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The Boomer crowd is resurrecting the Satanic Panic for the digital age. There's another half dozen clowns like this on YouTube that can generate millions of views. All of the comments focus are about satan, the illuminati and the how armageddon is happening tomorrow. It's like The Weekly World News fucked InfoWars and had a tardbaby.
Don't you dare besmirch the good name of Weekly World News! That venerable publication brought us hard-hitting stories about Batboy and how UFOs are behind the recording industry. Infowars has what? Gay frogs?

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I love how people keep accusing Twitter and Facebook of having a liberal bias. So what if they do? They can have whatever bias they want, they're private companies. If I start a social media platform I can require everyone to sign an Oath of Fealty to me and agree with me in all things. I probably won't have many users, but I can do that.
The problem with that is when said bias is what is the determining factor for whether or not they were to keep you on the site on a social media platform that should be accessible to all people regardless of opinion.

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