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DSP really is the biggest autism magnet in recorded history.

TLDR: some faggot decided to relaunch The Sons of Kojima and posted a huge autistic video with heavy voice changing and a bunch of dumb shit:
Transcript of video that they provided in a comment:
Hello. I welcome you to the new SoK. Who I am is not important, though, any simple detective work would reveal who I am. Simply put the reason I am here is to resurrect the SoK, and in doing so I hope to push the memory of those counterfeits even further into oblivion.
To the best of my knowledge there are two ways to erase history. The first way is to eradicate any trace of that history. Monuments, scribes, recordings, and so forth. The second is to assume the role of the vanquished and as time passes, the identity slowly leaves the category of being stolen and begins to become a self prophecy. I am choosing the later. You call it recycling, but what is it is replacement.
The SoK was not a group of people that trolled DSP to no end, as some would think. SoK was a community of people. It was another word like Kojima World Order that we could use to identify ourselves and create bonds. Of course there was trolling and focus on DSP and his practices, but it had the potential to be something greater then just that. Unfortunately for the community in question there was someone that had maniacal intentions.

Fred Fuchs, a man of small motivations, acquired the control of something quite great and beautiful. Out of nothing was conjured an enthusiasm and excitement unlike anything in our community up to that point. Instead of having fun and using his influence for something constructive for community as a whole, his paranoia and ego created an atmosphere that at best was toxic. He spent hours talking about how DSP was sub par in games, life, his social life, and more. All the while spying on his closest allies, lying to each and everyone of his supporters, and even going so far as to convinced you to give him money, just to make a meme, and you did all these things and followed him in good faith.

The fallout after Fred Fuchs being exposed not only destroyed a vibrant community, it cemented a stigma of toxicity and hatred, that while represented some, did not properly emulate the vibe of the community in it's entirety. Most were there to just have fun. Even worst still, Fred left in a manner that can only describe as cowardly. No real explanation, half assed apologies and no sign of even basic fundamental remorse.

I am now assuming control of the SoK. I am it's new leader. But I do not require or need you to follow me. All I ask of you is to listen to my ideas. Give me a chance. I only need one. Just one chance. And while I am the new leader of the SoK and am not on the other hand the leader of our community. This community that needs no name, belongs to each and every one of you. You own it. Not me, not the SoK. It belongs to each and everyone of you. You are the leaders of this community and where it inevitably ends up our shoulders. Not mine. All I can do if offer my opinion and listen to your's in kind. And this is all I want as well. And since you are the community and you are it's leaders I proclaim you do not need rules. The majority, of you at this point are adults and young adults, you do not need supervision and you do not deserve to be persecuted or ostracized in an attempt to censor your thoughts and censor you creativity. You do not need rules.

And as the leader of the SoK I am making 3 calls to action that i think the community should consider going in to the future

1. Monetization of videos.
I think from this point forth any channels that are apart of this community should have the right to monetize their videos absolutely regardless of content. This practice of attacking people and trying to eliminate or even sabotage their income or even potential for income must come to and end. This practice not only is hurtful and mean, it is immoral and unethical. Even minute or even second spent making content is a sacrifice of energy. In this reality the sacrifice of energy is to be rewarded and in doing so given the resources to sacrifice more to get even more in return. It stifles growth. There are millions of views that generated revenue you this platform and they kept all of it, none of the community received anything. How do we grow if we attack our own forms of resource? Youtube could have been buying our favorite personalities computers and webcams, maybe just buy them lunch for the week, All these things empowering and preserving the community and it's content. This practice is unjustified and should cease from hence forth.

2. Patreon
Why doesn't Snort Burnell have a patreon? Perhaps it is a personal choice but with all due respect, wouldn't you want to be a patreon of Snort Burnell? I know I want to be a patreon on D Davidson. Why can't we support our creators? There are some that inevitably branch out and that it great, but they has to do so with content that doesn't represent what the audience necessarily want. Why? Cause Freddy Fuchs himself said it's wrong? Who the Fuck is Fred Fuchs to tell you how to live your life and how to provide your own content? Fuck Fred Fuchs, and fuck anyone else that want's to attack people's creativity all in the name of mindless destruction. I say from hence forth not only do you encourage your favorite content creators to make patreons but you support them as well. Give back to those that give you so much joy. These creators go far out of their way to provide us with Khawlity Khantent and they should be rewarded for the happiness they bring us.

