Matthew Geddes / @LeftistFoxButt / Hemms Fox / Attica Fox - Raging communist furry, handed out a communist furry manifesto at a furry con, multiple Twitter bans

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Over the last few years in just about every single nerd subculture there has been a political shitstorm unfolding. From donglegate to Sad Puppies to GamerGate (and various smaller campaigns and numerous Daily Dot and Mary Sue articles in between), it’s become a common trend for a subculture revolving around something apolitical to turn into an autistic slapfight between nerds who previously had zero interest in politics besides that of fictional countries.

The furry fandom was no exception to this, and thanks to the Furry fandom’s unique attraction to drama combined with the former fandom mentality of “everyone is accepted”, this meant that furry drama would explode in an extra exceptional manner as people who normally argued about fetishes fought over politics.

While this has been slowly building up with Twitter blockbots, e621 banning “futa” and related tags, and “nazi puncher” commissions on sites like Furaffinity, the RMFC cancellation was when politics really boiled over in the fandom. Much can be said about the right wing side of the fandom and there are plenty of threads on them on this very site.

However, the left wing side of the fandom is no better on sites like Twitter, having much in common with other batshit crazy leftists with threads on this site. One such figure has made a name for himself in the fandom, Matthew Geddes who goes by the Twitter handle @LeftistFoxButt.

Judging by Matthew's Twitter bio alone, you can tell a few things about him. He’s a member of Antifa, he loves communism, he lives in Phoenix Arizona (though in tweets he’s mentioned he wants to move to Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being a farm for furry cows), and he has a link to the Wikifur page for Burned Furs, a controversial group of furries attempting to reform the fandom back in the 90s when the fandom was taking a turn towards sexual content (as in, how it is today).

Matthew's Twitter account is loaded with as much communism as a typical Tumblr blog. His retweets are full of like-minded furries (including some of the more notable ones such as Deo and Artdecade), antifa/left wing Twitter accounts, and even at least one Rat King member with a thread here: Matt Myers

Matthew follows tons of accounts, including multiple pages worth of antifa accounts, numerous Furries with Tumblr tier profiles featuring pronouns, sexualities, and more.

Matthew has very strong opinions about politics and the furry fandom, and wants furry cons to become communes free from those darn corporations and Alt-Furry members instead:

One of Matthew's more interesting tweets is about….Bad Dragons and how Bad Dragon (a company that manufactures dragon dildos of all things) needs to embrace communism. He also declares Bad Dragon Ancap

Oh, and did I mention Matthew loves to brag about wanting to punch Nazis?

While most of these tweets have to do with the furry fandom, one of them stuck out like a sore thumb, and that was Matthew's opinion on congressman Steve Scalise being shot at by a disgruntled Bernie supporter:

Many other furries did not react well to this, with furries aligned at different parts of the political spectrum condemning Matthew for this:

Another tweet that stuck out was Matthew's tweet about someone bringing up deaths under communism:

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Matthew's political views is his anti-capitalist furry zine: The Cultural Barxist. See, he wants the entire fandom to know about his plans to smash facism and capitalism, so him and his friends decided to print up a bunch of them and pass them out at BLFC. Alt-furry members happened to be at this same con, and they ended up throwing them all in the trash, and at least one right wing furry dug it out to laugh at it:

Thankfully for us, the whole pamphlet is available online to read and it’s quite a riot, from its obsession with vore (a fetish seen as controversial), to a long rant about how the furry fandom is anti-capitalist. Despite linking to a Wikifur page for a group that opposed the furry fandom's slide into perversion, he seems to have no problem with vore.

The pamphlet is only one issue so far, and the Twitter account reinforces this by tweeting out messages begging people to read it quite a lot:

The most interesting part about this whole pamphlet however, is this isn’t even the first time Matthew’s sperged out about politics. A tweet he recently made confirmed that Matthew was in fact using another username: Hemms Fox.

On Furaffinity's forum, he introduced himself as a lifestyler (or in other words a furry who takes a fandom about talking animals far too seriously):

His furaffinity account had some political sperging on it:

However the most notable thing about Matthew's Furaffinity is the fact that he was banned from Furaffinity. Now being banned from Furaffinity is notoriously hard to do, due to the fact that the admins usually don’t do their job. Due to the fact that he kept sperging and on about the IMVU buyout, he was permabanned from FA:

His Facebook showed he lived a privileged life when younger, living in Lake Forest California and working at a Staples in Rancho Santa Margarita. The average income in Lake Forest is $96k a year, the median value of homes in 2012 is $457,600, and the racial makeup is 70.3% white (with 57.2% not being Hispanic). According to his Fanfiction account, he also went to college to be a film major, but judging by the fact he didn't mention it on his Facebook and his Twitter addiction it seems he didn’t do so well. He also had grant money stolen from his parents according to one of his tweets.

