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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by acrylicpaint, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. What the fuck? How did Margo even get their new address and what was she planning to do by breaking in? Be waiting for them when they got home? Confront Venus while Manaki isn't there?
    She really isn't ever going to leave them be is she?
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  2. No clue how Margo got their new address; last time. she got it through filing YT copyright claims. As to what she was planning: last time, Margo specifically showed up while Mana's car was gone, and hid from the doorbell security cam so Venus would come down the stairs by herself. Whatever the exact plan is, Margo wants Venus physically in her possession. And preferably when Manaki isn't around to stop her.

    The break in attempt is the most alarming thing Margo has done thus far, imo. As Venus was fortunate that she felt weird about her doorbell ringing w/o any one being on video (and decided not to answer the door), she was fortunate this time around that she was home, awake and in the living room so she could hear "scrabbling at the door", as she called it. If she had been at the store, or taking a shower or nap...
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  3. This is getting really unsettling now. We've always joked that Kappa would do something horrible to V. But Jesus its getting close to that point now. The only real way to stop her now is if V and Mana just throw the book at her and stop pussyfooting around the issue. Margo is getting more dangerous by the day now that all of her sources of free income are gone.
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  4. Wow, I thought maybe Margo was toning it down and realizing her actions were fruitless. Trying to break in and creeping around the house again is just fucked up. At this point I would be surprised if Manaki doesn't do something, he seems pretty level-headed and like he wants the best for Venus. It's getting too dangerous now, who knows what Margo would've done if she got in there while they were both out? That's some serious stalker shit. :surprised:
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  5. We know she would've found a way to wear Venus' skin and have a "real doll" Manaki zombie right next to her a la Jeffrey Dahmer
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  6. That's horrifying. I don't see why they don't press charges. I feel like they won't be safe until she's banned from Japan. I can't really see margo getting around that.
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  7. Because in these kinds of cases, the victim just wants it to stop, they don't want the asshole to get punished, which, as we can all see, is a bad idea because Margo isn't going to stop until she gets what she wants or she dies, she needs to be in prison or banned from Japan.
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  8. The only answer people came up with it's her mother.Venus want to be left alone but she doesnt want to put Margs in trouble.

    Edit: Ninja'd
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  9. So I missed this while sleep, but Margo had a brief late night drunken outpouring of nostalgia then rage, the deleted everything upon waking. Apparently there were around 8 of Venus's childhood photos posted. You know, the ones in storage in the Netherlands and it's all Venus's fault Margo doesn't have them (?)
    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.34.35 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.34.23 AM.png
    Oh that's sweet, Venus is little, seems like Margo misses her baby before she grew up and understood what a monster Margo is...


    And there we go. No sweet reminiscing here. Let's post lolibait photos I took of my daughter and blame her for me having bills. And for shitting herself as a baby, what kind of a monster baby shits themselves? #psychopathicbaby

    edit: lol of course. #fleur #ididnothing
    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 11.54.06 AM.png

    edit 2: well, we see where Margo got her "inspiration" for her face shaving video. She's watching Venus's video like a hawk. Earlier in the day on the 9th, Venus mentions that women in Japan use a facial epilator machine for removing facial hair. A few hours later, we got Margo ruining her skin further with drug store razor exfoliation, and a bunch of other shit that will destroy the delicate skin of the face.
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  10. Aw, Venus was so cute as a little kid.

    But how about we don't post loli photos, Margo? Especially because one criticism of you is how you made Venus do very sexualized lolita videos...
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  11. That would take a modicum of self awareness.

    Someone on PULL managed to capture some more of the drunkrage, looks like we missed out on some classic Margo. We knew Venus's birthday wasn't going to be an easy day for Margo, and it seems like she let loose after fuming for a couple days. It was Venus's 20th, which makes her now the age of majority in Japan. Even if Margo managed to capture her, Venus is now able to make her own legal decisions.

