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Which LOLCOW trait of Manny do you find funniest?

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I survived 2020 only to get a lousy T-Shirt
More sperging from Manny coming up ahead. She has something to say about the recent events.
She broke her phone, but somehow she could still draw on it.

She's getting buttmad over us again for probably the tenth time or more.

Some Trump Derangement Syndrome...

Lol her complaining.

Even more complaining.

More Anti-White Racism.

Apparently she turned anons off cause she got "harassed" yet again.

Her opinion on pogchamp emote's ban from Twitch.

assigned stupid at birth

try and one up me again bitch
Some Trump Derangement Syndrome...
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These kinds of posts are so performative. Does Manny or any other aggressive SJW on twitter or tumblr honestly think someone who supports Trump would be following them?
They all just wanna circlejerk each other for easy likes/RTs whenever they make posts like this because they have nothing of substance to say but wanna cloutchase while it's topical.

Badonkadonk Trash

eatin your shit
I'm out of the loop on this. Who's Pogchamp, and why is he bad?

Yukari Yakumo

Battle Tendency is the best JoJo part
True & Honest Fan
they got rid of pogchamp, cant have shit in detroit

Helvetica Standard

No copyright law in the universe can stop me!
Midget fetish confirmed.
As someone who played Bugsnax (it's a decent "cousin" to Pokemon Snap, don't judge), he's one of the tallest characters in the game. What's more of note is that his plotline is that he's so shit at farming and so bullheaded about his impossible idea on how to farm that his wife leaves him. He makes a cactus replica of her that he talks to at night, even once she returns. As if wanting to fuck a Great Value Muppet wasn't enough, he's also one of the shallowest characters of them all, and he's straight. Classic Manny.


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Some rather big news, Manny the Tranny has gotten a new husbando: Wambus Troubleham from the game Bugsnax.
Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I thought I'd bring this up considering it's one of the "Bugsnax" tagged posts Manny reshared

manny bugsnax reshare pt 1.JPG
manny bugsnax reshare pt 2.JPG
manny bugsnax reshare pt 3.JPG

not important.JPG

I've pondered this for a while, but how come FtM (Transman) headcannons in these types of communities get endless praise while MtF (Transwoman) headcannons get little more than a passing acknowledgement? I genuinely don't understand it. You'd think both would get equal praise seeing as these communities claim to be big on acceptance/representation for marginalized groups of people. 🤔


recovering from stage 3 troonacy
I've pondered this for a while, but how come FtM (Transman) headcannons in these types of communities get endless praise while MtF (Transwoman) headcannons get little more than a passing acknowledgement?
It's because they're all chicks trying to impress other chicks with how woke they are. FTMs are still expected to suck MTF cock on demand in the wider sphere of trans politics, but if you can manage to get the FTMs alone or in their own niche little group, the hatred of MTFs comes right out. Not even the most rabid of fem-troons likes the men in wigs crowd. We used to call it "MTF crazy juice".

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