Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers

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according to the convention site the cheapest badge is $40. why the fuck would you blow $40 on a ticket to a furry convention when you can never afford rent, food, and (apparently) have one or more cats to take care of?

also, isn’t it odd how she never mentions these cats in her begging posts even though it would probably net her more sympathy and donations because there are innocent animal lives also at stake when she’s late on rent?


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....if they rly are poor it makes me so sad they're delibertly putting a poor kittys life into poverty. its different if you're poor and surviving and can budget for an animal or if you were comfortable and then poverty hit but getting a cat because you think they're cute and cool is a bit of a cunty move.

if you do art and you're alternative of course small community art spaces will want you. hope this isnt oversharing but theres one close to where i live and this girl im friends with who failed her very basic level art course goes to it. its more of a hobby than a profession. i guess ya need to start somewhere but if doesn't make you special to be an active artist in a local scene. they shouldn't be getting hate anons over art tho cos it's just gonna make them more big headed. and me, not too long ago, would have probs messaged them just saying hope you're okay or something. feeds the ego. i'm certain about that.

also a further dick move to go to a convention when youre poor. i get that poor people deserve treats but a treat is more like going to mcdonalds or the movies when you have spare cash not going to a super expensive perverted convention lmao?


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So, I have quite a bit of experience in the art world, being I work for one of the largest galleries and auction houses. It's super effing easy to get your art into a "gallery", because ANYTHING can be a gallery. She could be hanging it at a local coffee shop or cafe. They have near zero interest in quality or much of anything, many of these small places are just happy to have something on the wall, and if it's artwork from a local artist then they can claim to be supporting the locals and blah blah blah. Also, there are actual galleries that will have local artist exhibits, where they solicit local artists to show with little vetting.

After 9/11, the Metropolitan Museum of Art put together a huge exhibition of photos of NYC life. I submitted a photo to it, and it was shown briefly and now is part of their permanent collection. I could easily claim to have an artwork in the permanent collection of the Met, one of the most prestigious art museums in the world, and I wouldn't be wrong, but I would be pretty disingenuous in claiming that.

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Unfortunately with a lot of animal shelters/humane society locations, intake is so high that they can't properly vet the people they're having foster animals. Although usually SOME proof of income/location is required to foster to assure the animal is going to an actual home with some money flow so they won't be neglected. Lately, I've been pretty sure about the whole 'living with her parents' thing, which I mean, isn't something to be ashamed of in this economy. It's just... you know... the lying aspect that's shameful. There's no way she's been crowdfunding 800+ dollars every month for about a year. Plus, anyone who's actually LIVED in poverty can see how random, arbitrary and nonsensical her requests for things like food are, when a few day later she's talking about playing a new video game or going to a convention.

In tumblr culture, it's considered impolite to talk to people about their income and what they're doing with money people are giving them, but in reality it's a perfectly reasonable line of questioning. When you give someone money for, say, a painting, you might want to see their body of existing work, learn what they paint with, how big the canvas will be etc. to assure quality of the finished product. Similarly, to some people, donating is an investment in the person. People are interested in how their donation will improve a situation and what the recipient plans to use the donation for, and Marissa's answers to those types of questions have been hostile and inconsistent to say the least, which to me says a lot about her intentions and the lack of forethought that goes into planning things like this.

I also want to point out that while Marissa often cries transphobia when looking at this thread, a lot of the people in this thread are lgbt themselves. Using Marissa's birth name and assigned pronouns is less about a hatred of the trans community and more about sticking to a point we know to be true because we have learned it from someone other than her. There's a reason that Marissa starts going by a new nickname or starts applying seemingly random identifiers to herself every time she gets called out, and it's not because she's constantly discovering these new aspects of herself. It's so people won't connect the dots or dig too deeply when her next e-beg starts making the rounds. In fact if I remember correctly, her 'coming out' as nonbinary was a direct result of a freak out about this thread. To the tune of "I can't be bad person, I am oppressed minority!!!" which is one of the worst takes the tumblr hivemind has ever posited, and leads to a lot of people hiding behind identifiers that tumblr has made it inappropriate to question in order to eschew accountability. Sure, your lot in life is probably a little tougher if you're not a white dude in good socioeconomic standing in America, but literally everyone is capable of being a shit human being regardless of background or marginalization and Marissa is a prime example of that.

Sorry for the ramble. Marissa just leans too hard into the existing reputation of KF and her own 'marginalization' instead of showing any objective markable improvement, and it's interesting that she expects people not to question those things at all just because she's too vapid to.


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I get the feeling they show off so much art of brown/black people so they can mislead others who don't look far into it into thinking they're a POC without rabbie lying and saying they're not white because then they can get called out for lying later.

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i'm actually all for marissa trying to raise money through commissions. regardless of the quality of her work, it's still a substantially more honest living than posting mismatched screenshots of "her" bank account and wailing for booze money.

the "gallery" claim, though?.. anyone with half a brain cell knows she's a novice and i guarantee that her bragging turned off any potential customers she may have had.

