Matt Perez / Michelle Perez / Rubblewoman / thatwronglove - Violent Harasser Angry at TERFs, Furries, Trans Pornstars, Kiwi Farms, etc; Banned from Twitter x2


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Matthew James Perez is angry, angry tranny from Minden City, Michigan. Matt Perez recently showed up on the radar as a random tranny who doxed a random Kiwi Farms member. In response to a tweet they posted, Matt was given advice to calm down, to which he responded by wishing death on an innocent furry.






This prompted a bit more digging, and apparently this twitter account isn't Matt's first. Apparently Mattew was suspended from Twitter a while ago for attacking Natalie Marrs, the transgender porn star.









They also don't want Nina to go back to the designated shitting streets.


They also don't really like TERFs.



lmao transTERFs


Some random stuff...

Here he is reading the Elliot Rodger thing.


Cringy parody of Ron Paul voters

Totally not a fetish



Matt has a lot of accounts all over and writes for the Rainbow Hub. Take a look at some of his stuff and have fun.

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GS 281

lmao calm down, Matt. Sanilac is total shit anyways, I don't know why you'd want to live up there. If you're gonna live in Sanilac at least go live in Lexington. Beaches are pretty in the summer, it's not that expensive, they got that nice little pizza place by the beach.

EDIT: He's still going




GS 281

That's not a joke though Matthew, you actually did assume somebody's gender.
ok im going to open myself up to a lot of shit by saying this but i feel like it needs to be said

im going to preface this by saying i like the idea of fucking dogs. i would also like to say that i would never actually fuck a dog in real life (or look at bestiality porn involving real things) as that is animal abuse and the very idea of it happening irl makes me feel sick. this is a thing that has been there all my life, and i would consider it an intrinsic part of me that cannot be changed. i've tried to hide it, tried to quash the feelings and thoughts down but they dont go away, and if i try too hard to ignore them, it flips he other way and i just cant stop thinking about it, ending up in a vicious cycle of "stop thinking about it" "shit i cant stop i need to try harder" etc etc.
other people with paraphilias (things like necrophilia, paedophilia, zoophilia et al that are more than just a passing curiosity) ive talked to have the same problem of overthinking and self hatred over these feelings, and it frequently causes neuroses and suicidal thoughts. sexologists are actually starting to agree that these things - and general kinkiness - are legitimate sexual orientations, too. that doesnt mean we should be lobbying for [xyz]philia to be totally ok like homo/bisexuality, but it should be seen as something un-fixable, yet able to be handled safely.
the overwhelming majority of people with philias do not like the idea of acting upon these fantasies in real life - for example a lot of paedophiles despise themselves for even thinking of it, and often refuse to be near children for their safety. unfortunately its hard for people to find therapists willing to deal with these things, as they fear being ostracized and cast out with no help at all, so they turn to shota/lolicon. i don't actually see a problem with this, as it is not real, and in the majority of cases, is plenty to help keep the person on the straight and narrow. if a paedophile actively harms children (either through porn or otherwise) they are looked down upon by people who do actually understand that fantasy =/= reality. kind of how jeffrey dahmer isnt representative of all homosexuals.

i am definitely very off topic now (pm me if you for some reason want to discuss more) so ill tldr what i was going to write

tl;dr: its ok to like the fictional side of things (assuming this is real and not a passing "hmm i wonder") as long as you understand completely that fantasy =/= reality, do not consume or partake in the real life acts as that is abuse and makes you a cunt of the highest degree, and also dont turn around and be a hypocritical douchetwat about it like Matt is beingg