Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" tranny E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers

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The funny thing is that she pretends like she’s her disabled roommate’s carer but never mentions doing anything to help her. Yeah, she’s fake.
If she was her carer and her roommate was legit disabled, she'd have no problem getting care giver money. Her roommates had to constantly look out for her and babysit her so hypothetically if she had one, that person would have to be the one who cares for her, not the other way around. Everyone has to coddle her apparently.

"I have not eaten in two days."

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Bojack Horsekin

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The biggest tell that the roommate is fake is that they have no tumblr, twitter, anything. Supposedly they're too disabled to work but don't use any social media. wtf do they do all day then? Play MMOs? Watch TV? Stare at the wall and drool? These are plausible but the point is, Marissa wouldn't live with someone who's not a tumblrtard like herself.

I remember one other roommate just happened to have a tumblr that Marissa linked to, it had like 1-2 entries total, and it screamed sockpuppet.

Why in the hell are so many troons/semi troons “disabled”? I can’t even remember the last time I came across one with a job. But there’s just HORDES of them on Twitter and Tumblr shamelessly e-begging non-stop, one after the other, with long lists of the munchie greatest hits (EDS) and a generic sob story.

My question is: At what point in their lives do Marissa and this horrible, malingering demographic decide to call their laziness a “disability”?

Fancy Carstairs
Okay the “I can’t regulate body heat like a lizard” claim keeps intriguing me so I googled it. Thermoregulatory disorders are often a symptom of hypothalamus damage or Multiple Sclerosis. So Marissa is basically off hand claiming to have to MS or brain damage. Most likely the latter.
She claims to have a thyroid disorder, hasn't mentioned it in a while surprisingly. That's where the whole 'cant regulate' came from

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