Careercow Martin Shkreli - Former Pharma Exec, Criminal, Impotent Rageaholic

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If we can have threads on Caitlyn Jenner, why not a thread on infamous criminal and former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, who has been covered widely in the news recently for all the schemes that he has been caught doing? @trombonista was wondering why there was no thread on this guy, given all the sperging that he recently did on both Twitter and Reddit and holy shit, there's quite a lot of salt just by reading the Reddit page alone. A lot of these were from an AMA that they had where he "answered" questions rather poorly.

Some examples of some funny salt from the guy:



Holy shit, he's psychotic about Bernie Sanders. Chill out dude.


He gets all pissy about this subject further which this article covered a few months back.




Turns out he trolled everyone on Twitter and shortly after posted this photo of himself playing the guitar just fine.


Still hilarious rage though.

To top it all off, he was still raging and having some nice chimp outs on Reddit and Twitter even though he knows he's going to jail now and that his own Twitter was hacked. Real classy telling someone to get cancer.


More of this guy being a hilarious douche:


It has also been revealed what his net worth was before his arrest according to Fortune:

After the hedge fund manager turned biotech CEO was arrested in December on allegations that he plundered his own companies in a Ponzi-like scheme, Shkreli was released after putting up a $5 million bond. The bond was secured by assets in Shkreli’s E*Trade ETFC -0.67% account, which has a total balance of about $45 million, according to the U.S. attorneys’ court filing.

While Shkreli may have other financial accounts and assets outside of E*Trade, the $45 million figure offers the best baseline yet for just how much the 32-year-old disgraced pharmaceutical executive has in the bank—though his actual net worth could be much higher.

The court order disclosing the E*Trade account also prohibits Shkreli (or anyone acting on his behalf) from selling, transferring, disposing of or otherwise using any of the assets in the account.
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Typically this wouldn't really be a lolcow but this dude's a fucking clown and it's good to have a five minutes hate.

He chimps out a lot more than many of our lolcows do (like dobson :epik:). I mean, dude's worth AT LEAST $45 million, which is what the feds found in his E-trade account that they froze. He could ignore the haters on twitter and be doing mountains of blow off a pornstar's ass, but instead he feeds the trolls on twitter.


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45 million and all he does is sit on the internet and bitch while listening to Wu Tang Clan? Is there any other real history on this guy like past jobs or his family life?
He failed to graduate highschool and then donated $1 million to the highschool he dropped out of

He founded the company retrophin and was fired because he was "too immature and unfocused for the job of CEO"

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