Matt Myers / @M_M_Myers / "Matt, Nerdy Skull" / @M_Nerdskull - Pro doxing bald KF Operative/Gamer loser. Anti-GG, SA goon, sociopath, sex pest, "queer" furry

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Burning in the Melting Pot
Can someone explains me why all those whiny manchildren all looks like each other?
Because they all have similar unhealthy lifestyles. If you stay inside all day, you're gonna be pale. If you stare at a computer monitor the whole time you'll likely need glasses. If you combine that with an atrocious diet and/or substance abuse problems you'll get fat and your hair is unhealthy, so it's brittle and/or greasy. For most men, weight gain and lack of exercise also contributes to lower testosterone which leads to baldness. They grow beards to compensate for being prematurely bald, but the low testosterone also makes their beards patchy, which is why they usually turn into unkempt neckbeards.


"spend time in a place where nobody can enforce social consequences on them" he says on Twitter, where people like him who tow the SJW line can get away with saying "kill all white/straight/cis people/men" and get asspats in return.
"It's okay when we do it!"
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