Careercow Mark Waid / William Mark Waid - Comics legend turned laughingstock, SJW lunatic, Dislikes Asians, Sued for Tortious Interference, King Baby, “The Strong Protect The Weak”

Meyer V Waid - WHO WILL WIN?

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  • Cough Commander Meyer

    Votes: 205 91.9%

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Not *cough* Zack.
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Feb 5, 2018
The only way you could look at page 1 of this thread and NOT come to the conclusion that Mark Waid is an irreconcilable asshole is if your internet sucks and the images don't load for some reason. 32 images proving he's a fucking twat to anyone he disagrees with, and bizarre leaps of logic in how he deals with anyone he sees as an "enemy."

Revisiting it though, I see there's a few broken youtube videos that have come down now; that could use some pruning @damian
Dont know what happened to Racket’s video but I remade the same link and it seems to work now, the others I added the archives a couple days ago.