Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers

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gorecembers here. took me forever to finally make an account but what can you do lmao.

anyways, to top it all off with the rabbie shit, now they're putting an animals life at harm, apparently MULTIPLE animals lives at harm. if she can't afford food for herself, how the fuck can she afford food for her pets? ive been in positions where i was right before payday, and considering the amount of animals i own, ive gotten a few nasty comments of "how can you afford your pets if you cant afford food" but the thing is the key word: right before payday VERUS how rabbie is CONSTANTLY asking for $$ for rent or food. they're going to kill those poor cats because of their own stupid fucking choices. even if they can afford the food, how are they gonna afford the vet visits or medication?

also the possibilities

a. the cats were adopted. every shelter has adoption fees to cover the surgeries/medication/food used while they were there. the cheapest ive seen is $25 for senior cats. so they used money they didnt have on adopting out cats.

b. these were free cats given to rabbie, then they have NO finances to get these cats neutered, have their shots, have their check ups etc etc to make sure they're not gonna die before a year. and NO, if you "foster" cats, the shelter does not pay for the shit. that's what the point of fostering is- to take the financial stress off the shelter.

anyways i got more opinions on this but the cat thing is the newest thing ive seen and rubbed me raw lmao

also what up rabbie reblogging my fake/dramatized call out? talk about desperate.

i here by curse rabbie with chronic ringworm, hookworms, roundworms, salmonella and cat scratch disease by bringing an infectious cat into their household.

instead of replying a third time im just gonna edit this but:

there is no possible way rabbie has this elite of an art they keep claiming to have. the only way their art would be featured anywhere is during the artist driven show at galleries, where they go to show their art and get voted to be the best or worse. their coloration is muddy, their anatomy off. nothing stands out about their art, it's just simple basic poses with no form or product to them, no meat to the art. its just a flimsy ass carrot chip. and it's certainly never been published. where is the proof? where is the links? youd think they'd made a big deal about all of that lmao. their art style literally changes per picture, except when it's ugly as hell (their actual style is very ugly imo. not the people their drawing, just their actual style is just. so unpleasant)

its essentially just proven they're lying about their job-to-financial life. none of it makes sense if anyone has seen 3 or more of their posts about it.

deepak throatya

dr phil can get it
Welcome, gorecember!

I feel it's pretty telling she was reblogging callouts about you and blocking anyone who reblogged callouts about her. Anyone innocent of what she's been accused of would just... demonstrate that, through marked improvement and changed behavior. Her actions are those of a person frantically doing damage control, not someone who's having false accusations leveled at them.

If her quality of life or way of living had actually improved, this thread wouldn't be inactive. It happens with other cows all the time. Yet here we are. Years and years of the same bullshit on this thread and she hasn't learned a goddamn thing and continues to play the victim.

Odd she deleted the cat e-beg tho, especially when she said she already had all her meds right before posting it...

@wowthisplacesucks You need to stop abusing animals.
She flew too close to the sun with this one and she knows it. The cat begging post peaked at 5 notes because it reeked of a scam, she realized it, and now she’s rushing to cover her tracks and pretend it never happened. More than that, she can’t reply to the people telling her how selfish and fat she is for bringing in another animal because all of them are right. Her usual reply of ‘why do you hate poor people’ falls flat.

Stop collecting pets and wash your damn hair Marissa. Also you’re fat lmao

A single cheeto

Freelance Police Sped Unit
She probably keeps the cats she does have locked up, because if not theyd fucking bolt and become wild. At least, thats what Id do if I was a cat and my owner was a neglectful scammer.
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@Meowthkip hey! i would post that but since the fiasco, i deleted my blog and my bf has my url so no one can be dumb about it and try to use my old url for w/e they want.

also @tasty murder burger thanks! i figured it was time i like make an account and post stuff myself since i dont have a platform w/ tumblr to do it anymore

also some inconsistencies.
-rabbie claims to not get enough hours, but if everything else they've said about their job is true, that's their OWN fault. it's an at home job that they can pick up/do whenever they want.
-minimum wage is what? 7.50? and if i remember right, they said theyre working 6 hours every day. that's $45 a DAY. and a week thats $315, give or take for taxes. but even then- thats just the MINIMUM. they could be doing jobs that have base prices- each like a commission price of $10-$100 per task.
so monthly, they're getting $1200 or so. now, if they did live with a roommate, who, lets say works at bi-weekly pay place. thats $200-$600 every 2 weeks aka $400-$1200 monthly. together thats at least $1600 up to $2400

rent - $800
electricity - $100-$300
water - $30-$100
food - $100-$300
gas - $30-$100
internet - $40-$100
phone bill - $20-$60

and thats just rough guessing from my own experiences. thats a range of $1120-$1760 needed to survive in this supposed apartment.

now take into consideration how much they take/act like they make: like $200 a month on their own, and some how have to pay their whole rent on their own (despite having a roommate who pays half of the bills lmao) and as having experience on having to rely on tumblr here and there for donations when i was in deep shit/need, them making $800 weekly for whatever piss and want they got, that's not gonna happen. no one is happily donating $500 to them willy nilly. the biggest donation i EVER got personally was $100 at one time, and it was from a very close friend.

so thats just adding like. actual math etc to the stuff everyone has been saying here as a solid proof.

tasty murder burger

If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
OMG, I will personally pay for her starter kit to see Rabbie wrapped up in an MLM.
Oh my God, me too.

Rabbie: Hey guuuurl* ?how are you? ? I know this is so random but I've seen your blog, you're so stunning, omg ?? and I think you'd be a PERFECT fit for my business ? If you're looking to make some extra cash ??? then you're in luck ?? !!! I make ‼ $10,000 ‼ a month just from working on my phone hehe ?? I work with an amazing team of girls and boys and everything in between, it's like a real family ?‍??‍?I know you're gonna love our products, I've lost so much weight that all my clothes are falling off me, HELLO SUMMER BOD ??? Just message me back and PayPal me some money for more info and I can get you started asap hehe ??

Unsuspecting Tumblr follower: why do you keep e-begging on Tumblr 24/7?

*guurl is a gender neutral term in MLM speak, uwu.

deepak throatya

dr phil can get it
"I work for Amazon online as an independent contractor" sounds conspicuously fancier and more official than doing basic transcription and bookkeeping tasks for pennies on the dollar on mturk, which literally anyone can register to do. Highly doubt she's able to do it for hours at a time, too, but even if she does she still somehow finds the means to complain??? like, transcription/data entry is laughably easy. It's not remotely the same as having a regular 12 hour shift job. You can literally just log out when you don't want to do it anymore. It's not like she's pulling 12 hour shifts at an amazon factory with no climate control and impossible quotas.

tasty murder burger

If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
I can't be bothered screenshotting because it's 3am here and I'm half asleep but just checked Rabbie's blog and there's a few dumbass asks about MLM's now in-between the e-begging reblogs.

The good thing is most of the reblogs from their post seem to be by themselves so they're probably not getting many donations.
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