    Here Margo makes a snide pass at people who think it's weird to post photos of a 3 year old in their underwear (but she's got no problem posting photos of 11-12 year old Venus in similar attire)
    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.38.24 PM.png

    And here's Margo claiming she posted her post sex nudes to prove that she never self harmed (??) which proves Venoos is LIAR who steals and bullies. Sex nudes are proof!
    Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.38.42 PM.png
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  12. Someone found the remainder of Margo's rant from the other night. Includes gems like: Venus being an ungrateful baby; Venus's crime of wanting to move in with her husband without her mother; and Venus as a tyrant who controlled Margo's every move.
    Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.25.26 PM.png
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  13. She's projecting so hard it's ridiculous.

    But we can see she's hitting the bottom of the barrell,money is short,Venus is no longer a minor and she looks like she's living a good life with a husband that loves her.It's all going downhill for Margs.
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  14. I think there's a grain of truth when she claims Venus said she found Manaki repellent. She likely said it to get Margo off her back and throw her off the trail for her eventual escape. I can easily imagine Margo constantly hounding Venus about him, being generally unpleasant once she realised her daughters marriage wouldn't secure her a visa, and Venus just paying lip service to shut her up and divert her attention whilst she secretly planned to run.
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  15. Or saying "Mom, I don't know if I should marry him right away, I really do not know him that well and I don't know if I really love him. I know that having a Japanese visa would be good but I don't think I am ready to marry him."

    I'm of the theory that Margo pushed Venus to marry Manaki for the visa once she saw them getting along, their wedding was indeed more about legal matters than love, but because Manaki was genuinely a nice guy (and supportive of Venus's escape from Margo), they ended up actually falling in love and being quite happy together. Margo's plan backfired on her because the guy she thought was manipulative and good for a visa ended up actually helping Venus get away.
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  16. Oh I absolutely think their marriage was a business transaction to Margo for a visa. I think that once she realised that wasn't going to happen, and the marriage was of no use to her, she probably spent a lot of time bad mouthing Manaki to Venus. I don't for one minute think Venus actually found Mana repellent, but I suspect she told Margo that just to stop her from continuously bad mouthing him and to protect her escape plans.
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  17. Ugh. I have seen really severe abusers do this same kind of thing, posting childhood photos or creative projects of their victims as a way to "prove" that there was no abuse. As if abused kids can't ever have have a couple happy moments or a big loopy grin. What an awful person she is to do this, to tell her daughter and others that if you ever ever felt a glimmer of contentedness in childhood, you have nothing to complain about and should respect your elders.
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  18. That comment about Venus not letting Mags have a "certain boyfriend" reeks of Mags bringing in men who perved on her kid.
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  19. The relentless harassment is just textbook behaviour for a narcissist who's lost their preciousssss. The attempted break-ins, less so (most narcissists would make do with passive aggressive, guilt-trippy communications), but still unsurprising given how batshit Margo clearly is (the worst narcissists seem to be the ones with a little bit of borderline personality disorder crossover, they're extra neurotic and do all sorts of crazy, malevolent shit). I wouldn't put anything past a narcissist, they're some of the most vindictive, deceitful, calculating, malicious people on the planet.

    They will devote all their energy to finding a way to bring you down if you cross them in any way. Or in Venus's case, they will do everything in their power to track you down and recapture you once you escape them, if they deem it to be worth the trouble (e.g. to stop word getting out about their true nature, or because they know they'll need you to look after them when they're older since they're psychos who've already driven away everyone else in their life, or they simply want someone to control and mentally toy with). Narcissistic parents certainly aren't above abducting their own estranged children if they think they stand to gain from it, especially since the law tends to be exasperatingly squeamish about intervening in what it sees as family matters like this (I don't get their logic here, surely it stops being a family matter when the police are called? It's not like they're prying uninvited into the situation).

    I feel sorry for Venus for having to go through this at all, but at least she got free in the end, and has Manaki and a security system protecting her. For some people escaping a narcissistic parent can take years, countless escape attempts and military-grade planning and preparation, all while under the Orwellian supervision of a possessive, neurotic narcissist. I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up having to get a restraining order, or whatever the equivalent is in Japan, if she hasn't already. When one has a narcissistic parent as crazy as Margo, it's usually the only way to stop the madness.
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  20. Holy shit, been catching up here. She committed an attempted B and E? My God, she wants to hurt this girl. She wanted her alone and wanted her image off the camera. Poor Venus. I can't even imagine how horrifying this is for her. Poor kid.
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