Careercow Mark Dice / Mark Allen Shouldice / John Conner / TheResistance - Professional Con Artist and Conspiracy Theorist Boomer, Called the Police after being Triggered by a Song


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Update for March 2019: A Mark Dice longpost was created on this thread's 1st page on his current shenanigans and past grifts. Do note that several of his more embarrassing videos and tweets have been deleted because he wants to sanitize his image by covering up his blatant hypocrisies and crazy nonsense.

Mark Dice is a prominent conspiracy theorist, youtuber, Christian, conservative and illuminati activist. His main youtube channel.
His gullibility comes out in one of his most watched videos
Strangely enough, he gets mad at other conspiracy theorists
He goes off on tangents not related to what he talks about
He also makes petitions to reveal sheeple.
Here's his bio
Here's his (less flattering) Rationalwiki article
This guy uploads multiple videos a day. What do you guys think?
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I think Mark Dice is legit crazy, delusional disorder. He really believes this shit. I got one of his books for a laugh, haven't read it yet though.
I remember stumbling upon on the Alex Jones websites, then reading about him on Rationalwiki. I was amazed at how crazy his views were. I'm not going to watch hours of YouTube videos to learn about his delusional views on the world. Just reading the article was crazy enough for me.


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I remember stumbling upon on the Alex Jones websites, then reading about him on Rationalwiki. I was amazed at how crazy his views were. I'm not going to watch hours of YouTube videos to learn about his delusional views on the world. Just reading the article was crazy enough for me.
The difference between a guy like Alex Jones and this guy is at least with Alex Jones you can't tell if he's legitimately that crazy, or just sucking the conspiracy teat for every dollar it's worth. Jones makes quite a lot of money from his bullshit. This guy... I think not so much.


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This dudes not crazy. He's full of shit. He wants to be famous so he had to think of some kind of schtick. I dont know if he makes a lot of revenue like the snake oil salesman Jones, but he is well known in world of conspiracy. And for Mark Dice I guess being a big fish in a small pond is close enough to being famous.


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Yeah not so much a lolcow as just another turd who figured out if you sell fear and conspiracies you can sell lots of books and get ad revenue from dudes who sell prepper crap.

Question about guys like Dice and Jones is if they really believe it or just found a decent platform for them to make money.

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Mark Dice (powerword: Mark Allen Shouldice; aka John Conner and TheResistance) is the ultimate 41-year old boomer and a total scam artist and so its a travesty that this thread never took off. I shall now post his painful boomer shit and regale everyone with a bit of a story about what Marky Mark has been up to recently and fill in the gaps that this old thread missed.

So, as you all know from looking at the timestamps it was from September 2014 to March 2019 (4 and a half years, approx) since this thread has bumped and a lot has happened on the internet since that happened. Namely the election of Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States and an upswing in shitflinging in exceptional individuals involved in the stupid bullshit known as the "Culture War"

Seeing as Dice is a hack fraud Alex Jones wannabe conspiratard you can probably guess which "side" of exceptionals he threw himself in with to try and sound like a more rational person.

That's right, professional whacko 9-11 inside job man went and tried to be a cool anti-sjw conservative uncle and pretend like everyone he disagrees with is the insane one:

A few instances of this include hitching his wagon to fellow lolcow Candace Owens

He has proudly described himself with the following bio on his hipster welfare (patreon) account:
The liberal media industrial complex has unlimited funding and their operatives are poisoning our culture on a daily basis. For over 10 years Mark Dice has been fearlessly exposing the social justice warrior foot soldiers and the billionaire puppet masters who pull the strings from behind the scenes.

Due to the mainstream media's war on independent and alternative media, the constant struggle against censorship on YouTube, and the recent mass-demonetization of news channels and hundreds of major advertisers suspending advertising on YouTube due to their ads appearing on "non advertiser friendly" content, Mark needs your help to enable him to continue producing quality videos and reach more people with his message. Your help through Patreon is needed, and very much appreciated.

