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Meet Matt Forney, alpha male extraordinaire who thinks he knows everything about shrunken amygdalas and thinks he can diagnose anyone that opposes him. Yes, the guy is hardly into his late 20s but looks like this:

He's one of Davis Aurini's best friends and has appeared on several of his podcasts. He's a total clown that makes fun of other people who are just as fat as him.


Calls Elliot Rodger a feminist in this video at 1:20.

Paul Elam hates Matt Forney:

Matt Forney makes an ass of himself trying to diagnose Thunderf00t:

Forced memes:



He has also had articles published on Return of Kings, like this one.

I'll do more research and find more material to add to the thread but there's probably way more out there to add. This guy is so fucking lulzy.
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The funny thing is, he's something of a has-been. He first started blogging under the alias "Ferdinand Bardamu" of In Mala Fide, where he got some notoriety for being a "manosphere luminary" with all that implied. Nowadays, though, nobody really pays attention to him--his last clickbait hit was the article about fat chicks or something. He barely gets comments on his own blog anymore, relying on 'Return of Kings' for most of his hits, and nobody pays much attention to him aside from his fellow alt-right dweebs, and a small contingent of them at that (he and the MGTOWs hate each other). Pathetic, really.


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What do shrunken amygdalas have to do with anything in the manosphere?
It's some manosphere/alt-right hobbyhorse.

tl;dr: Some "anonymous conservative" wrote a laughable book claiming liberals have a reproductive strategy similar to "rabbits" while conservatives, of course, are more similar to the ~noble wolf~. The keystone of this guy's ideology (and, by extension, Matt's) is the amygdala (a part of the brain that deals with emotional function: According to these two, conservatives have larger amygdala than liberals, meaning that liberals are literally "brain damaged" because they're not afraid and hostile towards everything all the time.

It's as dumb as it sounds, but these guys take what they can get.

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So, does that aforementioned book actually have any scientific studies or does it just use historical analogies to support its claim?

Because I could easily make the case of Hitler being a tragic young genius who just wanted to save the brilliant Aryan race before it was corrupted beyond repair with enough honeyed words. History's very easy to twist around if you just mention the right things and ignore a lot of the cultural significance.


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From what I understand, it cites a ton of scientific studies, but completely misinterprets them in ways that would shock the original authors. r/k is a spectrum, not a hard line, there are tons of "r-selected" species with immense amounts of 'sexual dimorphism,' etc. etc. etc.


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Ah, that's from Virginia's Secret Garden, one of Forney's (several) trolling ops. He pretended to be a "submissive" Christian wife to fool all the manosphere spergs. The amount of horny emails he received from "red-pill" incels was hilarious. Just goes to show how pathetic that scene really is, honestly. They can't keep from trolling each other for more than a minute.

The manosphere in general, I think, could be fairly described as a whole gaggle of Chris-Chans trying to A-log each other constantly. There are few other groups of people who are so pathetic yet so amusingly skilled at taking advantage of the patheticness of their kindred.


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I'll never get over how many of the manosphere fags hate each others guts. Its so fucking funny to me.
Like many other lolcows, Forney lives in Portland, Oregon. Portland is quickly becoming the lolcow capital of the US. I don't know why he chose to move to portland, one of the most liberal and feminist cities in the US. After moving here he wrote some article whining about how portland girls are fat and he can't get laid.


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I posted a pic of Forney in the Aurini thread, where I called Forney "the Hardy to Aurini's Laurel", which I think isn't inaccurate.

Forney's got a physique like Chris; a huge fat ball/lumpy potato of a torso supported by toothpicks, plus a bloatee and shaved head. He thinks it makes him look "manly", but we all know he's covering up for thinning hair and an nonexistent jawline.

I also said that Aurini is a total sweetheart compared to Forney. As fucked up Aurini is, I bet he could get laid, but only by whipping out every sikk neg and elbow touch he could muster. Forney has to pay full retail price.

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Ah, Matt Forney. One of my personal favourite cows.

As pointed out by @GL99 he initially ran In Mala Fide (and In Bona Fide, a news aggregator), which was effectively a blogpost aggregator for many disparate blogs, the ideas of which would coalesce into The Manosphere. The popularity of IMF skyrocketed, but it was taken down by Forney at the height of its infamy. Turned out he'd given much of the control of IMF to some random white supremacist bloggers, and by the end he had very little control over the content (yes, Mr Manosphere couldn't cope on his own. He needed a fweind).

He then launched as, which initially promised to concentrate on men actually doing shit and achieving shit. He hitchhiked across America, made huge promises about sorting his weight out, and began the Manosphere Revolution. Following his hitchhike, he realised he didn't have the grit and determination to achieve much of anything else, and so just started tweeting and blogging incessantly about feminists.

He remains fat.

Because of Matt Forneys past as Ferdinand Bardamu, many Manosphere bloggers wouldn't say anything critical of Forney, but as it became more and more apparent he was a massive fucking loser, they began to drift away, like Homer Simpson slowly backing into a hedge.

He has slept with two women over the past few years, both of which he has blogged about extensively. One was a groupie, the other a girl he met in the Philippines. The first became a 3 part, 30-40,000 word article, the second the basis for at least 6 posts on How To Gets Laid In Da Filipeens.

He also has a habit of telling people that they "argue like a feminist", but will then get all emotional when he gets rightly eviscerated on his Emo Teenager worldview. He has the self-awareness of an office cactus.

I could go on, but suffice to say he is an exceptionally high calibre of shitbird.

EDIT: How could I forget? Forney followed the neanderthal-based pseudo-physiognomy popularised by this dude for the longest time. They called it Edenism. Forney believed he was mostly neanderthal, and that it explained his love of solitude, his yearning for affection and his desire to suck off strangers in public bath-houses (I may have made up the last one). He ran his own website for a while entirely devoted to this called Excavating Eden, poured scorn on anyone who questioned the self-evident conclusions, and loudly proclaimed that it would inevitably be studied in Universities.

Until he decided it was full of shit, deleted his website and never mentioned it again.
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