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"A normal person with a normal sexual orientation"

uhh, yeah, about that...


People are confusing fact and opinion all over this site. Your interest seems to be exclusive to pedophiles.

EDIT: I do commend you on getting that in at post #666, though!
On this site yes because I have not found anything else remotely interesting and don't really care to keep looking. Not sure why I have to justify making an account and staying updated on a thread I am interested in the topic of.

Isn't that simply the same behaviour that MAPs or whatever display
What behavior?
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Normal in regard to chronophilia. If you're trying to imply normal equates to "better," that would be odd if you're actually gay as your name suggests, because that is another abnormal attraction pattern, as with any characteristic most people do not have.
I think they meant "normal" as in "the average person". Most people tend to be attracted to others their age. And, don't mean to prod you further, but getting that defensive over this topic to the point of making vague maybe-maybe-not-attacks at someone's username might be one of the reasons for the image people have of you here

I posted about it before but lost the password to my old account. Anyone remember this old pedo podcast
from 5 years ago called The Juicebox?

There was a fellow named Vyahdis who was a part of it and he was notorious pedo I guess that I knew for awhile. tl;dr I use to know him before the Juicebox stuff and him being a MAP, the post below covers most
of the stuff I have to say about him. Obviously we don't talk anymore but from time to time I do check to see what he trouble he's up to. I found some good bits of autism, namely a story he wrote on the pedo forum, Visions of Alice. I registered an account there which has probably put me on some kind of watchlist but thought it was worth it to see what kind of fucked up shit went down there.

He's been keeping a low profile for awhile, a google shows me that he does have a twitter account but he hasn't posted in a while and its just video game and anime shit.

This is the twitter of an adult male in his mid 30s.

Eh, might as well. Its really not incredibly interesting and its kind of long. There's really not any big pay off either, just information for people who are very nosy or curious about how one of these pedo guys tick.

I knew "Vyahdis"

The whole "MAP" community for him was a very recent thing late last year when he started going around certain sub boards on 8chan. I've known for quite a few years actually, met him on another forum and he seemed like an interesting person, we had similar interests. Liked his taste in games and anime. He gave me the impression of a very nice, imaginative person but very shy and awkward too on skype. During this time he never said anything at all about being a MAP or liking underaged girls or anything. He eventually stopped posting on said forum but we'd converse on aim and eventually skype.

In real life he's a recluse NEET that shuns human contact yet when I would talk to him he would constantly try hopping into new communities or forums, trying to find a new place to fit in and he never would. He would frequently complain to me that he was too much of a freak for people to accept. ("FREAKIN NORMIES!!!"). He has had only one girlfriend, something I remember quite well, it was a big disaster. From what I gather he was about as passive as you'd expect from an autist so she took advantage of him, moved in with his family and made their life hell for a long time and there was a ton of drama with her having kids from past relationships. Prior to this he was scared of most women, or so he told me (he really told me a whole lot ..) but after this he adopted more of an attitude closer to a misogynist. Actually I would go and say he's a full blown misogynist now.

The whole MAP thing was sudden, he told me how he was mainly attracted to underage girls who looked a certain way because of some unrequited crush he had as a young teen who died recently. Its really quite...autistic. He would write this hodgepodge of fanfiction that used elements from his own homegrown universes,with characters based on pictures of young teenage girls he was attracted to and he would be in the stories as various self inserts. No, I don't have any saved. I'm deeply sorry. I remember one story he did write and he told me he shared it on some forum he posted at so maybe people can dig it up if they want to badly enough.

Recently I did learn that he left the podcast. When I did talk to him during his time doing the podcast he always seemed to have issues with certain people. This is nothing new. Vyahdis is bipolar but I have always suspected he is borderline as well, I'm no psychologist and I don't know if its possible to have both. I was very busy with real life stuff when this was going on so I don't remember a lot, just that Vyahdis would rave to me and often times go into full on psychosis where he would spam my message windows on skype and aim. Given the length of the messages I suspect sometimes he did this for hours and I got tired of it. I had experienced his episodes before in the past, he has always been prone to "dramatic" behavior, but the more he became involved with the podcast he just seemed more wacky. We had a falling out over something I don't want to talk about and I decided to divert my focus away from internet drama for awhile.

I signed onto aim recently and saw him online, apparently he posts on wizchan now despite not being a virgin. His new gig.

If people have questions maybe I can answer. Its really not that interesting unless I'm forgetting something.

I have fantasies I construct because I am an extremely lonely person, I was writing a blog post somewhere else and decided I would work on mini-stories. My grammar and syntax is not that great, so be warned. I'm mainly doing this make myself feel better.

