Matthew Dean De Rojas / NextG / KT Cannon / Braveworld - Autistic sonic fan, furfag, friend with alog, youtube pooper and failed videomaker

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Matthew Dean De Rojas (known as Matt de Rojas) is someone that has tried to make it big on the internet for more than 10 years in the most autistic ways possible. Between his terrible drawings, his garbage attempt at creating a world full of bad Sonic OCs and furries and his YouTube channel dedicated to YouTube Poops and other oddities, Matt shows us the true extent of his astronomical inaptitude at doing anything remotely good.

1. YouTube presence and films
Matt begins his carrier on the internet by becoming a YouTube Pooper under the name NextG. He posts them regularly until stopping in 2012. He still posts YouTube Poops on his youtube channel, but far less often it seems like. As for the quality of these videos? I'll let you be the judge.
It's in April of this year that his channel takes a new turn however, as he posts a series of videos called "In My Words: The voices of autism", where a bunch of people on the spectrum present themselves and what they do in their daily life. The best part about this? He interviewed, out of all people, Anthony Logatto.

It's important to note that Anthony and Matt seem to be great friends, as they talk regularly on Facebook and meet IRL fairly often, taking photos together as well. Matt has contacted a few of his autistic friends to see if they'd like to attend the show, to which Anthony gladly agreed to.

It is also important to note that out of the 12 videos in the series, at least 6 of the subjects were Matt's personal friends (Christina Burggraaf, Yarnel Nicolas, Anthony Logatto, Randi Derricott, Justic Goldberg and Michael Crane). You would wonder why someone like Matt seems to attract autism. The reason is simply because he and his friend behind the subject (Michael Precourt) are autistic too.

The rest of the series can be seen here too if you are interested:

Aside from that, Matt has been helping produce short movies with his friend Michael Precourt under the name Braveworld (previously known as Cameo Films), and even starred in some of them. The short movies themselves are rather simplistic and rather well produced as opposed to the other things in this thread.
The most recent movie has Anthony Logatto listed as actor, so perhaps it's worth it to check it out.


2. Furries, Sonic OCs and other atrocities
Matt is a shitposter in more ways than one, as his drawings are what you could consider shit in art form. Not only does he draw badly, but he extends his faggotry to a whole universe of OCs and characters that are as cringy as ever. In this section, we will explore Matt and his weird creations.

His most notorious character is a furry called "Matt Johnson" in his world called "The Mysterious Matt Johnson".

This is basically Matt's fursona and furry self-insert. He wrote quite extensively about him, showing the amount of autism that went into this.
FULL NAME: Matthew Xenon Johnson
DATE: March 14, 1992 (trivia: this is one week after my personal birthdate, which is also that of KT Cannon)
FUR COLOR: Tan and chocolate, with hints of white—especially the tuft of fur on his chest, which his shirts/jackets are sometimes opened, in whole or in part, to reveal.
EYE COLOR: Deep blue, resulting in part from the presence of xenon in the eye. When Matt is surrounded by rather high levels of electricity or when he is emotionally charged (no pun intended), his eyes glow a bright blue.
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 151 lbs
BIRTHPLACE: Pompano Beach, Florida (trivia: this is the same city to where real-life local radio station WMXJ is licensed)
FAMILY: Ángel Johnson (father), Serena Johnson (mother), Christian Johnson (brother), Lara Johnson (sister-in-law), Michael Johnson (nephew), Miller Johnson (nephew), Kara Frees (aunt), Paul Frees (uncle), Joey Frees (cousin)
PERSONALITY: Very gallant and debonair, selfless, enigmatic, imaginative, carefree, escapist, insecure, spiritual, patriotic. Has a very refined sense of taste. Always wants to look good in front of everyone. Is caring and kind to just about everyone he meets. Fears rejection. Is slightly timid, especially when he's surrounded by people he doesn't know. Often wonders about the future and what things could be like, whether in a positive or negative light. He is not a "cultural warrior" like KT Cannon is, but nevertheless he always tries to do the right thing in any circumstance. He is a hopeless romantic who just wants someone to love. He believes there is some lonely girl out there that needs him.
SKILLS: Stealth, intuition, creativity, dancing, perhaps more.
WEAKNESSES: Criticism, self-doubt, can be weak-willed if things aren't going the way he expects.
THEME: "Just a Guy Who Wants to Love" (original theme)
QUOTE: "Always remember that someone out there loves you."

