Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna - Man-hating Islamophile who drew incest porn and threatened to sue parody artists

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Nov 25, 2015
Cow crossover with good old Dobby:
Remember that thing some dudes did for a while where they made jokes about hipsters not liking "mainstream" things? Remember how that joke became a cliche that permeated mass culture over a decade ago?

Maryne doesn't, bless her soul


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Jul 14, 2016
Also, @2odastream I heard you wanted me to take over on thread updates, I don't think KiwiFarms works that way. I'm willing to keep the thread updated with Twitter and other bullshit though.
It should be possible to change the OP from the admin whatever as a mod or higher. It's been some time since I played with forums to know for sure.
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This fucking post. Why did her parents let a five year old kiss their daughter?
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"I wasn't there for their genitals."
I wanted to marry my cousin when I was 5. Then I moved away when I was 7 and came back at 11 to realize the awkwardness of puberty was setting in. We didn't fall in love or anything, because we were kids back then.

Point is, kids don't grasp love in an abstract concept like adults. We are able to differentiate between platonic and romantic, whereas a child only knows love is love. Another example of why you can't teach them sex.

And as for the strip club, I have a female friend who went to a male one for the first time, and she sent me snapchats of the ordeal. She said it wasn't sexual, but when you're getting grinded on during a lapdance and you're blushing red, then take selfies with the men, it's obvious you liked it lmfao.

She went for the strippers. Male or female.


We had fun, didn't we?
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Oct 1, 2014

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