Marissa Davis / rabbiedee / cabbagebagger - "Jewish" "trans" E-beggar, too stupid to know how to change light bulb, has butt hair between fingers


Part of your world
Weird that she is ebegging on Tumblr about possibly having the rona, but there's not a mention on hers or any of her family's Facebooks. She ebegged on FB about her dying cat, which tells me it was legit, so why would she not ask her closest friends and family to help her if she is suffering from this incredibly deadly disease?

Diet Coke 4 Life

When I peek, it is in the line of duty.
Those drawings are absolutely horrendous. Gah. There's not enough bleach in the world for my aching eyeballs.

Marissa, you should use these five days to get gud and practice your sketching, because dare I say your quality has miraculously dropped. I didn't think it was possible, but your perspective, what little of it you had, has gone to utter shit.