Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers

gay frogs
The “get haircut” is sending me.
If she’s as poor as she says, she should cut her OWN hair. If she claims she can’t because of her hand “deformities,” then I’m sure a family member or friend would be glad to do it. It’s not hard at all. I cut my sister’s hair just last night; trimming it to a more manageable length is NOT hard.

“Sorry I can’t go out tonight, I have Genocide Class first thing in the morning.” Americans not learn about genocide in school? Is the Holocaust not mentioned in history class? Because I learned plenty about the notable genocides throughout my primary and secondary school years.
I think it depends. I was supposed to learn about the holocaust but a classmates parents objected so... we didn’t? Instead of the classmate sitting it out. I already knew about the holocaust thanks to my grandmother, though. I never learned about it in school, except in a voluntary summer school program. I never learned anything about the native Americans other than the Kumbaya thanksgiving stuff either. My state is not known for its public education though.

Bitch can’t even cut their own hair. Fucking useless.
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it's gay
Bitch can’t even cut their own hair. Fucking useless.
She lives in a big city. I'm sure there are plenty of students-hairdressers, who could give her a nice haircut as a study practice or for portfolio for small price or even for free. She just need to lurk moar. When you are poor, you spend time to find cheap and free things. She can't even LARP as poor properly.

Kiwi Lime Pie

The purr-fectly tasteful treat. 🥝🥧🐈
I dunno how is it in US, but usually history teacher tells about genocide in WW2 course, and thats obligatory. Americans not learn about genocide in school? Is the Holocaust not mentioned in history class? Because I learned plenty about the notable genocides throughout my primary and secondary school years.
I don't think there's a nationwide requirement that US high schools include genocide as part of their history/social studies curriculum. A lot of decisions about curriculum are left to individual states and/or school districts to decide. However, the lack of a national requirement doesn't stop most schools from including coverage of the Holocaust; most do it on their own since it's a very important part of any discussion of World War 2.

My state passed legislation (within the past year or two?) that requires discussion of at least one major genocide, presumably as part of the required coursework in World History. The Holocaust and Armenian Genocide were cited as examples that would fulfill this new requirement.

tasty murder burger

If moths had eyes, would they be happier?
Not sure if its compulsory over here to be taught about genocide but Religious Education (as a core subject - some people do that and then an examinable class as well but that is more philosophical) is 'core' here until you're 16. And I'm sure the idea is because if you're taught about religions you wont grow up to be a bigot and commit genocide. Social Education (relationships/sex ed/bullying/employment/life skills and all that crap) is 'core' as well but if you stay at school after 16 you need to do it.

I remember doing the Holocaust when I was about 8 or 9 in primary school. I think in every single social subject I did at school we learned about the Holocaust and Rwanda. We had assemblies on the Holocaust and World War II at least once a year. In the 'core' RE class we also touched on Bosnia and Cambodia.
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I recently watched a video about a woman with no arms. She made food, painted, brushed her teeth etc all with her feet.

But yes, Rab has hand deformities so she can't do nuthin

Edit: I can't understand why these types of people type the way they do. They're adults. They have endless amounts of time to write up an eloquent post asking for money that will adequately explain their situation.

Instead they just ...I don't know...just overuse the word "just" and....take excessive breaks to emphasize like...the drama.

I'll gladly donate to someone who sounds as if they're willing to put a bit of time to appropriately explain their situation, but I'll never donate to someone who types as if they're writing an angsty character for some shit fanfiction
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Oscar Wildean

Bitchiest bitch in town.
Commies leave any person who can't\doesn't want to work, Marissa. Remember soviet slogan: 'Ones who doesn't work do not eat'. Well, it is a good slogan for all honest people, tbh.
Obviously all those communism countries didn't do it the right way and one day there will be a version of communism where people can sit on their ass and not work and get food and money. Even though that never happens.

deepak throatya

dr phil can get it
I love how she idealizes a society where people don't have to work to survive, and yet... she hasn't worked for pretty much two years at this point, and still lays in bed all day, doing nothing, being profoundly boring, not pursuing creative things, just complaining about shit and constantly assuming she has some type of cancer.

Like... m8 u have been living the communist daydream you always jerk off over, and still have accomplished nothing with your life.

deepak throatya

dr phil can get it
She's not asking for scraps.

Asking for scraps is going to a food bank or applying for government assistance to barely squeak by, because you've exhausted every other option.

Asking for scraps is not presenting your situation repeatedly as life or death to gullible people on the internet without proof, tugging on their heartstrings and leaning on statistics about lgbt and disabled homelessness to paint a much more dramatic picture than your reality so that someone else will pay your rent for you. Not to mention sperging out when people won't/can't help and dangling suicide threats over their heads when it doesn't work.

'jeez anon, I'm just asking internet strangers to pay my way through life for varying and inconsistent reasons, and threatening them with my suicide if they don't help! get a life, anon!'

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