Let Mark be your voice as he stands tall and speaks truth to power, but he can't do it without you having his back and helping to fund the mission! Click the orange "Become a Patron" button in the upper right hand side of the screen to help.
Over 1000 people pay him on patreon and around a million people are subbed to him on youtube, so obviously some people have fallen hook line and sinker for his current grift.

It's a shame though, because he still believes in crazy conspiracy shit like spiritcooking/Pizzagate

Quoted in an article talking about "the real Illuminati"
But these conspiracy videos aren't cute bits of harmless inanity for all. They're hurtful to one very specific group—other conspiracists.

"Ask your average high school student what the Illuminati is, they'll tell you it's this secret society of celebrities and rap stars," said Mark Dice. "What's been lost is the real Illuminati."

Dice is a conspiracist who's self-published a slew of volumes about the Illuminati, including 2013's Illuminati in the Music Industry, which focused on the belief that musicians such as Rick Ross and Christina Aguilera are members of the shadow government. "I used the celebrity phenomenon as bait, really, to rope people in and them feed them real issues," he said. Issues such as the vast, shadowy network of power brokers who introduce global policy and decide when wars are waged and who fights in them.

But being allowed to use social media to get his message out is a double-edged sword. While Dice's YouTube channel has received more than 85 million views, the social media landscape has polluted the message he's preaching. "Pre-Facebook, pre-YouTube, someone interested in the Illuminati would have to search for themselves," said Dice. "They'd have this burning desire to figure out this world we live in, to see these organizations that shape the political landscape." But now? "They're introduced to this material on a surface level, and it's blown into this mythological fairytale. The truth has been lost in this viral explosion of data."

Like all severely mentally impaired internet people Shouldice has gotten into flamewars on wikipedia:
Conservative YouTube star Mark Dice and Wikipedia are in a fight that is seemingly out of a George Orwell novel.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past,” is a line known throughout the world by science fiction fans, but its lesson is very real for Mr. Dice. Wikipedia blocked him this week over a years-long debate on what his biography page should contain.

In short, a select cadre of editors control what millions see about Mr. Dice — and those editors are intent on highlighting him first and foremost as a “conspiracy theorist” whose career stalled in 2015.

The pundit was the first conservative YouTuber to hit 1 million subscribers in May 2017, and he currently maintains a fan base of 1.4 million.

His daily videos also average 250,000 views.

Two of his Amazon best-selling books — “The True Story of Fake News” and “Liberalism: Find a Cure” — were removed from the page because there were “no reliable sources that mentioned them as being significant.”

Wikipedia editors also claim that his subscriber count is not relevant because they may be “manipulated.”

“The [left-wing] Young Turks has their subscriber count mentioned but I’m just not allowed,” Mr. Dice said in a YouTube video uploaded Thursday.

He added on Twitter on Thursday that Wikipedia editors were no longer allowing him to participate in the discussion.

Editors insisted they are honest brokers of information on a Wikipedia page dedicated to the issue.

“We cover what reliable sources say about Dice. The Washington Times and other fringe publications don’t count,” an editor wrote. “The reason Dice’s article doesn’t include his subscriber count while others do is because he has been trying to write his own biography for years, emphasizing things sources don’t emphasize … Most of us here would support removing subscriber counts from other youtubers. ‘But person X has a subscriber count!’ isn’t a good argument to include it here.”

The editor neglected to note why The Washington Times, an award-winning newspaper established in 1982 and regularly featured on Fox News, The Drudge Report and other major media outlets, is a “fringe” outlet.

“It’s obvious that the editors at Wikipedia have a huge liberal bias and are preventing anyone from updating my page to accurately reflect my career, my political positions and my success,” Mr. Dice said Thursday.

The conservative pundit thanked Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for taking part in the discussion, but said: “It appears that he has created a monster and Wikipedia is not under his control.”

Update: Wikipedia editors erased Mr. Dice’s education credentials — he has bachelor’s degree in Communication — after the publication of this story.

