possible by alternative surgical means to restore my foreskin.'

Mr Chitale examined Avon's penis, saying he wanted to see 'what had been left' after the circumcision.

He presented the restorative device to the doctor, with Mr Chitale immediately questioning where he had brought it from.

When Avon admitted it was from online, he said: 'So it's not a scientific device that has been developed by an instrument making company.


'Even if you were to use it because you have seen some videos on YouTube, there is no scientific study to say this is going to work.'

The doctor added: 'You are obviously at liberty to use it if you want to, but there is not much you can pull forward.

'The other issue you have is about lack of sensitivity on the glans. That unfortunately is very difficult to restore.'

He said: 'The glans are hypersensitive, quite sensitive, and it has got the foreskin as a hood. But subsequently the lining hardens as much as the rest of the skin.'


'Therefore the initial hyper sensitivity is then neutralized and then he is back to having normal sensations. But they will never match what the foreskin sensitivity is.'

He added: 'Because the foreskin has a special purpose and a special nerve supply.'

But Mr Chitale seemed surprised that Avon had been traumatised by loss, telling him: 'Just as a matter of opinion that we have developed over the years, those that have neonatal circumcision hardly miss their foreskin because they know nothing different.

'Whereas when you lose your foreskin in your teens or adulthood, you're more likely to miss it because they were used to it for a while.'

However Avon remained determined, asking Mr Chitale if there was the possibility of a skin graft giving him some kind of foreskin.

Mr Chitale said: 'Technically the skin graft will only give you extra skin to roll over your glans.

'You're only talking about millimeters, you're not talking about the entire foreskin being restored.

'It will give you a sleeve of tissue to play around with to be honest.'

He added: 'And again that is not the same foreskin you have. Pretty much all the foreskin has gone, and that is what you have.

'Therefore there is not much skin left for you to even think of pulling forward, let alone regrowing.'

Avon was left devastated by the conversation, saying: 'More people need to be educated before ruining the life of their newborn son or daughter.'

He added: 'It's disgusting it's still happening to this day. it really is.

He said he was 'not in a good state of mind' after his conversation with Mr Chitale, because he 'just wants to be free from past trauma that he did't ask for and have a better quality of life'.

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Britbong media has been quite fixated on foreskin lately:
BBC News link
Circumcision and phimosis stories: 'I'm scared of my own penis'
By Caroline LowbridgeBBC News
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Image copyrightLESLEY ROBERTS
Alex Hardy in Canada

Image captionA story about Alex Hardy's suicide prompted readers to get in touch with their own experiences of circumcision and phimosis
Despite male circumcision being relatively common, it's not something people usually talk openly about. But when a grieving mother explained how her son killed himself after being circumcised, it prompted many men to share their own experiences.
"I read your story this morning and have been crying for hours."
"The same thing happened to me... I don't know why I'm writing this. I'm sorry."
"The article made me feel a bizarre mix of sadness, frustration and relief."
"Finally I can start to make some sense out of my own experience."
These were among the responses to a story about the death of 23-year-old Alex Hardy , who was circumcised after secretly suffering from a tight foreskin - a condition known as phimosis - for many years. He felt the circumcision left him in a lot of pain, both physically and mentally, and killed himself two years later.
Some readers who got in touch said they had never spoken about their problems before - even to their partners.
Here are some of their experiences. Some names have been changed.
'I've never been able to have sex'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Man's feet in bath

Image captionEven washing his penis used to make Curtis sick (stock image)
Curtis, 21, from Worcestershire, developed post-traumatic stress disorder due to the severe pain he experienced when the wound from his partial circumcision became infected.
He can't have sex or masturbate manually as he is, in his own words, "scared of my own dick".
"When I had the operation I got an infection, so instead of taking a week to heal, mine took about six weeks," said Curtis, who was seven and a half years old when he had the operation.
"Because of the infection I got it had to be sterilised, so I had to be put in salt baths in my house which was absolute agony, because you are putting a wound in salt.
"I couldn't sleep properly, I couldn't walk, because every time it touched either leg the pain was so bad I would just stop walking. So I had to be carried a lot of the time to and from rooms."
Sleeping was a problem because Curtis's T-shirt kept getting stuck to the wound.
"Every morning I would have to tear that T-shirt off, which was obviously very painful as well," he said.
Curtis has been having sex therapy for two years and hopes to be able to have sex one day.
"I did have a girlfriend at one point, and when it started to go towards that sort of thing my heart rate would pick up and I would start to sweat and I just couldn't cope," he said.
"So as far as I'm concerned, if I can barely go near it, how on earth can I expect somebody else to do it?"
He has already made progress and is a lot more comfortable when he touches his penis to wash it.
"For several years every time I washed it I would just be sick, because I just couldn't cope with it," he said.
"That doesn't happen now. It's small steps and small victories but they are victories I wasn't having before. So I can see it getting better."
'Circumcision gave me unwanted erections'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Boy looking upset on stairs

