Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers

tasty murder burger

If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
Is there no DWP/Job Centre equal in the US? The DWP are pretty crap these days but they do have work coaches and online job tools etc.

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There's a goodwill job center in Indy at the very least. There's also more than likely vocational training run by the city that pays minimum wage for a week or two at a time for various skills to bolster your resume a little. But these are also obviously things people would only have knowledge of if they had a sincere desire to work.

Also, I don't really think the functionality of a person's body can depend on taking one perscribed medication consistently. Not to the extend that death is imminent without it, except maybe insulin? But leave it to Marissa to make everything as dire and dramatic as possible.

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What do you know- she's already back at the e-begging. Did she even make rent?
I imagine if someone suggested she check GoodRX to see if they have coupons for her medication(s), she'd probably reply that someone expecting her to print off coupons or download an app to her smart phone is either transphobic or something for which she lacks the spoons. Even if GoodRX only helped her save $10 for her current batch of refills, that's $10 less out of her pocket. And, if the prescription is filled monthly, that hypothetically becomes a savings of $120 for the year. But where is the incentive to save or manage money when she can just beg for it and (most likely) get it from her blindly-devoted ass-patters?

Is there no DWP/Job Centre equal in the US? The DWP are pretty crap these days but they do have work coaches and online job tools etc.
My state does have something similar, but unless one is applying for unemployment (in which case, submitting a resume to the state's job bank is required in order to receive your first payment), such programs are voluntary and require someone to actively seek them. And we all know how much of a go-getter Rabbie is when it comes to job-seeking and bettering herself.

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Is there no DWP/Job Centre equal in the US? The DWP are pretty crap these days but they do have work coaches and online job tools etc.
There's temp places that offer work but that's too much for Marissa because "mah disability." In my area there's places that not only give you food but they have classes where they help you with your resume and try to get people jobs. Mental health places do that too sometimes.


People on Tumblr need to stop acting as if blocking is a sincere threat.


Cool story bro.
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Isn't that expensive even compared to other fast food?
yea 5 guys is expensive here as well.

it's hella good but i'd rather go to a proper burger joint for the same if not less expensive. weird that you can afford to go to 5 guys, presuming they don't live near one because 5 guys are usually in malls, etc as opposed to just in neighbourhoods as far as im aware, it seems a bit rich they'd venture out whilst being unwell as theyre meds are running out?


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Wasn't the one woman she dated the proud owner of a girlcock? I could be (read: am probably) wrong because I don't have the best memory, so hey ?‍♀
I was pretty sure the ex that "raped" her by using her dildo on another person was a self-proclaimed transman.

Wasn't there a woman who used her vibrator, therefore raping her? Or was that vibrator in an entirely different hole...
That'd be the transman, and I remember this because they had the pube-beard going on.

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