Master Chef, Autist Edition - Truly triggered by ALR's "cooking"? Feel the Urge to Sperg? Get it out of your system here.

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This might be too autistic even for us. Or it might be just autistic enough. AL is in one of her "home cooking" phases, and people are bothered, so I figured it was worth a shot to at least contain the sperging.

Edit because my OP was bad and I should feel bad. And I do.

There is a thread where we stare in awe (and disgust) at the shit AL thinks is good homemade food. It's fun and it's funny.

It's also increasingly getting cluttered up with people talking about how they would have cooked that salmon properly, or not incinerated that potato, or made a decent soup. This seems to be happening in other threads too, and jimmies are being rustled exponentially.

So instead of doing that, come here and tell us how you'd take the ingredients AL wasted in one of her slop soups and made a decent casserole out of them. Or share that killer baked chicken breast recipe you know any idiot could follow (provided they aren't Nutritionistlynn) because watching her ruin groceries that could've fed a hungry family has triggered you to the point where you have to talk about it before you explode. It's okay. I don't judge the need to sperg. Not to your face, anyway. Just do it in the designated space.

That's the idea here.

The rules are simple: Take the ingredients AL wasted on one of her abominations and prove that those tube turkeys didn't have to die in vain. You can add ordinary ingredients most people would either have in their pantry or could easily obtain (bonus points if you know damn well she has it in her cupboard right now). Keep it simple. Don't powerlevel. Don't derail with nonsense about how you personally wouldn't like the dish suggested by another poster. The point is to make a meal that ordinary humans might eat for sustenance and enjoy it, rather than the literal pig slop AL produces regularly. If you just want to mock her incompetence, there's already a thread for that.

So, if someone forced me to cook with the ingredients for AL's chili slop soup, I'd probably take the turkey, one can of beans, some tomatoes, and a reasonable number of spices, add some pasta, sprinkle some cheese on top and bake it into a turkey-chili-casserole thing. I'm not a pro and the result might not be five star deliciousness, but it sounds like actual food actual people would actually eat.

Your turn. I know I'm not the only one horrified by the waste and the non-food meals we see every other day.

Edit because I am to making posts what ALR is to making dinner.
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