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I'm loving these snarky art critic anons. I also love when individuals get all "well I'm hot shit, stay mad" and then turn around and whine about their lives all over again. I just witnessed a personal lolcow do this exact thing on twitter yesterday, it was amusing. What happened to all that confidence?

Marissa's interview was that really cringey one from years ago where she barely talked about art and then awkwardly walked around the art studio she did art in, while doing no art related stuff.

I still think about this video every once and awhile and am flabbergasted. This struggling, starving young adult has (or had) rented studio art space meant for professionals. Thanks mom and dad.

Like any pet adoption center would approve Marissa for fostering.
Unfortunately with a lot of animal shelters/humane society locations, intake is so high that they can't properly vet the people they're having foster animals. Although usually SOME proof of income/location is required to foster to assure the animal is going to an actual home with some money flow so they won't be neglected.
I want to be :optimistic: that she's lying to farm for donations because the shelter I work at is pretty strict about who can foster. Also, for as experienced as Marissa is at begging, she should know that a sympathetic photo is how you grab people's attention. "hey guys im fostering a kitten gib money" is the lamest way to go about this. inb4 she grabs some random pic from Petfinder as "proof."


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i volunteered at a shelter a few years back and we were pretty strict on who could adopt pets and who couldnt. if you didnt have a garden that was a no-go for most animals although cats could live in appartments but most pets had to be the only pet in the house so that people couldn't return them because their existing pets didn't get along with their new one. got it but it sometimes felt a bit silly.

i have many stories like this but i remember an application from a nice young couple very vividly, where the man worked from home and looked after the young kid and the woman had a full time job as a nurse or something and had lots of experience with pet owning and did dog walking and grooming for years. literally no dog in the shelter was suitable for them because the dogs either had to have a back yard to play in, be the only pet in the home (they had rabbits or something if i recall) or weren't allowed to be around children.

every now and again i look at shelter websites but literally every single animal has some special requirment like this. the only one rabbie would qualify for would be that they are around the home most of the day. of course the cat could be a lot of shit though.

sorry to add to my last post - even the dogs who were the sweetests and lived with kids or dogs before were assessed as being like dogs that could only live in a pet free adult only home.

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Imagine getting Marissa's art as a gift. I didn't think I'd ever see a person use "uwu" unironically.
She sent it herself and is trying to type "different" from her normal style, or someone is badly trolling and won't message her. Or it's a mutual trying to make her feel better but not intending to order. Either way, lel.

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@deepak throatya
I agree with everything you said above. I often trying and respect their name and pronouns because I don't want Rabbie to have more of an excuse to gripe at us on here. Also, my minimal interaction with Rabbie through my friend has me naturally seeing R as 'Rabbie' with they/them pronouns as opposed to Marissa/'Rissa with she/her or fae/faer/faerself pronouns (that was a thing, wasn't it?).

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Imagine getting Marissa's art as a gift. I didn't think I'd ever see a person use "uwu" unironically.
That fucking :3 face gives me nightmares.

She sent it herself and is trying to type "different" from her normal style, or someone is badly trolling and won't message her. Or it's a mutual trying to make her feel better but not intending to order. Either way, lel.
Agree either Rabbie trying to type different (because they've looked on here and seen that we've busted 'em) or it's someone trying to get their hopes up and not being down with dat Tumblr speak.

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We'll see if she follows through on her commissions... She's opened them before, accepted a bunch of 'deposits' and then claimed to be too depressed to work on them and a lot of people told her to just keep the deposit out of pity. Did the same thing with tarot readings.

It'd be better for her in every sense to follow through on them, and it's a better use of her time than incessantly bitching about not being handed everything. She's pretty okay at coloring at least, I've definitely seen worse artists on tumblr especially, but. Like I said, we'll see.

I really do hope she realizes that productivity and constructive use of one's time is not a 'capitalist-only' mindset. All socioeconomic ideologies require the people abiding by them to contribute something to that society, and even in an ideal utopia where money and status were non issues, people would probably become depressed or feel restless if they did nothing all day like her. There's a way for pretty much everyone to follow their passions to a rewarding career/life if they're willing to work the system and make the occasional compromise - especially in metropolitan america - and I think that her stubborn refusal to take an even slightly deviating path from exactly what she wants definitely plays into how frustrating she is as a cow, because the opportunities and resources are there, she just thinks of herself as too good for them.

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She wasted her years studying art at college. She actually had the opportunity to go to a university and work on art. Which is something that a lot of people who enjoy art don't have the privilege to do. Not only that, she wasted the money of her parents. Hell, she even got to go to Japan while being in university and went nowhere with that.

Her failure is her own fault.


What do you know- she's already back at the e-begging. Did she even make rent?
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