War Marine Officer says Marine units should use LSD to gain edge over enemy -


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
I've never understood the appeal of lsd and methamphetamines to enhance military ability, this honestly seems like little payoff with too much negative aftereffects. If anything, dmt would be more beneficial, but maybe I'm just stupid.
LSD is a hallucinatory drug, so what good would it do to have them shoot at mirages exactly? We don't need soldiers popping pills they don't need, and they certainly don't need the anti-psychotics and anti-depressants either. Tell me again, how's the PTSD epidemic going? Bad? Okay, let's go ahead and make that worse.


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I don't know about microdosing, but they should definitely smoke cannabis to steady their aim. That's what real marines do, I hear.


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Giving hallucinagics to soldiers? Yeah i think we can all see how that could go wrong


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Looks like we found the one person who played Haze guys.

Shame he didn't get the subtext...

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I don't know about microdosing, but they should definitely smoke cannabis to steady their aim. That's what real marines do, I hear.
I smoke joints while hunting all the time. Never really noticed it having much effect on my aim. I rarely miss sober or stoned.

Wouldnt drink while hunting though, booze makes me do dumb shit.


hero-worshipping soldiers is super fucking gay as is dressing them up as anything but morons who couldn't get a real job

'warfighters' - GTFO with that shit

half the unemployable cunts fail at pulling a trigger unless they're hundreds of meters away
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