Careercow Marcus "Tariq Nasheed" Sanders / Tariq Elite / KingFlex / K-flex - professional race baiter

rule 34, hoss.
somewhat related: the artwork in this movie reminds me of stalag novels, if they were extremely gay.
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nanking porn sold at a museum gift shop in china

Gonna double post here with some leftypol salt
TLDR they hate sneed and buck memes
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btw uyghar = nigger
cope and seethe, and sneed,

you'd think these guys would be happy about A) something black people are disproportionately punished for compared to other ethnic groups/races being legalized and B) criminal records being wiped clean of marijuana-related offenses.
thats one less avenue for young black men to have access to white cock without admitting theyre gay, tariq would obviously hate that.
I liked when they claimed that Western Expansion by European countries creating Colonies was driven by 'Homosexual Desire' :story:
im proud that my ancestors not only sailed and explored the world but could also casually fuck anything they spotted from the coasts. they can laugh all they want in between swallowing cum in their wife's finest dresses,

I know I should be laughing but I'm baffled from seeing all this... Gay rape fetish shit...?
Like why the fuck did he have that made?

Soda Can

Free the Pedos

What the fuck's a washing machine doing in a pub?
I like how all of those images have the white guy pretty much the same pose where his fly is open exposing a boner hidden behind what looks like tighty whities. It's the same kind of thing you see in fetish art where the fetishist has an almost autism-like obsession with one particular detail and will draw it into every single image.
It’s 100% reminiscent of Tom’s of Finland dudes caressing their boners through skin tight jeans.

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