Image captionJohn was confused and disturbed by frequent erections he started having after being circumcised as a boy (stock image)
John, who is now in his early 50s, was circumcised as a child and started getting unwanted erections soon after.
He said he could "relate immediately" when he read about how Alex found the touch of underwear overly stimulating.
"The extreme sensitivity articulated clearly the problems I faced but without understanding why," he said.
"I thought it was normal to be that sensitive."
John was circumcised when he was between six and eight years old, but he does not know why.
"I wasn't really consulted," he said.
"To me it was something the doctor and my mum agreed had to happen. I vaguely remember having difficulty passing water at the time."
He remembers experiencing pain after surgery and being more sensitive than before.
"I had erections straight after surgery," he said
"I don't know how normal it is for under 10 year olds to get erections but mine became frequent.
"I ejaculated whilst still in junior school and was scared because I didn't know what it was.
"There was no internet and no-one to ask. I didn't know what masturbating was but that's what I was doing. It was the only way to find some relief."
John believes the trauma of circumcision was an influencing factor when he later had a nervous breakdown.
"I think there are many aspects that people never consider, especially the mental side," he said.
"To be honest, I've never even talked to my wife about it.
"The psychological effect of permanent and over-stimulation of the penis over a long period of time is never discussed."
'I feel quite happy having phimosis'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Two men in bed

Image captionPete only realised his penis was different when a partner told him (stock image)
Another reader, Pete, is not able to retract his foreskin but he doesn't see this as a problem requiring medical treatment.
"I'm gay and it's something that I only found out about through the sexual partners I've had over the last couple of years," said Pete, who is 25 and lives in Ealing.
"I only found out about phimosis even existing after a conversation with a partner, who said I was supposed to be able to expose my glans [head of the penis],"
"A little bit of googling and I realised the whole thing has a name and that people advise you get treated for it."
Pete was initially "very anxious" when he found out he might have phimosis.
"I read about how doctors try to encourage things to rectify it but, like with Alex, I think they would simply take a mild or fairly benign thing and make it a million times worse," he said.
Some of Pete's sexual partners have been "curious about why I'm not like most other guys".
"I don't feel like it's gotten in the way of things as much as it might for some," he said.
"It only gets in the way if a guy is very judgmental, and thinks I ought to be more like them."
Pete says it "feels a bit awkward to be made to feel slightly wrong somehow".
"I think the attitude people have about it is the bigger problem," he said.
"I feel quite happy as I am.
"I genuinely feel like circumcision is completely unnecessary in my case, and it would make things painful and I'd instantly regret it."
'Steroid cream quickly sorted my phimosis'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Boy scared seeing the doctor

Image captionMarvin thinks boys and men should try using steroid cream if they have phimosis (stock image)
Marvin was successfully treated for phimosis as a child using steroid cream, and he is concerned some consultants might be advising circumcision unnecessarily.
This is because his own son was advised to have a circumcision, rather than use steroid cream.
"I had phimosis as a kid and nearing my teenage years I visited the local doctor, who then prescribed some steroid cream that quickly sorted the problem," said Marvin.
His son's foreskin did not retract as he got older, so Marvin took him to a doctor when he was 11. He was then referred to a consultant at a children's hospital.
"At the appointment with the consultant the options were effectively either leave alone to see if it sorts itself or surgery," he said.
"Two surgery options were given: either circumcision or making a cut in the skin to see if that then heals and provides the necessary stretching."
Marvin then mentioned his own experience using steroid cream.
"The consultant said this has almost no chance of working but was prepared to prescribe a steroid and give it a go. About eight weeks later, the problem was resolved.
"The outcome might have been very different if I had not had the same issue as a kid."
'Frenuloplasty cured my phimosis'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Man covering his painful crotch

