Science Man who wants to regain his foreskin breaks down as he calls circumcision 'traumatizing' -

Zero Day Defense

The Wankiest.
thunder roars

"Where is my foreskin, mother?"
"wHeRE is my foREsKin, moTHeR? It was removed, where has it gone?"
"Wow, that is an... intense line of questioning, Avon."

As far as the foreskin restoration goes, hellenized Jews used to do something like like it when in Greece/Rome 1) public nudity was apparently a thing in these cultures at that time and 2) the Greeks and Romans took offense to the glans being exposed... as opposed to the whole shaft, but there you go.

"Epispasm", it was called and why is there a circumcision reference library?
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There's no aphrodisiac like lonliness
Oh boy a circumcision story. This is in no way going to devolve into autistic screeching about uncircumcised is gross vs wash your dick.
As long as circ-cicks keep on getting BTFO as people abandon their barbarous nonsense, I don't care.
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