March For White Lives (4/11) - "Calling all on 04/11/2021 @ 1 pm, Patriots all over this nation are peacefully marching to raise awareness for whites being victims of massive interracial crime and also persecution by the government"

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"White nationalists" aka nobody have been spreading this on telegram all day on the most glowing channels, and I found out about this through antifa seething about it. When you already have the most mysterious far right people shilling an event and antifa being aware of it, you know it's gonna be good. They did this Q&A regarding common questions
1. Why not All Lives Matter?
1. Because White People deserve representation. If other races can proudly group along racial lines, so can we. Whoever says the contrary is sentencing us to extinction.

2. Are other races welcome to support White Lives Matter?
2. Yes, as long as they do it from a place of selflessness. This conversation is about White People, nobody else.

3. Why social distancing & masks?
3. This is a grassroot, worldwide movement for White People. Some countries have demonic rules on free speech and they can be shut up very easily. It says 'encouraged' not 'mandatory'

4. If antifa shows up, will there be violence?
4. Antifa shows up everywhere. If you were to protest election fraud, 1A or 2A. Antifa is an anti-White organization and will attack us no matter what.

5. Will this not be infiltrated by feds?
5. So what? This is a peaceful, wholesome movement. The feds will infiltrate your local bakery if they want to. Just keep everything legal.

6. How can I help?
6. Firstly, act in Noble and respectable manner online & offline. Secondly, share this with everyone. Everywhere. To the moon. White Voice are now heard. Print your own flyers & stickers.

7. Where can I learn more about anti-White hate?
7. It's everywhere around you. However, this channel might help: @everyday1350.

8. Is this BLM but for White People?
8. No. Marxism is at the core of the anti-White narrative. The principles that WLM should follow are those of God, Nature and Nobleness. WLM is glimpse into the glorious past of White Europeans.

9. Are we not concerned about what ADL, SPLC, JIDF, Tech Elite and Establishment Politicians will say? They will paint us as 'Nazis'.
9. You have been painted a 'Nazi' your whole life. Why? Solely because they want to do away with you. Stop trying to abide by your enemy's standards. We follow God and Nature.

10. Will this get us doxxed and fired from our jobs?
10. Well, if you live in fear then you can pretty much give up on your life. If you can't advocate that your life matters because The System you fund through you sweat and tax money wants you dead, are you really even alive?

Promo video based on the Victoria Rose incident:

A few hours before on telegram this message was passed around by accounts that passed that MFWL stuff on later, which although date backs months is very oddly timed:
The White People now are ready for Action real Direct Action everything that George Lincoln Rockwell, Joe Tommasi, Charles Manson, Tom Metzger & James Mason been saying for the past Fifty Years has now come to past and it’s going to be the fight of our lives this airline the Ship of State of the United States of America is collapsing at the seams and we yet have to grasp the fact that Direct Action is needed to show the rest of society the fragility of this Marxist Decayed System! In CMDR Rockwell’s words “The US is decaying and it’s getting rotten America is not an old country. It isn’t because we’re old, It isn’t because senile, weak, and feeble. It’s because we are purposely being rotten the Soul of America is being rotted out by Germs 🦠” - GLR. The Jews have plagued and rotted out the core of America now it’s only time to unravel the whole Jewish System and it will collapse on its own weight!
My fellow White Men and Women to the White American People right now I understand the stress and feelings you have now facing this betrayal you feel Trump & the System committed against you! The first day or two of Trump's Victory in 2016 made me realize that Trump was bullshit and was never going to follow through on his promise to our people the Greater Voice and Protection he claims to offer you is a Big Lie just as the Holohoax is to all mankind! The White Man you mustn't lose hope or faith in yourselves I saw the reaction and action taken by the Whites who marched on Capital Hill which scared the Hell out of the Jews! I am not ashamed of it or afraid of it Big Brother and the Jews use the tool of fearing repercussions & impending roundups as a way of tormenting the Activists and fighters who struck a blow against the Jewish Prestige in the United States and across the World! I once felt demoralized and black pilled about the demographic threat we face due to Fifty Six Years of Jewish Policy Making which displaced much of the White Population in America and across the world but as my good friend Jan Lamprecht of South Africa once said to me "The Whites no matter what percentage of the population you are a few million of you could fight off the hundreds of millions and billions of Non-Whites who invade your living space and seek your destruction!"

The White Man won on Capital Hill and this Victory should be followed up by more Action and measures taken against the Jews to show them the White People are far from finished in the United States! The White Christian and Pagan people in this country who built and make up this country are never defeated no matter how much demoralization and Anti-White Policies taken against them! The Whites as long as they breath and continue to exist upon this Earth will stand up against those who seek there displacement and destruction! The more Whites you shoot, throw in jail, discriminate against, attack and displace the more American Nazis you create the White Victory which CMDR George Lincoln Rockwell gave his life for will be achieved and the people have now finally have a chance achieve the Victory in our time! The Nordic Anglo Saxon Germanic Celtic White Men of America are going to fight to the death to ensure Victory in the North American Continent and from here we can liberate Europe, Southern Africa, and Oceania from White American Continent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEIL HITLER HAIL CMDR ROCKWELL SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's already antifa glowniggers seething hard over this and infighting:

Screenshot_2021-03-25 talia jane 🕺 on Twitter.png

Telegram group:

Arm Pit Cream

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If you would not go to a BLM march (even in opposition to it), don't go to whatever this is, if it ever happens. There's no way it can go better.
Going to a BLM march might leave you a bit roughed up but even in the Q&A they really don't hide the fact people are going to lose their careers over this exceptional shit :story:
10. Will this get us doxxed and fired from our jobs?
10. Well, if you live in fear then you can pretty much give up on your life. If you can't advocate that your life matters because The System you fund through you sweat and tax money wants you dead, are you really even alive?

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As much as the pride in me enjoys the idea of "fighting for the white race" like this, why aren't they learning from prairie fire? White nationalist ideology online has done more for the movement then any protest or capitol hill surprise tour ever has, if your not going full out revolution why bother with this shit that will increase crackdown on us and get you arrested?