Matthew Innes / thecybersmith - A monarchist intellectual with an insane fetish


this man is the most insane tumblr person I've ever seen, there's nothing else like it.

Cybersmith really, really wants a human pet, but it's TOTALLY NOT A FETISH. Just look at how totally nonsexual it is:

He genuinely seems to be surprised that people keep bringing this up, too, as if it's absolutely clear why he wants one and people are making a big deal out of nothing:

Cybersmith also believes there to be vast amounts of farmland under Antarctica, and does not understand the difference between rocks and soil.

As well as constantly referring to Trump as the "Blessed One" and ascribing his recovery from depression to his election:

There's a lot here that I haven't even included like a lot of pseudointellectual rambling but this is the most fucked in the head guy i've seen online in a long time. he's currently active at


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