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Which LOLCOW trait of Manny do you find funniest?

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I'm sorry but the eyeliner(?) on the rocker person is so... Ugly. makes them look like a weird chainsmoker aunt that is still living out her teenage years
also why is it crying yellow tears??

It’s just really poor coloring And layer setting choices.

Frank D'arbo

It is 5 am and You are Listening to Los Angeles
True & Honest Fan
I still see people in 2021 bitch about Zamii for her problematic art in 2021, believing she deserved to die for her "fat phobic and racist art, homophobic art."

Everyone on the internet is awful.
These people only care on the surface about that shit, because if they pretend to care about it they assume they'll be seen as a good person and it strokes there ego

But by not going to the root of those problems and harassing some kid because they wanted to create something that doesn't fit the mold, as far as I'm concerned they're horrible pieces of shit human beings

They're ass holes in the guise of 'being' a good person

Im off to bed because i have no fucking idea what im going for here

Princess Peaches

💕Zelda is top tier💕
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Somehow these look even worse than usual. The inconsistent line size, the sometimes missing lines, the weird hair shine and the side profile anatomy just makes something in the very core of my being hate it. I could recommend to Manny to try sketching out your poses and work on making you lines have a consistent size. You can have a thicker outline with thinner inner lines but your can't really do this combo of them with no rhyme or reason. Also Manny, start practicing shading out your work more than just a few very small areas.

assigned stupid at birth

try and one up me again bitch
How did that end up here, and why did Manny mention this?
You'd think if Vee is such a freak that Manny would have blocked them and went on with his life like a normal person, but he or a friend decided to look back at their account just for fun? 🤔

Manny does peg me as the type that would be part of a groupchat that tosses around what they deem is CP art so they can cringe at it and circlejerk over how pure and good they are compared to the freaks.

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