3. Attacking Monetization
All forms of monetization are a reward for some form of effort, any content creator falls under this fact. Simply put, no one in this community, or those outside of this community should have their sources of income attacked. This while it may feel like a game is real life. When you do that it is real hurt. Real pain. Negative energy. Simply put, why create negative energy when you could just as easily create positive? Consider this going forward. No one like s to lose their job, no one likes to worry about bills. While I don't agree that youtube should be a job in and of itself, that is not my decision to make for others. Everyone deserves opportunity.

In closing I would once again just ask that you give me a single chance. Just one. I have great ideas that could benefit this community and I want to share them with all of you. I have big ideas. You may not understand your potential, but I do. Fuchs may not had seen the possibilities for this community, but I do. And more importantly then that, Fred Fuchs forgot one major thing when being the leader of the SoK, and that is.... Just have fun. Play video games and just have fun. Lets let go of the past, and together we can shape and direct our future. Thank you for your time.



Krischner M Wilson
6162 Holt Rd
Lithonia GA 30058
DOB December 20, 1983 (age 34)




Here's a channel that claims to be "Masta Media":

"Welcome to Masta Media. Here we discuss everything from politics and gaming, to investing in stocks and options and Q&As. We will also be starting a charity in the name of our channel. Subscribe, stay tuned, and help us create something greater then ourselves!"

It has a bunch of autism involving reuploads of politically themed shit for people that actually take politics seriously, a suspended Twitter account, a closed Patreon and a "featured channel" of Sons of Kojima (the new one, not the old one)


Top tier autism.

The twitter account was "mastaakumu"

twitch account is https://www.twitch.tv/mastaakumu/following
They follow DSP and have spoken in his rooms as late as July 2017:
https://overrustlelogs.net/Darksydephil chatlog/July 2017/userlogs/mastaakumu

This is their livestream/upload of one of the "new sons of kojima" videos:

Probable dox:






"Krischner Wilson" is a very specific way of spelling that name that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else.

Birthdate listed on their newwave-SOK account:

Uploads that aren't yet uploaded or something:


tbh it looks like they're running windows on a VM



your title is too long? more like your autism is too strong

Edited: the mastaakumu twitter account is suspended.
I Googled the user name and this is one of the first results I got: https://twitter.com/guardian/status/903262232380887040


Well the new Sons of Kojima is officially even more autistic than the last one.

source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/237795069

how to be autistic:

Step 1:
Google "innocent girl":

Step 2:
Find pictures of silicone dildos:

Step 3:
Combine using MS paint:

Step 4:
Add as your thumbnail for your video upload:

(btw I'm 110% confident they're doing all of this on a virtual machine based upon input delays etc)

brb replying to comments left on my videos:


This dude uploads the best Grand Theft Auto San Andreas videos I've seen on Twitch so far:


uhh wait, if I wrote that people might think I'm lying. Better rewrite it:

oh wait, lets delete that:

let me rewrite it like a 5th fucking time and claim "no one cares what you think":
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The voice in the video above doesn't match the voice in this video (from his play list):

Granted, my headset is lousy. I'm wondering if he was just re-uploading material from other players.

It's his voice.

Not only that he posted comments in DSP's twitch channel and also had a DSP video open in one of his tabs from months and months ago:

"DSP is the largest autism magnet in recorded history"

There is so much truth in this one statement, it may as well be the subtitle of this board.


neger psykolog

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From the way he can't spell simple words like "thank" and "the" as well as his inability to grasp the difference between "its" and "it's," I don't think this man ever went to college at all.

I actually really thought it was like a professional shitposter who was using a virtual machine to airgap himself from revealing his identity (based upon what really looked like delayed input when typing) but the reality is always that 110% autism that DSP generates and this guy is legit illiterate.

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