1. MJ was originally intended to be a straight-up fursona, a better representation of myself. But I ended up making several changes to the character in order to make him slightly better than I am—and to differentiate him from KT Cannon, who I share some non-heroic traits with as well.
2. I chose the name "Matt Johnson" due to its extremely common nature. The surname "Johnson," according to BehindTheName, is second only to Smith in the list of most common last names.
3. MJ is a ladies' man, even more so than KT Cannon. It's one reason why he sometimes opens his shirts a little more in rather informal environments. While in his apartment, and especially if he's hosting female company, he is often known to wear suit jackets or sport coats without any shirt underneath; if he feels really good he might not wear any sort of top at all. MJ's body is the perfect mix of buff and cuddly. He is also known for his pleasant, sultry growl which he reserves for his closest of lady friends.
4. As much as he loves his women, though, he's not a sex-crazed maniac as many people sometimes believe those in the furry fandom can be like, and he goes to great pains to try and make sure people realize that. More importantly, he is strictly a one-man wolf. (Of course, wolf happens to be a synonym for womanizer and one of the Merriam-Webster definitions of the term reads "a man forward, direct, and zealous in amatory attentions to women," but that's not at all why I chose the wolf as my character's species.)
5. MJ is an aspiring jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter, and for this reason MMJ is a very musical series. Unlike KTC, the songs in MMJ are woven into the storyline much like a Broadway musical, and the story itself often spoofs the tropes and clichés of musicals in a pastiched, affectionate parody.
6. MJ's voice is akin to that of Michael Bublé or Harry Connick, Jr.
7. MJ's middle name, Xenon, refers to the deep blue color of his eyes. They may glow to varying degrees when he is emotionally charged.
8. Despite his outer "playboy" appearance, MJ is also quite enigmatic, insecure, and shy when he's not around friends he knows. He may sometimes be the only person by himself in a room full of other people talking to each other.
9. Traeci Lee™ gave MJ his first kiss before she moved back to her hometown of Texarkana, TX. So even with other ladies around him, he has a very special place for her in his heart, and he loves cuddling and getting intimate with her more than any other girl.
10. MJ's prototype theme was "Smile," the Charlie Chaplin song set to words by Geoffrey Parsons and John Turner. However, this has since been replaced by an original big band-style theme.
If you thought that the art that was posted first and the description wasn't bad enough, I invite you to check the other drawings that are huh... yikes.



To finish this in beauty, Matt takes the game further by roleplaying his own characters on Facebook. Aside from Johnson, he also roleplays as a girl named "Kale'a", which is a bad sonic OC. What follows are a few screencaps of the cringe of him roleplaying his own characters. Christina, the girl present in the autism YouTube series also takes part in the roleplay, showing that she truly owned her entry too.





Aside from this, Matt has drawn furries that are in the same universe or completely unrelated. The art is still very much hideous.


He also likes drawing a handful of Sonic OCs, showing his endless love of the Sonic universe in his own way.


Finally, he has a series of drawings with a bunch of human characters called KT Cannon, but it's frankly boring so who gives a shit. It's supposed to be "edgy" and cyberpunk, but is currently a work in progress.

3. Info and links
Name: Matthew Dean De Rojas
DOB: March 7, 1992
Address: 21946 High Pine Trl, Boca Raton, Florida 33428 (resides with his grandfather, Arturio De Rojas).
He is adopted.

Youtube: (archive)
DeviantArt: (archive)
Twitter: (archive)
Facebook: (archive)
Google+: (archive) (archive)
YouChew wiki page: (archive)
TvTropes: (archive)

KTCannon/Mysterious Matt Johnson:
Website: (archive)
Twitter: (archive)
DeviantArt fanpage: (archive)
Facebook: (archive)
Mysterious Matt Johnson FB page: (archive)

Website: (archive)
Twitter: (archive)
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> started as a YouTube Pooper
> autistic, friends with other autistic cows (A-Log)
> furry

I wonder if he has a YouChew account, but it's almost not worth making a lurker account just to find it.

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What is it with spergs and TV title animations? Just about the only competent-looking thing he's done is those damn intro/outro animations, and they still come off kind of "Tim and Eric"-ish.

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he's not a bad looking kid. if he trooned out i would fuck him. He doesnt need to resort to all this to get laid, though. it always amazes me when this sort of autism infects people who are not entirely unattractive.


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he's not a bad looking kid. if he trooned out i would fuck him. He doesnt need to resort to all this to get laid, though. it always amazes me when this sort of autism infects people who are not entirely unattractive.
Autism affects everyone. Even the hottest girl in your neighborhood has it, and becomes a stuttering mess when in public. Though, it would be awkward to date him, and he makes a fursona based on you.

BE 911

Seems like he's making Youtube Poop videos again. This is huh... yeah.