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‘I bet a heterosexual cis white male would find a twenty..*grumble* *mumble*’.
I don't think it's complaining about the success not being big enough, I think Jess actually actively recoils in horror from success and is horrified at the possibility of it even happening. It's self-defeating bullshit is what it is, not sour grapes.


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i think jess just has a perpetual victim complex to a serious degree. more than your average social justice comic writer or twitter checkmark. im talking bout an actual mental case. she can find attacks against her where there are none. she assumes every misfortune in her life is a personal attack. shes the kinda person that might, say, not get a tip at work because the costumer happened to be having a shit day and is pissy for no reason related to her, and she'd relate it to herself anyway.

am not even being funny here
we KNOW poor girl had a p damn rough life and is mentally unwell

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Jess wants to be successful, it just needs to be the right kind of success. She wrote a comic, apparently inspired by a real incident, where the point is basically "so I was at work loudly gloating over how something bad had happened to this internet guy I don't like and this stupid co-worker of mine implied I shouldn't do that, but instead imagine how I'd have felt if this had happened to me. Can you imagine having to work with such douches?", and the Internet largely reacted with "I agree with that coworker". That's the opposite reaction of the one she wanted, and she saw that as an attack on her character (by nazi transphobes, since who else would attack someone as wonderful as her) and had to disown the strip.

This really goes for all these SJW comic creators, really. They don't write to entertain, they write to present themselves as victims and their viewpoints as correct, so any non-positive reactions aren't just pinions on the strip itself, but on their politics and them as a person. And that can get ugly when they've positioned themselves on the top of the oppression pyramid and largely exist in a social circle that reinforces the idea that you're a Very Bad Person if you speak out against someone higher in that pyramid than yourself.
And that's why all not-100%-positive feedback is nazism.


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have any of yall losers ever been like 8 at most and went "oh yeah? ur gonna bully me? well im gonna write a comic abt u where ur a big dumb stupid poop head and everyone in the comic will agree with me and boy will you look dumb then!"

half of jess' comics are just that but adulter and sadder

the other half is just a genuine cry for help trying to come thru presented as 'haha but isnt me being an absolute mess just so charming and cute n quirky? hahahaha.. hah... help me...'

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I can understand being terrified of success, especially if you had a parent or spouse who constantly told you that you'd never amount to anything. That kinda fucks with you.

It's pretty fucking self-destructive. Sure, part of it was "YOU LIKED THE WRONG CHARACTER!" but the rest of it was seeing that something was popular and getting her inundated with comments and attention so she basically freaked out and hid under her bed until everyone went away, then she came out and tried to take control of it going "I wasn't hiding from success, I was hiding from... <shuffles cards> NAZIS! Yes. Nazis. Hanz Von Brawnz was flexing outside my house, terrifying me. That's why I hid."

If she wants to make money from her work, she needs to see a therapist about that.

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Jess' process/genuine artposting:

Things that really happened:

Corona concerns(which are valid with non-working kidneys I suppose):

Bernieposting after Super Tuesday:

Jess acknowledges the trolls and her ball-and-chain with pewdiepie for the rest of her life(maybe overestimating being 80 with bad kidneys & being trans):


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Merch/fundraising may be in the future:
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Jess' process/genuine artposting:
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Things that really happened:
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Corona concerns(which are valid with non-working kidneys I suppose):
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Bernieposting after Super Tuesday:
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Jess acknowledges the trolls and her ball-and-chain with pewdiepie for the rest of her life(maybe overestimating being 80 with bad kidneys & being trans):
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As shitty as Bloomberg is, if you honestly scream at people for supporting him, well, you're an asshole. I don't pick on Jess as much as the other tranny cartoonists, but she definitely has an unpredictable mean streak that makes it hard to empathize with her sometimes. Thankfully she likely didn't actually do that, but that she sees it as something worth bragging about just goes to show that she's much more spiteful than your average Kiwi.

More coronaposting:
the partner must be making the lion's share of the household income if they have a job that enables work-from-home. Low end might be some sort of call center position or IT support that can do anything from a laptop as well as from a prison desktop, but who knows.


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