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Full Story: Margaret Pless: Cyberstalker Turncoat

Does it take one to know one? Margaret Pless recently published an article on the Kiwi Farms in New York Magazine. It’s actually pretty good, and delves deep into the psychology of the forum and even its unique terminology. Girl did her research.

In fact, she’s actively been doing research for years and has financially supported what she considers to be “the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers”.

How do I know this? Her email address.

In late 2015, Patreon had a massive security breach and a lot of supporter data was leaked. Margaret Pless, a supporter of Randi Lee Harper, had as her confirmed registration address. The only way you could get a email address was through financially supporting the CWCki.

We only started calling ourselves the Kiwi Farms in 2015. Before, we were the CWCki Forums, an unrelated sister forum of a 2000-article wiki about Christian Weston Chandler named the CWCki. As Pless describes it:

“KF’s first wiki, “the CWCki,” was created because users felt Chandler’s page on Encyclopedia Dramatica wasn’t detailed or accurate enough. Since 2008, every drawing, video blog, tweet, Facebook post, eBay listing, Etsy item, and PSN purchase Chandler makes has been archived on the CWCki and exhaustively discussed on the forums.”—Margaret Pless, author of Kiwi Farms, the Web’s Biggest Community of Stalkers, financial supporter of the CWCki.

What a great description for a great website, and apparently Margaret Pless agrees enough to shell out money to keep it alive. It’s no wonder she can write such a comprehensive article on our “stalking” forum: she has plenty of experience on the topic. This has come in handy elsewhere in life, as Pless has since gone on to dox Mike Cernovich and attempt to get him swatted. Makes me tear up seeing a little Kiwi grow up to accomplish so much.

She confirms that she owns the email address herself in a public Twitter conversation, but claims that the money instead went to Chris and not the CWCki itself. As far as I know, the CWCki did not give emails for donating to Chris after his house fire. I’m very certain on this point, because the charity drive was conducted by me personally on the CWCki Forums and that was not a reward.

Kiwi Farms user Portajohn, who originally discovered Pless’s connection to the wiki, also developed a theory about Margaret Pless and her support of known pedophile tranny Nicholas “Sarah” Nyberg. Apparently, “Annabel Leigh” is the alternative name of Nyberg’s pedophile chatroom. Considering that Annabell (with two Ls) is a very uncommon spelling of the name, it’s liable to be a typo. A pretty staggering coincidence if it is one.


True & Honest Fan
I pointed out various inaccuracies in her article (such as the fact that we don't own the cwcki) and she got super salty with me. When I asked her why she had a email address, she blocked me immediately :story:

so i guess we should all tweet her asking why she has a sonichu email address until she answers

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