Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna - Man-hating Islamophile who drew incest porn and threatened to sue parody artists


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Trump makes pissbabies mad, who knew?

Just when you thought she couldn't be more of a white knight for Islam, she reblogs Linda Sarsour too.

This was from her tumblr, which contains some very flattering images.
Search for #feminism, you'll find a goldmine.

I highly recommend you follow her.

You can still find her primary blog here, but you need a tumblr account in order to view it.
After just coming back from holiday, she's taking even more time off.
Not to mention she's deleting fucking everything in a panic. Hi Maryne!
Smolfag has provided a lot of the information included in this update, including an old tumblr called "Ninjaelsanna" that used to contain incest art.
Maryne is a French artist making your typical Tumblr-bait/totes relatable webcomics. Recently she's been in a bit of drama after posting this piece of work regarding sexual assault and the phrase "not all men":

Now, naturally this would get her into a bit of spaghetti, but this is not why the thread was made, we have plenty of time to talk about her sexism, her strange obsession with queer folk, her political sperging and her evident social media addiction. Basically, for now, she's essentially female Andrew Dobson mixed with Maddox.

Yes, Maddox.

Because recently this funny little edit of her comic showed up on r/CringeAnarchy:

And She. Went. Apeshit.

See, despite (or perhaps because of) her hatred of rape and desire to pin it on the entire male gender, Maryne hates Islamophobia. Now she's pulling all five of her followers together to take down any reddit posts with the comic, essentially encouraging brigading:

You can find all of this in the anarchy post I linked above, but I'll be sure to update the thread with more of her inane (or sexist) ramblings on Twitter.

Links: (archive).

Pinterest (archive) - probably not hers but thanks, smolfag.


YouTube (barren now, my bad, but thanks to Zenigata for linking).

Facebook (archive).

Second Facebook (archive, thanks to The_Truth).

Twitter (archive).

Tumblr (archive, both courtesy of Guardian G.I.).

Instagram (archive).

Her forced meme merch store.

Reddit thread archive.

Patreon archive (courtesy of Jarilo182).

Old wordpress blog (archive).

Her business email is

Archive of all her Frozen incest art, and an archive of the archive.
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Is everything harmful to feminists?
Does a bear shit in the woods? Serious answer though: one would ask what doesn't offend these sort of people. A good irony in regards to the Muslim edit: one could interpret the edit as a jab to anyone thinking a moderate muslim is problematic because some ISIS fanboy thought he'd get virgins by killing non-believers before offing himself, which can be even funnier thanks to the fact she's upset someone made a dumb edit on her comic which would, with that "part of the problem" thing makes it sound like guilt by association


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Kept the reply in here for maximum irony. These islamophiles are dangerous

It's alright to like a post she would normally consider assault because lesbians /s

The implications here are stunning, seems like she's been in drama before.

In fact, she's apparently called her lawyers about the nasty internet before. Oh joy.

She's very easy to rile up into making threats. Maybe she has autism too, as well as depression, and chronic pain, and PTSD, and-

This is what most of her feed is like, around 4-5 posts in a row about lesbianism. This was a joy to sift through.

Who cares about their identity this much?

She probably jerks it to her own cartoons. What a creep.
she has twenty tweets about uncharted i had to go through this to get to drama wtf.png

She has around twenty tweets about Uncharted that I had to sift through just to get to drama from about 5 days ago. She said she went on holiday, what did she need to get away from?

Complaining about drama she caused, and you can bet your ass she has never been a victim. Ever. It's easy to tell because victims don't refer to themselves in the third person. I can tell, I was a victim myself, see? ;)
bitch 2.png

You mean like the privilege to fuck kids and have white feminists defend you for it?
bitch 3.png
die bitch.png

This is her Twitter in a nutshell, half man-hating half inane shit she shouldn't have tweeted and could've just went outside. But hey, what do I know?

And here is the original post in question, which took a while to find despite only being 6 days old. She knew what she was doing and still complained about the hornets:
bitch 4 the bitchening.png

*sigh*That was a chore to get through. Y'all can discover on your own from now on.
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One of the mods posted the reports and lmfao, and it's just what you'd expect:

"targeted harassment at someone else"
What makes them think that the parody was made specifically to harass her? :story:

EDIT: The 'impersonation' is just lol

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