The setting for this story is one of several tapestries I create in my mind when I need to relax. This is NOT meant to be a story with literary value or purpose, its just something from my mind and soul? I considered writing a poem but I just can't do poetry without it sounding weird. This is kind of..between a narrative and poetry I guess but it reads like a narrative.

Setting: A fair off landmass in a prehistoric era when the ocean was more like an inland lake, the sky is blue, the air is so clean. The island we live on doesn't have predators, its peaceful and self sustaining, the geography is comparable to the Triassic or Jurassic maybe. Maybe a better comparison would be like Eden in the bible, I don't know. This is a separate dimension, a world where the angry god of the Bible doesn't watch over everyone.

On this landmass/island there are others, I am the only male but I am in an ideal state, not what I am in the real world and She is the Queen. There is no political conflict in this world, no real world celebrities or figures. No Paris Hiltons or Miley Cyrus', She is the closest thing to a celebrity. She is the cutest and most loved of them all.

There is magic too, we all practice it, summon the spirits of light and shadow, the elements, the arcane, we commune with them.

Despite the perpetuity of our state ,never growing old, the world always young..we find new things to see, to soak in. This is an impossible world, beyond reason. Mere fantasy and escape.

I will release mini-episodes depending on how I feel with different scenarios
Music theme:

The two laid down in the grass, strands of her long, wavy autumn colored hair was splayed out on the ground as she looked up the black panorama above her. The twilight of the night sky was all encompassing, an ocean of dark blue that shimmered with millions of stars. There were no massive cityscapes or settlements that would tarnish the sky with their light pollution. This was the night sky in all its glory.

A rogue shooting star flashed its smooth, phosphorescent green trail for a brief second, making her quietly open my mouth in awe. She had seen the night sky so many times before but never grew tired of it.

She sat up for a moment, brushing strands of grass from her hair and glanced toward the other person with her, a young man, approximately 14. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, bare foot and was shirtless due to the pleasant climate. His eyes were shut. Maybe he was meditating.

Or maybe he had fallen asleep.

She was wearing a simple yet elegant flowing light blue dress, it was of a soft fabric but was of high quality still. Several white moons adorned the dress along with stars.

The girl crawled over to the napping boy and peered over him, with a grin. Like her he had a young, soft face, though he had tanned slightly this season from spending so much time at the beach spearing fish or catching crabs. She smirked at the streak of pink directly over his nose. Sunburn.

"Mordor is sleeeeeping...he's so sleepy......"She crawled closer toward him, speaking in a slow yet playful tone.

"Maybe I'll sleep right with him...night night!" With a hushed giggle she curled up right against him so that her little nose was against his neck. She shut her eyes, though truthfully she was not asleep but playing.

It was a pleasant feeling but the boy couldn't help but react as bits of her hair tickled his shoulder. He bit his lip, trying to restrain a laugh.

"What's wrong? I thought you were sleeping, Mister?" She stuck out her bottom lip in a faux pout.

"...I'm awake now.." Mordor spoke with a gruff tone, trying to sound serious though he still was fighting not to laugh.

"Awww, I sowwy!" She put her hands on her hips, speaking in a babyish tone.
"Maybeee I'll just let you stay out here, I'm going back now...cya!" The girl stood on both her feet and started to creep away, not really intending to leave but trying to give that impression.

A single hand yanked her firmly yet gently back to the ground, pulling her into a close hug. She latched onto his lean yet subtly muscular frame with her small, skinny arms.

Mordor set his chin on her head as she nuzzled him, the both of them smiling.

"..hmmmmmmmmmm!.." The girl spoke, it was one of her playfully, silly ticks. It really meant nothing at all yet at the same time could express happiness or a silly feeling, or maybe both in this case.

"..hmmmmmmmmm!" Mordor replied

"Dork.." She whispered, shutting her beautiful blue eyes that were the color of the clear ocean.

"You're a bigger dork, Des.." He snuggled her closer, feeling warmth radiate in his cheeks and body.

Day and night passed, the seasons came and went..but still the idea of time passing had no real meaning to them or anyone on the island. It could have been a week or maybe 2,000 years but the feelings of child-like wonder and the warm rush of intimacy and happiness never abated. They never became old or boring here.

Des and Mordor smiled blissfully in each other's warmth, the loving exchange only interrupted as a long, snake-like creature swam through the night sky. The creature gave off a cool blue light that caught the two's attention.

They opened their eyes and gazed at the magnificent creature. Its was high in the sky above them, just below the night clouds. Its body was shaped like that of a serpent's but its composition was more ethereal and of a less than solid make up. The serpent was semi-transparent and its skeleton glowed with an intense, phosphorescent lime green light that contrasted the blue around it. Though high up in the sky the two could see a pair of beady purple eyes with the head of a snake. The beings entire body seemed to be made of an ethereal, magical substance while the glowing, partially visible skeleton was more tangible.