He's such a tool he forgot it was against the rules for people to create and even edit their own wikipedia pages, and got completely assflustered and accused them of bias solely on the fact he was too much of a tard to have learned about other cases similar to himself.

Of course he wouldn't be a full on cow if it weren't for being a hypocritical moralistic scold. His edgy jokes are free speech but liberals edgy jokes are BAD DONT DO THAT

Other random shit lol
Don't speak none of them scary words that he can't understand

Some recent sampling of caps:
Crossover with the water buffalo
water buffalo.PNG

AOC woman bad
cow farts.PNG

Also climate change not important, silly libtards

Tells AOC he doubts she knows what month 9/11 happened (the same 9/11 he says was an inside job)



All Central American immigrants are socialists

Pot calling the kettle a conspiracy theorist

Now for the gaps to fill, his checked past of con artistry.
And here is his "Resistance" manifesto (I think that he's just mad the anti-Drumpf libs stole his super cool manifesto name)

His weirdo manifesto thing made a little splash on some obscure web corners

Proof on loose change (9/11 conspiratards) forums that Mark Shouldice is John Conner from the insane resistance manifesto site when he posts their in order to shill is new website and rebrand to Mark Dice.

Instantly unlock your unlimited memory potential!

more memory grift stuff it looks like
The Laura Lee Show for August 28, 1999
Guests include Anthony Barnett on the government origins of Mad Cow Disease,
Von Del Chamberlain on "Ancient American Indian Astronomer," Phil Leonard on
"ArcheoAstronomy," and Mark Shouldice on "Improving Your Memory."
Current Info Links ( (; features comic crossover with Ban Garrison) (for all his old tweets) ( ( ( (

There may be a cure for liberalism, but there is no such thing for being a boomer snake, and Mark Shilldice's case is terminal.

Mark Dice is full of shit, takes money from idiots, and does it very well. I don't see how he's a lolcow though. The people who believe his horseshit are the real cows. I've been subscribed to him for a few years because his act is just plain ridiculous to watch. Nobody should take this guy seriously. He's a giant troll and his man on the street videos are priceless.
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Mark Dice is full of shit, takes money from idiots, and does it very well. I don't see how he's a lolcow though. The people who believe his horseshit are the real cows. I've been subscribed to him for a few years because his act is just plain ridiculous to watch. Nobody should take this guy seriously. He's a giant troll and his man on the street videos are priceless.
Oh no doubt they're bigger cows. But it's pretty lolcow to sell your soul and dignity for attention and asspats from boomers who are desperate for validation from funny youtube people.


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All I heard about him is that he got in an argument with school shooter survivors and talked down on them for using Snapchat and not calling the police despite the fact they did.


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I remember this guy. He was a mainstay on FSTDT during the Bush II years. I think he had a book out at one point that proclaimed everything wrong with America was due to gay people.
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God he's such a try hard




Triggered by tranny pride shoes


Because a good thing happened, no bad thing has ever happened.

destroying the environment to own the libs

Oh yeah and never forget this nugget of gold
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I didn't know we had a lolcow page on this guy.

It's a good thing we do have a lolcow page on this guy, just in case he goes off the wall, but it seems as if he has privated or deleted a lot of his Illuminati conspiracy videos and just spends time reacting to the news because "lol the lefties". I think he's trying to lure people into his trap with this in mind since he probably knows that most people think conspiracy theories are full of shit.


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I love how people keep accusing Twitter and Facebook of having a liberal bias. So what if they do? They can have whatever bias they want, they're private companies. If I start a social media platform I can require everyone to sign an Oath of Fealty to me and agree with me in all things. I probably won't have many users, but I can do that.

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The Boomer crowd is resurrecting the Satanic Panic for the digital age. There's another half dozen clowns like this on YouTube that can generate millions of views. All of the comments focus are about satan, the illuminati and the how armageddon is happening tomorrow. It's like The Weekly World News fucked InfoWars and had a tardbaby.
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