Matthew also owns or owned at one time a partial fursuit (which is just the head and paws, and can cost around $750-1250), and wore it out in public:

On YouTube, the furry political sperging continues with a long rant about how corporations run by normies bought Furaffinity, and honestly this vid sums him up in 5 minutes:

FA (banned):
YouTube channel:
1607 W Pierson St Apt 3
Phoenix AZ 85015-3666
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Did some more digging, and found out several things, including:
  • Matthew has somewhat of a rep in the furry communities he's been part of, including allegedly being kicked out of a Denny's:

  • Matthew had another Furaffinity account, which had some comments showing that he was apparently highly disliked even back then:

  • Matthew had his scooter (his only vehicle) stolen a few months ago, and he blamed 8chan for it:

  • He also started a gofundme page for it (archive), and got $1050 out of his $1500 goal.

  • At one point in the past he owned a car:



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As a military history nut, I find it kind of disgusting he's just obsessed with Russian stuff because they were hardcore socialists. Not for any other reason, such as the fact that they were truly good pieces of military machinery.

On the other hand, he's obviously a delusional fuckhead. I think the most amusing part is about how he's trying to insert socialism into porn and dildo companies. That's how you know a bulb burns bright.


From his profile.
I'm a LOUD AND PROUD Furry, and I make it my life. My ambition is to become a noteworthy writer who is an Attribute to the Furry Fandom. I don't care if I ever make a cent off my writing, or if my name is ever accociated with it (Not the reason I put my full name as my account name), all I want is for my novel's to be appreciated by all minds alike, and to be able to write something for everyone. If my stories are taught to kids who don't care at a public school in 1000 years I'd be the happiest fox alive.
In short, he's delusional. He only has one story uploaded though, predictably it's a Star Fox fanfiction.


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Did some more digging, and found out several things, including:
  • Matthew has somewhat of a rep in the furry communities he's been part of, including allegedly being kicked out of a Denny's:

  • Matthew had another Furaffinity account, which had some comments showing that he was apparently highly disliked even back then:

  • Matthew had his scooter (his only vehicle) stolen a few months ago, and he blamed 8chan for it:

  • He also started a gofundme page for it (archive), and got $1050 out of his $1500 goal.

  • At one point in the past he owned a car:

I really love these sorts of crowdfunding campaigns, because you'd think the dude would be able to fucking go to the cops and say "My thing was stolen, and here's a picture of it, it's not hard to miss." But then again, this is the kind of person who doesn't believe in the police, yet wants to dictate how people think. You'd think that oxymoron would come to their minds, but it somehow doesn't.

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Another well-made and entertaining thread by the OP! It's nice that the other side is getting threads now, so there's more balance.

This person I had come across briefly while I was studying the AltFurry matter. He's one of those anti-FR/AltFurry agitators which I mentioned the other day in Deo's thread. I had no idea he was this nutty on political matters or in general. I had presumed the "leftist" in his name was an allusion to being Democratic or a socialist. I never got involved in the political or moral beliefs of either side besides one journal I made about AltFurry and Len after he was doxed. I just took whatever information I found useful from both sides and let them have their ideological shitfests.

But he definitely was a full-blown antifa, and AltFurry and Len were extremely happy to reciprocate and maintain this exceptional mutual masturbation on Twitter. I noticed AltFurry was waging a war on him, going as far as trying to get him banned from cons. So I inquired:

(Twitter | WayBack | | TweetSave)

LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 2.jpg

LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 2a.jpg
LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 2b.jpg

IIRC, what incited AltFurry/Len was a couple of Tweets he made which actually did seem threatening. He elaborated on the threatening remarks he made and his intended meaning:

(Twitter | Wayback | | TweetSave)

LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 1a.jpg
LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 1b.jpg

LeftistFoxbutt Twitter 1.jpg

Foxbutt and his case was a momentary curiosity who wasn't important, and I didn't give a fuck about his politics or his battles with perceived and real fascists, so I stopped looking at him soon after that.

As the OP said, he did have his scooter stolen
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The Cultural Barxist Issue 2 is coming soon, to Anthrocon 2017 (and the internet likely too).

Meanwhile, Hemms is bragging about the NaziFurs not having their own pamphlet yet. Chances are that after this someone in their Discord server is going to pirate a copy of QuarkXPress and make their own.

BB 876

Ah finally a thread on my favorite type of exceptional individuals. I was going to propose making a thread on antifa/leftist furries in general but this is an excellent start and a far better OP than I could do.

I was going to suggest maybe lumping Deo and Artdecade in this thread somehow as they're all a part of the same hivemind. Deo in particular is helping out with the distribution of that stupid Marxist booklet iirc.

And my god, is the art for cultural barxist hideous. It's made by van-weasel/dobescrusher whose art has not improved in years.

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