Image captionBarry said his foreskin used to be so tight it hurt to retract it during an erection (stock image)
Barry Betts, 42, had phimosis like Alex but was treated with less invasive surgery, known as frenuloplasty. He said it was "a huge success" for him and wanted to make other men with phimosis aware of it.
"With me it was essentially a case of sex being painful as my foreskin was so tight that it hurt to retract it during an erection, which is what happens with penetrative sex; as you enter it forces your foreskin to retract," said Barry, who lives on the Wirral.
He was referred to an NHS urologist who told him the options were "nothing, stretching, circumcision or frenuloplasty".
"He advised the frenuloplasty due to how tight mine was and I agreed," said Barry, who was in his late 20s at the time.
The procedure involves surgically lengthening the frenulum, which is the band of tissue where the foreskin attaches to the under surface of the penis.
Barry dropped a stitch after his operation which led to some "scary bleeding" but this stopped on its own.
"Once I got past the initial nerves of - how can I put this delicately? - testing out the outcome, I discovered that everything was fine and working better than before, just as the urologist said it would.
"I haven't had any problems whatsoever in over a decade since it was done."
'Sex feels better after circumcision'
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Man in bed looking happy

Image captionRobert said sex feels better now the head of his penis is exposed (stock image)
Robert Dawson, 51, from Nottingham, was circumcised as an adult after seeking medical help when his penis bled during sex. He initially regretted it, but says sex is now more enjoyable than before.
"It was excruciatingly painful," he said of the surgery.
"It took about 30 minutes. My girlfriend remained outside throughout this but heard my screams."
When Robert was younger he used to be able to pull his foreskin back, but as he got older it became tighter and he could no longer pull it back.
It bled during sex in 2017, so he went to see a urologist who advised him to get circumcised.
The urologist did not suggest any alternative treatments, but Robert did some research online and decided to go ahead with the circumcision.
He had the operation in Vietnam in June 2018, as that was where he was working at the time. Unlike Alex, his frenulum was left intact.
"I was so happy with the feeling I had during sex," he said.
"Now the glans [head of the penis] was exposed it was a beautiful, lovely feeling again that I had experienced in my teens and 20s."
Some of his skin has fused slightly higher than it should have done, so he is due to have further surgery in Nottingham to fix this.
"I so wish that I could have talked to the guy in your article before, during and after his procedure," said Robert.
"He should have come to England to get an opinion from an NHS urologist. They may have been able to fix his problem, but again, like me, he found a world not willing to talk about this."
Presentational grey line

Getting help
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Man talking to therapist

Image captionPeople with psychological problems can seek help from a therapist (stock image)
Psychotherapist Nick Turner, who specialises in relationships and sex therapy, is currently treating two young men who were traumatised by being circumcised as children.
"I've come across loads of grownups who've had circumcisions and not had a problem, but it's the fact that these two boys both experienced post-operative discomfort, bleeding, pain and infection," he said.
"We are talking about six-year-old boys here. What would a six-year-old boy know about how to deal with a situation where they are in intense pain following a surgery?
Claire Allen, a counsellor at sexual violence charity
Savana , believes male circumcision is comparable with less severe forms of female genital mutilation.
"If we are removing the foreskin of the penis, the equivalent in a woman could be removing the prepuce or the hood that covers the clitoris," said Miss Allen.
"My personal opinion is that it doesn't matter how much flesh is removed, you are still going through that process, you are still experiencing the pain. It's hard to know what damage it can have on people's brains but there are lots of things that can come from the effects of trauma."
Mr Turner advised going to the
College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists , or finding a sex therapist through Relate , the BACP or the UKCP .
The UK charity
15 Square , which tries to help men affected by circumcision, is also hoping to start support meetings.
Warning: this is a long article featuring guys bitching about their dicks.


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How does he still feel pain from his infant circumcision as an adult male?

"Why are we still here...? Just to suffer...?

Every night... I can feel my foreskin..."
It's actually remotely possible. It's one of the funny things that happens when you damage nerves... Sometimes they just get stuck in "pain transmit" mode, to some extent.


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lol you tard it's to discourage touching yourself
so I guess it worked.
You're thinking of religious circumcision. There has for some time now been a surge of circumcision among men and teens, specifically for hygiene and exceptional doctors that talk about the "benefits" of it. A lot of my friends (all faggy Scandinavians) are circumcised apparently.

In this case, though it sounds like a clearly botched one. Probably some idiot instead of a trained pro. Still stupid as fuck.


You're thinking of religious circumcision. There has for some time now been a surge of circumcision among men and teens, specifically for hygiene and exceptional doctors that talk about the "benefits" of it. A lot of my friends (all faggy Scandinavians) are circumcised apparently.

In this case, though it sounds like a clearly botched one. Probably some idiot instead of a trained pro. Still stupid as fuck.
Being from the land shaped by protestants and seventh day adventists to the point even the nonreligious cut dick pieces off for murky reasons, seeing he was a britbong (ambiguously with that skin color) made me automatically assume he was a jew.

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