Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls / Mallorie Jessica Udischas-Trojan / Jesse William Trojan / Jessica Udischas - The Little Trainwreck That Can (Be Good Here And There). Ditcher of Bradley The Frog and creator of 'New Guy' the first meme of the 2020's


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It is normal to have mean thoughts. Everyone does. But look where we are. On a place where everyone can have mean thoughts about people, instead of venting on people that don't deserve it.

We are not yelling to the world "I HATE THAT DUDEBRO YOUTUBER!", and I am sure a lot of people here cannot stand Pewdiepie. But it's a matter of empathy, a matter of being a good person.

Remember when Branchland Court 14 burned down? I never expected anyone to help. But Null- NULL HIMSELF- went through a similar situation before, and did his best to help Chris. The same goes here. No matter how bad you hate someone, if that person suffers from something that was out of their reach- like being robbed- you must be a very hardened motherfucker not to feel at least bad for the person. But based on her comics, she's used to being an ass, right? Even after all the transphobia she theoretically faced.

I give up. She had all the chances in the world to recover and even profit from the situation. And yet, she keeps whining on Twitter.

She's not a bad person per se, but seems like she's really trying to be.


What'll it be, boys?
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Sperging on the internet is the future of society
Yep, she knows that she's wrong but of course her ideology tells her that she needs to double down to own all those transphobes. And you will see, in the next 5 years they will be still taking about this meme and demonize it just like they did with GamerGate because if there's something I know about this kind of people is that they never let go.


*unzips dick*
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Should I feel bad that I like this? I mean, I'm a Pokémon fan.
It's cute, it's funny, and it's good fanart of a series you enjoy. Don't feel bad for liking it all.

Who in the hell is saying Jess needs to "apologize"? All the heat I've seen the comic get is some variation of "come on dude, really?" and fanart of NewGuy™, which is also not harassment. I get using your self insert to say the shit to the people you wish you could say to people, it's like arguing with yourself in the shower because you didn't get the chance to shred a coworker for being an absolute fuckwit, I do it all the time. And much like totally owning dumbasses in your head, putting it in comic form only has context to you, everyone else ( unless they happened to be there or have any grasp the context) will just think you are off your meds again.


communism is lit
u said something controversial on the internet, ur gonna get a response

hell considering this is the internet u couldve written a comic saying 'i like cats better than dogs' and started a whole shitstorm, this place is no chill city central
the fact that this whole drama has stepped away from u and went in a whole nother and positive direction is the BEST thing that couldve happened from it blowing up

that's a long egg man
maybe it is me all call me an exceptional individual if so but i don't get any "fun" (couldn't think if a better word) from messing them about,there's no angry outbursts like you would see boogie,DSP or sarkeesian when they continue crying about your comment for like 40 minutes. it's more like you write some quality bait and all you get back is K NAZI. don't get me wrong the first couple of days was great. maybe if all the "haters" get a juicy webcomic made that would show some loathing to us.
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The lady stirs.

What is with these people thinking any criticism = right wing lately? You can slob on the knob of every dingus who says "healthcare for all" and still be a clout chaser. (see Tim Pool) She calls this online hootinany a nightmare when she, being transgender, has suffered worse I'm sure. (Or THINKS she has? I don't know her life.)

Jesse, I want to feel bad for you too but GODDAMN. Just when you take your head out of your ass you follow the scent of your own farts and stick it right back in.

Spastic Colon

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Does this person have a thread yet? Also lol for thinking only one person here is following them on their locked account.
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They seem to want a thread based on the white pages comment. Attention whore reminds me of Richard/Terra.
Look, even if we actually had a hit squad, I wouldn't waste it on this guy. He's not as important as he thinks he is.

Jack Awful

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Does this person have a thread yet? Also lol for thinking only one person here is following them on their locked account.
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They seem to want a thread based on the white pages comment. Attention whore reminds me of Richard/Terra.
I see wha they're doing...


Nice try.

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