Snowflake Marina Watanabe / marinashutup - Friend of Riley Dennis, Social Media Coordinator for Everyday Feminism

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:tumblr: Marina Watanabe/marinashutup is a 24 yr old American bisexual biracial Japanese/White girl who studied English and Gender Studies in uni and has a popular feminist Youtube channel. She chimps out a lot on Twitter and is deeply connected to the rat king. She is the "social media coordinator" for Everyday Feminism.

Rick and Morty is problematic because white voice actors play Asian characters.


Lowtax cow crossover:


"Is Pennywise gay?" is a serious and heated debate on Tumblr rn so Marina has to comment:


Moar cow crossovers:


If you don't see reparations for US citizens reasonable you are simply ignorant.


Retweeted by JK Rowling:


Cow crossover with redblob:


Cow crossover with Contrapoints:


Triggered by the Rubin Report:


Retweeted a furry:


She likes to chimp out about TERFs. Lots of examples of this on her social media but she also made a video about it.

Basically became bisexual because of Tumblr:

Twilight fan in 2017:


Started drama with Laci Green:

Most of the original funny content is on her Tumblr and Twitter not Facebook and Insta.

Marina definitely has an amusing online presence. :tumblr:
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In fiveish years this chick will be heteromarried, living in a fashionably gentrified part of LA or Brooklyn, and secretly worrying if the brown kids are pulling down the test scores of her precious ungendered child's preschool.

Bougie girls like this are all the same (seriously, Twilight?) We used to call them LUGS (lez until graduation) before lesbian was a dirty word.

MW 002

What a filthy Gaijin!

In all seriousness though, even back when I was balls deep in the whole feminism thing I thought she was pretty cringy. Good to see she hasn't changed one bit.

LN 910

People like Marina and Anita and all the rest are incapable of NOT missing the point. That is because they do not logic for it is anathema to them.
God, looking at the comments is so depressing. These people eat this shit up, suppose it makes sense to call them cows.


Fuck sake even after he told her she still missed the point.

Are they really just scam artists? Like those old dodgy Church Ministers that tell everyone about how their soul is going to hell unless they CALL NOW!
Or does it get to a point where the county fair grifter said the game is fair so much that now he's even rationalized it to himself?

I mean you pick a fight with PhillyD, then it seems like you almost purposefully miss the point so you can drag out the drama and views longer.