Despite the fearsome fangs that hung from its mouth the creature itself was benign and harmless.

It was a "passer byer" from a realm of magic. The pristine nature of this world allowed more magical rifts to exist and all manner of magical creatures and entities were far less shy about showing themselves, though this "ethereal serpent" was more of a rare sighting.

Des watched the creature with a smile, though she felt a twinge of sadness. Mordor felt the same sensation as well. Such emotions were not uncommon in the presence of such powerful manifestations. The ethereal serpent was beautiful and mysterious yet something about it brought about sadness.

The two didn't try to question the emotions but embraced them as gifts from other realms. The serpent just seemed lonely as it swam through the ocean of twilight, with no one else.

Mordor took his index finger and ran it along Des' soft, youthful, cheeks. She had a very attractive, innocent face. He started running his fingers in little circles while Des was still gazing at the sky at the serpent until her sombre mood departed and she giggled quietly.

"What are you doing?!" She protested playfully.

"You're so soft!" He laughed.

"I look like a little baby, come on..!" She tried to repress a laugh as he grabbed her again, tickling her flanks.

"Ahhh..hehehehe..stop!" She laughed hardly.

Forever Winter and Always Cozy Part I
Snowflakes fell peacefully from the darkened sky. It was mid afternoon yet it almost felt like nightime in this region. It goes without saying that it was very cold but thankfully no gusts were blowing so windchill was not something that had to be dealt with. Describing the environment to someone who wasn't there would pain a depressing, bleak picture but being there in person it was quite comforting. It was the kind of weather that made you want to cuddle up close with someone or go inside and get a mug of hot chocolate.

That's what Vyahdis was doing. Vyahdis had his arms drapped around the tiny girl who s was barely 5 feet whiel he dwarfed her at well over 6'3. The girl greatly enjoyed this contrast and as Vyahdis set his chin on the top of her head she beamed an adorable smile with her teeth. She had a slight overbite but in Vyahdis eyes it only added to her cute beauty. There were flakes of snow in her dark brunette hair that had the same color of a chipmunk's fur and Vyahdis felt them against his neck. They gripped their hands tightly together. The girl was wearing girly pink mittens and Vyahdis was wearing dark blue, almost black gloves. It was very, very cold but this just added to the comfort.

"You're a little snow bunny today, Desiree." Vyahdis spoke to her a tone that was both loving and teasing.

Desiree's fluffy brown ears, identical to a deer's, flicked slightly.
"..but Vyahdis that means you're a jackalope with those antlers..and and..someone is going to poach you and I''ll the saddest nymph ever.." Desiree spoke in a pretend dramatic tone, her chin trembling as if she was going to cry.

Vyahdis leaned down a bit and pressed the dark brown potrusions coming out of the side of his head against the side of her neck. The antlers were about 5', not quite the size of a buck but clearly indicative of the fact his mother had mated with a deer. Desiree had long since been bonded with her master and taken on his traits, becoming a doe nymph. This was common practice for unions between magelords and nymphs. It was openly embraced by the nymph because it added another depth to their intimacy. Desiree especially looked forward to their bond strengthening to the point they could share dreams.

Desiree grabbed one of his antlers, giggling excitedly. This was a very special exchange. It was very taboo for anyone other than a magelord's mother touch his antlers. After a bonding the nymph gained that priviledge and it was something Desiree frequently indulged herself in. The antler touch could be as playful as a term fo endearment or something indicating deep passion or love. Desiree yanked at one of Vyahdis's and as he looked at her she made of her fairly-like mischevious grins, flicking her tongue out of the her mouth briefly.

Vyahdis felt a rush of warmth from Desiree's playfully yanking at his antlers. He ws having something akin to a sugar rush except it was a cutie rush. He started breathing deeply, eminating warmth in the freezing weather. Desiree flashed another playful smile before placing kissing his left one.

He had the fuzzies.

Being a nymph Desiree could instantly pick up Vyahdis's warm, soothing aura. She jumped into his arms, wrapping her own around his neck.

The scent of Desiree's shampo and conditioner drifted into his nostrils, making him feel intoxicated. Desiree was like a lithe little mongoose, so cute and little but easily able to render Vyahdisl into jello.

Vyahdis put his hand to one of her cheeks. They were full and soft like a little baby's, adding to her irresistable cuteness. She would always physically be 13 so her face would never experience the thinning out and changing a human goes through. It was one of Vyahdis favorite things about how she looked.

