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Oh Tobias you silly goose.
Not to show my powerlevel too much but I experienced his instability in the past many times though I think it got worse over the years.
I knew a guy Tobias had worked with before and he asked me if I lived close to Tobias, due to his mental state and all.
Being friends with Tomska is always a red flag. I was burned before by him and must say the people who seriously associate with him are either only in for the money or are absolute masochists.
Tobias obviously is only in for the clout.
Also, he’s the kind of person who searches his own name to soak up all the criticism, just like Tom. So, lets say Guten Tag to Tobias!
Fühlt sich bestimmt scheisse an, wenn alle Transen berühmter sind und mehr Likes bekommen als du, oder? Liegt es vielleicht daran, dass deine Hirngespinste das einzige ist, was deine Persönlichkeit ausmacht?


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Trying to hit Oney in the wallet
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God, imagine being so full of hate that this is what you decide to do with your time. Let it go and the meme will be dead in a week. But no, petty rage is the way to go, that’s how you combat a meme about fighting negativity.

@8:30 Pewds brings out his piping hot take on the matter.
Pewds: The person who made this obviously struggling with emotional issues they may have. This comic is just lashing and venting out at the world because it's not normal to be wishing bad things to happen to people you don't like.

"Haters really hate themselves"
I don’t follow Pewdiepie and I had no idea that was who the comic was about, but I love this response.


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Oh man, his brother looks like a pleasant normie. Gee, I wonder which sibling his parents prefer to spend time with?


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I’ll throw in a couple too.


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"oney bad please so watch vinesauce btw these tweets aren't officially endorsed by vinesauce"

This is a very stable person with adequate reasoning skills that is not upset at all.
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a1, a2
Vinesauce has been a victim of Nintendo and Sony's draconian attitude towards Youtubers and use of their content for YEARS and now this rancid prick wants to encourage abusing that same system on Chris.

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I'm wondering. There's a high chance new guy is based on a real person, right? I wonder what the real New Guy is like. Does the place Jess works at have a Christmas photo or anything? This came out early December...
Some people have made the connection of new guy looking a bit like Max G but some people on twitter have said that he's based off some "alt right" guy Jess worked with and got fired. But I've not seen any screenshots or proof that she's talked about it so I'd say new guy is just meant to look like a generic skinhead or something


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Sounds to me like someone was threatening suicide to get people off her(?) case and get sympathy. Didn't draw blood with a knife? Please. I can draw blood with a piece of paper. You'd have to work really hard to not cut yourself with a knife. Unless it was a butter knife or something.
Based off experience and what I've seen personally, they've done this shit before. It's nothing new


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My bad. I think I have it fixed now it was actually supposed to be quoting @Haramburger
Happens to me too rarely. Seems to be spreading, possible minor bug in Xenforo?

Regarding the arm-cutter, it is my anecdotal experience that the men who do it are often lying or unable to draw blood, and the women who successfully draw blood and scar themselves up both arms and legs. It's no surprise to me that a MtF troon threatening to cut themselves couldn't draw blood. they only get somewhere with drugs, guns or fire.

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