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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by acrylicpaint, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. I just kept skipping the video. What the hell was up with the make up smearing? Its like to tries to act extra crazy to cover up her actual craziness.

    So sad she is msging other youtubers/people off instagram with the same ol' sob story. Hope we get screenshoots.
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  2. I find even more creepy when i realized she trying to look more like Venus.
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    Halberd Sonichu

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  3. I will not be surprised if you see her go at Venus a-la Buffalo Bill style, wearing her skin and all. She's creepy and takes living through her daughter to another level.
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  4. I think it's because in her mind, she was always the "original" Venus, I think she always wanted the kind of life Venus has now but never got to so she tried living it through her daughter still thinking it would take her there. But once she realized she couldn't control Venus and Venus rather became the personality that her mother forced on her, she got mad. I think she despises the fact Venus is what Margo always imagined herself as, and now she wants it back.
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  5. The "want to see more booty" perv begging to be DM'd. ugh.

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  6. idk if the wallpaper being the same necessarily means that's the place she's at. There must be more than one place in Seoul with that wallpaper, besides the other parts of the cubicle in maggot's selfies don't match the one you posted, nor does the bathroom. And I really doubt the old slut has $900/month to spend on a room.
  7. Oh yes, and she has for YEARS. She's a stone-cold malignant narcissistic PD mutant freak, bordering on psychotic at times.


    She absolutely would wear Venus's skin if she could. I have zero doubts of this.

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  8. I'm always reminded of this interview:

    Sooo much foreshadowing in this video, her mother talking over her and controlling her and putting thoughts in her head during the interview.
    The question about the jeans is when this really shows, Venus politely answers the question, than Margo interrupts and suddenly Venus's tone and answer changes... idk just upsetting to watch.
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  9. I feel so fucking sorry for this woman. She shouldn't walk free. And by that I mean that she should be in involuntary treatment rather than jail or something. Yeah, she's a manipulative cunt who does horrible things, but christ she's not right in the head.
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  10. And when Margo speaks after Venus does, her tone is so condescending. Like "You couldn't even answer a simple question, stupid girl. Shut up and let mamma speak for you."
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  11. Yea, jail would prob just feed into her own delusions that she's the victim in this mess.

    I imagine Margo watched Venus' video about making chicken soup for Mana and is currently scheming on how to capture a pigeon and dig up a nearby vegetable patch in order to create her own version of the video.
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  12. I was thinking about posting that interview again; great minds and all that.

    Due to Margo's sustained DM campaign, the interview video has been getting a LOT of new comments and views over the past two weeks. The old comments are people horrified by Margo's behavior, praising the restraint of the journalist in not slapping Mags, and pity for Venus. The new comments say things like "she's just protecting her daughter like any good mother would do!!" or "that interviewer had it out for Margo, who is just a loving mother!".
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  13. Margo pops back up with a brief vlog about nothing - I had high hopes as she refers to Venus's "stealing" and the mysterious Netherlands warehouse in the description, but the vlog itself only touches on her concern about making money right now to pay for the storage. Hooker makeup in full effect.
    Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.42.28 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 10.43.17 AM.png
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  14. So she's attracting real thirsty stans, how gross.
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  15. "welp, I have to really work now to pay shit, instead of leeching from my daughter's income."

    it get's old.
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  16. Personality disorders do not respond to medication, and NPD is not generally treatable via psychotherapy because in order for therapy to be effective, you have to want to change, and characteristic of the disorder is the belief you are perfect and infallible. Therapy would do no good. Margo doesn't think there's anything wrong with her, her problems are all other people's fault.
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  17. Anything new on Margs?

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  18. Shave and a facial, one bitch!

    (And yes, she does her entire face)
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  19. Guys, I think we found a rare video confirming how alien she looks.

    No seriously. She literally looks like one of those grey-skinned aliens. Though I don't know if she looks worse before, or after she cleans her face (rhetorical question, she's ugly regardless).
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  20. As a follow up to the insane face shaving video:

    - Margo continues to live in a goshiwan (efficiency room with shared kitchen) near Seocho station in Seoul. For some reason screenshot aren't attaching right now so I'll add links.

    - She's officially working as a ho; she's made many craigslist ads for her "massage" services as well as German lessons. Her German is swiss Germna, and is just as shitty as her engrish. Here's all of the ads she's posted using her kakotalk (hellomagpie)

    - Grandpa Ferenc has invited Venus and Mana to come for a visit ("We have 3 empty apartments and 7 grandchildren. We invited all grandchildren to spent a week in Miskolc to get some rest(to spent a calm week)"). However, I wouldn't trust Margit and Ferenc to keep it a secret that Venus was coming for a visit, nor to not give Margo a ticket home for the sake of "family togetherness". You in danger Venus. Especially because...

    - On December 7th, Margo showed up in Japan, at Venus and Mana's NEW apartment, where they'd moved to so Margo didn't have the address. Margo tried to break into the new house using tools, and Venus had to call the cops. We heard about this originally from Margo in December, when she wailed that Venus called the cops on her for absolutely no reason and accused Margo of being after money. Then Venus made a video addressing hater comments a couple weeks back, and when someone accused her yet again of "abandoning" her mother and stealing, she drops a bomb about Margo's attempted break in. She called the cops on Margo to get her to leave, but doesn't seem to have pressed charges because Margo slunk right back to Seoul.

    - Venus's 20th birthday was a couple days ago. Margo was feeling super sorry for herself on Venus's b-day so she called her, then tweeted about how lonesome poor Mama is without Venus. Let's remind ourselves of the birthday message left by Margo for Venus last year: "Stupid shit, you just looked emotionless, you didn't even cry ... Everything is an accident for you, I'm now accidentally homeless to. You know what really was an accident? YOU"

    - Here Margo shows us her Korean selfie app filters (so jung!) while telling us how positive she's remaining despite not having money for warm shows or jackets in the Seoul winters. Forgive me if my sympathies are limited.

    (I'll add the screencaps to this when the image attachment issue resolves!)

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