She had a slightly wider gap between her two eyes. It was only a little noticeable but added to her beauty. It was her "angel gap" and Vyahdis kisse her on the forehead.

Desiree snuggled closer to him, more flakes of white snow in her hair. She pressed his cheek to her upper chest.
"You suddenly got really cuddly." Vyahdis said.
"its c-c..old! Vyahdis,I'm tiny with hardly any body mass and you're all big. I'm going to make you into a fur coat.." She shut her eyes, looking peaceful.
"You wanna go inside now? That place right next to us has amazing hot chocolate and sweet bread."

Desiree opened her eyes and glanced out at the vista before them. The two were high up in front of a rail overlooking vast undulating landscape blanketed in snow. There was not a single house or building. The sight was incredibly beautiful and had a dreamy quality to it. It was a wonderful place that stood between the borders of the human and esper realm. Whimsical creatures inhabitated the forests and landscape but were very shy and difficult to spot.

Unfortanetly the couple had been unable to spot anything even when looking through the telescope device attached to the rails. Vyahdis was highly curious, having never seen any supernatural animals but Desiree behaved like a young child at a zoo, eager to see her favorite animal. Well, she -was- a child and would that way forever.

"What do they put in the hot chocolate here?" She asked.
"Its really amazing, they put strawberries in it and its 100 times better than the instant at home. The sweets here are really, really good." He replied.
"Okie, take me , Master!" She nuzzled her cheek to his.
" feels so weird when you call me that.."
Desiree stuck her tongue out. "I'm going to just call you master forever. Get me some sweets, MASTER." She giggled.

Before them was a quant brick building with a window on the side showcasing various baked goods, such as cakes, pies and even sandwiches. The front door had a red pentagram embroidered on the front window. Vyahdis pushed the door open with Desiree in his arms and the two were greeted to the whimsical sound of chimes underneath the doorway. Wonderful smells drifted into Desiree's nose. All nymphs loved sweets.
It was cozy and warm her two, a huge fireplace roaring in the main room. There were stairs that led to second floor with couches and tables and there windows overlooking the landscape.
here are some disturbing posts by Vyahdis on the pedo forum, warning to people for disgusting content.
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I think they meant "normal" as in "the average person". Most people tend to be attracted to others their age. And, don't mean to prod you further, but getting that defensive over this topic to the point of making vague maybe-maybe-not-attacks at someone's username might be one of the reasons for the image people have of you here
Yeah of course most people are attracted to others their own age. Being in the majority doesn't make you morally superior, especially since this is just an innate characteristic.
I never attacked anyone. Meanwhile this whole thread exists just to attack people, for how they were born no less.


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That is a terrifying situation but not representative of pedophiles. This kid is a psychopath and obviously a threat, If you hear the description starting from 2:53 in the video, his cognitive capability is fucked up beyond belief, and he has no sense of morality or self-control. He also has a violent power fantasy obsession. Being a pedophile doesn't entail any of that stuff. I can only guess the reason they and you fixated so much on the pedophilia aspect is because they assume all pedophiles are like this, but that's not true, Pedophilia works the same way as teleiophilia or, for that matter, androphilia or gynephilia. Pedophiles find appealing consensual romantic/sexual interaction with children, obviously something that cannot occur in real life but you can still desire. An actual pedophile wouldn't be interested (and even if they were, that doesn't mean they have no morals or self-control) in real-life sex with a kid unless they were delusional that the kid were somehow consenting or if they have a rape fantasy in addition to their pedophilia.

Just don't want us to develop a skewed, inaccurate perspective.
I'm concerned that everyone can't tell the difference between fact and opinion. I didn't give a "defence" of anything.
To be fair, looking at it, seems like you just wanted to make clear that this kid has issues beyond his attraction to little boys. At the same time though, you also kinda made the point that no actual paedophile would pursue sex with children. But if it's not them who abuse kids sexually, who is it? Does no one in this group of sexual predators have any actual interest in children?

Normal in regard to chronophilia. If you're trying to imply normal equates to "better," that would be odd if you're actually gay as your name suggests, because that is another abnormal attraction pattern, as with any characteristic most people do not have.
Yeah of course most people are attracted to others their own age. Being in the majority doesn't make you morally superior, especially since this is just an innate characteristic.
I never attacked anyone. Meanwhile this whole thread exists just to attack people, for how they were born no less.
It read like an underhanded attack to me at the time. Implying that they were self deprecating and seeing themselves as below normal people. But doesn't matter. Sorry for accusing you of it.

Also, it's not about the peadophiles who honestly try to control themselves and know their sexual interests have the potential to damage a person for the rest of their life, it's about pretty much the opposite. The kind of people who celebrate it as their identity and even make pride flags for it.

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